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277 Kevin’s Plan

 "Boss, what do you plan to do? They seem to be getting cockier as times pass by," Neo asked after Kanae already long gone. His work in the office was basically finished. The only work he had left was searching about Kanae's past. The Nali Family has stricter guards for this, so he had to take things slowly.

Kevin recalled the matter of the clan once again. This was not the time to care about his feeling. He had more important matters to take care for the time being.

"What do you think they're planning, Neo?" Kevin threw the question back.

Neo frowned. "From their action, they seem to be spreading rifts in the clan. Even if they're targeted as a traitor, they will surely try their best to make our clan's overall prowess reduce."

Kevin nodded his head. His clan has been growing steadier. It caused others to be warier. What would be better than to wait for this big clan destroy by itself from inside? They didn't have to do anything other than watch and took advantages when the time came.

Sending spies to other clans, groups, or even gangs were perfectly normal. Even he himself has his own spies that he planted on other people. From them, he gained information about the movements of others and many things.

"We're going to start gathering the hidden clans to stay under me," Kevin stated his plan.

Neo's jaw dropped when he heard Kevin said that. Hidden clans are those who were actually part of the clan, but they stood by themselves. They were created centuries or even more because of the rift in the clan. At that time, there were more than one people who was suitable to be the clan head, but only one person could succeed.

In the end, one of them proposed a different way, which was creating a hidden clan. He would be the clan head and make a different clan, separated from the main clan it came from. However, this would not be the same as the usual division of clans. He would stay in the territory under the main clan. Or in other words, he didn't really have power.

This proposal was intriguing, so they decided to try. After years of practice, this method became the best practice to keep a talented fighter inside without causing a rift. Of course, they have to make a deal about who would be the main clan's successor before retreating back.

Over the past centuries, the number of hidden clans soared as they increased every time there was someone capable enough to be the clan head, yet the position was taken by others. Of course, not every talented fighter would create a new hidden clan as they could be the elders. Creating a hidden clan needed the approval of the main clan, and they needed to be present when the new clan head was chosen legally.

As of now, there were already more than 30 hidden clans in the Ryukalin Clan. Many of them only have a handful of members as the clans never bothered to recruit too many people inside. They have to stay hidden from the real world. In a way, they were the trump card for every clan in this city.

"Boss, are you sure you want to poach them all?" Neo asked in bewilderment. It was close to impossible to ask those clans to bow down towards one person. Even in the years before, some of the hidden clan didn't want to acknowledge a certain new clan head.

However, even if they disagree, they would still stay under the clan. Moving out meant betrayal and the other hidden clan would be free to chase after them. No one wanted to dig their own grave.

Their opinion would only be listened if there was over than half of them who disagreed. If that happened, the clan head's selection would be prolonged. Another person might be chosen, but it can be the same person again after poaching more people.

"Yes," Kevin said resolutely.

"But it's not going to be easy to poach them all."

"I'm not going to bribe them. I'll force them to follow me and the others who accept the bribe will be eliminated," Kevin answered calmly. His never-changing tone made his words seemed no different than ordinary talk, yet the content was anything but that.

Mike nodded his head. "There are already four hidden clans who we confirm to accept the bribe not long ago. The other side seems to be making their move and convince them to disagree."

"We shall make our move too," Kevin said calmly. "There are already 10 who will certainly follow after me because of my bloodline, so I need 10 more to ensure my position as the clan head in a few more months."

Neo nodded his head. There were those hidden clans who were already loyal to the Kalin Family for years. They would never disagree as long as the one who became the clan head came from the direct lineage. For this point alone, Kevin was at the advantage.

However, his young age always made them looked down to him. No one wanted to have someone immature to lead them as it might bring them to their downfall. Of course, the only reason they would accept would be Kevin's capability.

"What method do you want to bring them in, Boss?" Mike asked.

"Profitable deal, money, and opportunity," Kevin answered calmly. His dark iris looked straight to the front as if he was imagining those things. "I believe some of them want more chances to grow."

"Yes. There are even hidden clans who wish that he can be part of the main clan again."

"We can take them in, but they still have to pass through the selection."

Neo smiled bitterly. "The one that person says is the opposite. They'll accept more people without the need for the strict requirement because they're already from the hidden clan."

Kevin's eyes turned cold. Except they were very exceptional, no member has been taken in without any good reason. He would not change it as it would only lower their standard. For that man to allow this happened, he knew that this clan would cease to exist if that person succeeded.

"I guess, I just have to be the clan head for them to fail," Kevin stood up. "The gathering will start in my birthday. We need to work hard to make sure that they'll choose me."

Neo nodded his head. They already agreed to do this long ago, so he had been keeping contact with those hidden clans. This action was done secretly as he didn't want to let them knew the real number of the hidden clan.

"Boss, where do you want to go?" Mike was stunned to see Kevin changed his shirt to that for sports.

"I want to convince someone," Kevin answered.

Neo was stunned speechless. You want to convince someone at this hour? Would they even accept his coming if he suddenly appeared right now? He felt that his Boss's brain was getting even harder to guess.

"Wait, who do you want to convince, Boss?"

Kevin sat down as he put on his sports shoes. "Master Rudy."

"I see... wait, what?" Neo's face turned to that of horror. From all the hidden clan's leader, the one they avoided the most would be this man. After all, this man only has one motto: only the strong can leave his territory alive.

With him being a training maniac and have illogical strength, there was simply no one who dared to challenge him.

"Boss, do you want to dig your early grave?"

Sensing Kevin's cold gaze, Neo shut his mouth. Still, he was feeling rather indignant. When Kevin met with Master Rudy two years ago, the former almost died. If Master Rudy already grew far stronger, what would happen to Kevin? He hoped from the bottom of his heart that Kevin was ready to challenge Master Rudy again.