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278 A Thrilling Battle

 Black Street

Kanae panted as she finished another set of training that Master Rudy imposed to her. Since she finished work earlier, she chose to come here and train under this man. However, it seemed that he was adamant on making her life hell in this place.

"Your sense is still too poor," the young man shook his head. "If this keeps on, you won't be able to contend against the people from the deepest part of the black street."

"I'm still learning," Kanae complained. She sat down on the floor and took a deep breath. Aside from the torturous physical training, she had to train her senses too. So far, she still hasn't managed to sense Master Rudy's presence perfectly when the old master got serious.

The young man shook his head. In truth, Kanae was already far better than him in regards to the training. However, he would never admit it. His own skill was not on par with Kanae, so he couldn't help much on her training either aside from 'moral support', who kept on teasing the girl.

"There's a guest," Kanae opened her eyes suddenly.

The young man narrowed his eyes as he focused his attention on his ear. In the next second, he faintly heard the sound of a car coming. "Someone is looking for his death grave again."

"Don't you think that person can win?"

"Who knows? Wait here, I'll be the one to greet that person," as he said that, the young man strode forward elegantly. His swift movement seemed to exude charm as he walked towards the front courtyard.

Kanae rolled her eyes and crossed her arm. That young man only knew how to show off. Those complicated footsteps were going to drain his energy, yet he did it as if it was a natural thing. What an annoying man.

The car stopped and three people walked out. Seeing them, the young man frowned. "What are you doing here, Clan Head Kevin Kalin? Don't you know that in this territory, you're not allowed to walk around freely?"

Hearing the sharp and unfriendly tone, Kanae was stunned. This was supposedly Ryukalin Clan's territory, why should they treat the clan head with so much animosity? Granted, she truly didn't know much about the deal within the clan, so she shouldn't expect to understand what happened here.

Neo smiled wryly. "We don't have many options left. Is Master Rudy here?"

"I'm over here."

They turned around at the sound of Master Rudy calling. He was stepping calmly, yet not a single one of them noticed his presence. This caused indescribable fear to rise within their heart. Just how strong this man was?

Kevin looked towards Master Rudy calmly. "I want to challenge you again."

"Oh? Are you sure about that, little young master?" Master Rudy arched his eyebrows. "How many should I limit myself this time?"


"I like your guts. Come over here, but don't blame me if you head to your grave by moving forward," Master Rudy grinned.

"I won't make such a mistake," Kevin answered calmly. In the next second, he had appeared beside Master Rudy with a long sword unsheathed. The tip of the sword was heading towards Master Rudy's side, yet before it could reach him, the old master already stepped and avoided the attack.

In the next moment, the old man swung his big sword towards Kevin, which the latter barely blocked with the sword on his hand.

"You're truly worthy of the name as one of the strongest people in this city," Kevin commented. His hand felt slightly numb from the clash, yet his face showed nothing but an indifferent expression.

"You have grown quite a lot," Master Rudy nodded his head in acknowledgment. He had not seen this boy for quite some time. It seemed this boy was also one of the rarest talents. His speed of improvement even surpassed Kanae.

On the back, Kanae was watching the fight seriously. This was the first time she saw Kevin fought for a long time. The previous time, he was only shooting a bullet to her direction. To be honest, she was completely entranced. It was simply too beautiful. The two of them moved so efficiently and gracefully that no one could imagine that this was actually a deathly battle.

'Master Rudy should have held back when facing me back then.'

This fight caused her to understand her position on the ladder very well. Her strength was still far from sufficient. Even though she was hailed as one of the strongest members on the outer side of the Black Street, she was nothing in front of the two of them.

How vexing. She had devoted years of her life to learn martial arts, yet her result was still very lacking. She has to train even harder. There was no way she would want to let them leave her far behind.

If her thoughts were known to her teammates, they might think of her to be rather crazy. After all, neither one of them could catch up with her. However, in the face of better experts, there were still a lot of improvement Kanae needed to match them.

The fight continued and the sound of the metal clashing reverberated in the place. Everyone could barely see the movement of the two people who clashed, yet the intense sounds allowed them to know that neither side has back down.


In terms of pure strength, Kevin was still slightly below Master Rudy. This caused him to fall backwards bit by bit as he had to bear with the heavy blow from Master Rudy.

Kevin twisted his body to the side and thrust his sword from below. Master Rudy evaded it and launched an attack to Kevin's neck. Towards the incoming attack, Kevin quickly turned his sword and held the tip with his other hand to block the attack from Master Rudy.

The sword grazed his neck a bit, leaving a trail of flesh blood pouring out. It was a light wound, yet the place was quite dangerous.


Kevin pushed the sword back and lunged forward. He stomped hard on the ground to the point of making a mark as he charged towards Master Rudy. His sword kept on attacking relentlessly from all sides.

"You've become better, young man!"

Master Rudy took out a knife covertly and attacked using his other hand. His sudden movement caused Kevin to be late in responding. The knife made a ghastly wound on his knee, hindering his movement.

His face didn't change in the slightest as he twisted his sword and attacked Master Rudy's hand. The attack contained a lot of power that it pushed the knife to make a wound on Master Rudy's wrist.

Bending his body, Kevin side-stepped to the outer side and slashed the sword towards Master Rudy's stomach.


As the sword clashed with each other, the two of them stayed still. After two seconds, they leaped back while keeping their guard up.

"I guess, this shall be the end of our fight. Your bleeding will make you lost too much blood if you don't treat it," Master Rudy sheathed his sword back lightly.

Kevin frowned. Still, he knew that his neck and thigh wouldn't be able to hold on for long.

"I think so. Thank you for fighting with me."

"Now, let's get down to business. You don't come here just to fight with me, right?"