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279 Hidden Clans

 "You're right," Kevin pressed his wound as he sat down. From the back, Neo frantically came over with the first aid box to treat Kevin's wound. Inside his heart, he complained about Kevin's action profusely. This damnable boss of his, can't he do things without making them worry? He couldn't count the time his heart felt like leaping forward during the fight.

Master Rudy also sat down. There were enough sturdy junks around them for him to sit. The young man approached him too to treat his wounds. From the looks of it, the wound was barely of any importance as it was very light.

"Since you manage to stay alive from a fight with me, I'll answer your question," Master Rudy said calmly. This was always his rule, so he would follow it until the end.

"Are you aware of the clan gathering on my birthday, Master Rudy?"

"I do," if he was not aware of something so important, he wouldn't dare to be here. Those events were too important for him to not take any notice.

Kevin stared back. "Will you stay neutral or pick a side?"

"Oh? It seems you're bold enough to ask for my assistance, young man. Unfortunately, I don't have the slightest intention to show my side," Master Rudy answered.

How could he do not know what Kevin implied? It was extremely simple. Kevin wanted him to support the former in that clan gathering to allow him become the full-fledge clan head. However, as a proud man, Master Rudy never wanted to take a side.

Kevin nodded his head. "That's all I need to know. Can I take your words that you won't side with anyone?"

Master Rudy frowned. It was true that he would never show his side to anyone because he was not interested in those internal disputes. For him, that was a waste of time, not worth his time at all.

However, from Kevin's speech, he knew that this man wanted him to either take his side or not at all. It was an extremely simple request, yet he knew that the other side would come to poach him too later. It was going to be very amusing to him.

"As long as I'm the clan head, I won't take side," Master Rudy answered.

"I see. Do you plan on selecting a new clan leader soon?"

"Who knows?"

On the back, Kanae was trying her best to process what Master Rudy said. This was the first time she heard anything about Master Rudy being a clan head. Wasn't this place still part of the Ryukalin Clan?

Kevin glanced towards the young man beside Master Rudy. Based on what he knew, this young man already stayed by Master Rudy's side for a long time. Unfortunately, this man didn't have the capability to become the next clan head as Kevin could beat him with ease.

After that, his gaze drifted to the house on the back. The house was dark and nothing could be seen, yet he knew that someone was there. The presence was faint and hidden very well. He knew that this person was stronger than the young man. The fact that the person stayed on the back showed that Master Rudy didn't want anyone to know about him or her yet.

Besides, he knew better than anyone that there were several other disciples that Master Rudy had. They might not be part of the hidden clan, but if Master Rudy wanted to give the position to them, it was not impossible.

"If it's time for you to select a new clan head, I'll be very happy if you can inform me," Kevin answered nonchalantly, not showing anything that he may think.

"I'll do that," Master Rudy nodded his head. It was a common practice to give report whenever a hidden clan changed their clan head to inform the main clan. This way, they would be able to forge a relationship with the new clan head.

"I'll excuse myself now, Master Rudy."

Neo had finished giving him the first aid. Without any pleasantries, he walked to his car followed by the others. They soon departed from the place.

"Boss, if you want to, I can fight in your stead," Mike remarked when they were in the car. He was terribly afraid that something would happen to Kevin again. If something did happen, he wouldn't be able to forgive himself.

"You're not his match."

"Still, I can't bear seeing you fight like that," Mike added worriedly.

Kevin shook his head. "It's my duty."

"But you get wounded and we nearly didn't have any progress," Neo complained. They didn't manage to ask Master Rudy to support them, yet Kevin was wounded hard.

"I don't think we don't get anything."

"Boss..." they only got the guarantee that this hidden clan wouldn't support the other side. No matter which side he looked, Neo didn't find this satisfying.

Kevin glanced out from the window as the wounds on his neck throb again. It was not without any gain. At least, he knew that Master Rudy already gained more disciples. In addition, whoever caught that person's eyes was surely a great talent in martial arts.

When the time came, he hoped that this person wouldn't choose the opposite side.

In Master Rudy's place, the young man finished bandaging the old master's hand. "Master, you have to be more careful. You're not young anymore."

"My regenerative ability is still as strong as ever," Master Rudy laughed, ignoring the glare from the indignant young man in front of him. "Rei, you can come out now."

"Master," Kanae called softly. Her eyes were locked on Master Rudy's hand. For whatever reason, she felt rather complicated about the wounds. On one side, she was happy for Kevin because he was amazing, yet on the other side, she felt heartache to see Master Rudy got hurt.

Master Rudy looked back to Kanae. "Is there anything you want to ask?"

"Yes, Kevin says that you're the clan head, but this is the Ryukalin Clan territory, right?"

"Don't say his name so casually," the young man reminded. "If other people hear you, they'll beat you up for acting insolent."

Kanae scratched her head. Well, he was the one who asked her to call his name directly. Oh wait, this was not school, so she better didn't call him that way. It would only make them suspicious of her identity.

"I'm from the hidden clan," Master Rudy answered. He proceeded to tell her about the hidden clan and their origin. When Kanae heard them all, she was awestruck. Never had she considered that the Black Street was very complicated. It was as if this place could be called a kingdom on their own.

"Master Rudy, am I now part of the clan because I'm your disciple?" Kanae thought about something else.

Master Rudy laughed. "No. You're my personal disciple that I take outside the clan, so you're not part of the clan. But if you want, I can take you in."

It was a tempting offer as she knew that Master Rudy was powerful, so his men should be more powerful. However, recalling that she barely saw anything from this man aside from the young man, she had her own doubts.

Besides, if she became part of a clan, she would never be able to leave the Black Street. It was her wish to leave the street and live a normal life in the future, so she certainly couldn't do that. Even if it was beneficial for her right now, it wouldn't be as much in the future anymore.

"No thank you, Master. I'm content with being your personal disciple," Kanae answered.

The young man was stunned to hear Kanae's answer. He felt that he had seen the biggest fool in the entire world. Hundreds of people wished Master Rudy to take notice of them, yet she got the pie after two meetings. If they wished to be part of the hidden clan, they had to satisfy Master Rudy's requirement, which only a handful of people passed.

Aigo, why did he have such a dense little junior?

Master Rudy laughed. "The offer is still open. You can rethink it."

"Thank you Master."

"Now, it's time for practice."