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276 Jealousy

 Kale Company (Kanae's workplace)

Time passed swiftly as Kanae divided her time to do four things: studying in school, working in the office, finishing the work as part of Fiore Group, and training under Master Rudy's abuse. Every day was tiring for Kanae, yet her body has gotten used with her routine that she barely paid any other attention.

"President, here's the report for today," Kanae passed the document to Kevin.

Taking the document, Kevin read through it. There was not much work for them today. Most of the works were already finished. It was one of the rare days for the people in the company to be so relaxed.

"The work is finished," Kevin said calmly.

"Yes, good work today, President," Kanae grinned.

Kevin leaned back on his chair. "You should just call me by my name. Why are you still using the word 'president?'"

Kanae smiled wryly. She wouldn't be able to face him if she said that she felt somewhat embarrassed to say his name. After using the word 'president' so much, she was not used to change this habit of hers. Thankfully, she no longer met with him so much in school or she might have problem calling him.

"We're in the company and you're the president," Kanae tried to reason out.

Kevin arched his eyebrows. "You don't have to be so formal with me."

"I can't help it. I'm already used to call you president."

On the side, Neo tried his best not to listen to these two's bickering. This was not the first time Kevin complained to Kanae about calling him using his name. He didn't mind if they were in school, but right now, they were in the company. The others would surely send weird gaze towards Kanae if they heard her say his name directly.

Besides, there were several clans' members who worked in this company. They knew about Kevin's real identity and would feel rather perplexed if he suddenly allowed a girl to call him using his name.

For now, he was thankful that Kanae still insisted on using the word 'president'. Still, he was not sure how long it would last as Kevin has been pestering the little lady so much lately.

"Boss, my father is waiting for us outside," Neo informed when he looked at the text message on his phone.

"Call him inside," Kevin immediately regained his calm. Previously, he was smiling warmly when talking with Kanae. However, he couldn't show that side to his subordinates as they might think that something was wrong with their leader.

The Old Man walked inside with Taka following behind him. The young man smiled when he saw the others.

"Boss, the people below are waiting for the document to ship the goods," Taka said in an energetic tone as usual.

Kevin nodded his head and pointed towards Kanae. It was a signal for Kanae to take over the matter. "I'll take it for you."


"Follow after me to the next room," Kanae pointed to the side room. Most of the documents were there, so she needed to search a bit.

The Old Man shook his head lightly and put the box that he brought on the table. "This is the noodles for you four. I come here to have a light chat with you."

"Is there any problem?" Kevin frowned.

"We have handled two of them, and the others are getting restless. They seem to be more careful in their way of doing things and start to poach the others to side with them."

Kevin blinked for a moment as his eyes turned slightly cold. Those crafty old men seemed to be ready to dig their early grave. He would never allow them to do what they wanted to do in his clan.

"I guess I'll take care of the matter in my own hands," Kevin answered calmly. "You should just take care of the people inside. I don't want to hear more reports about they get internal members."

"I get it, Boss."

Kevin tapped his finger on the table. Since they wanted him to move faster, he would need to answer their demand. If he waited until the time he reached the age, he feared that things would take turn to the worst. They wouldn't let him have a safe place in his own clan.

Internally, he sneered as he thought about that. There was no way he would let them succeed.

"Here's the document," Kanae handed the paper to Taka as they walked out from the side room.

Taka accepted the document delightfully. "Thank you! By the way, when will you return back to the fifth floor? The others are waiting for you."

"I don't remember having that good of a relationship with them."

"Well, it's easier to meet with you if you're there rather than here," Taka sighed. He tapped Kanae's shoulder. "Well, I have an errand to go, see you later, Kanae."

"See you later."

Kanae turned around and saw that Kevin was sending deathly glare towards the door. She was rather perplexed. Did the door do something wrong that caused the irk of this icy man grew higher?

The truth was quite far from what Kanae thought. Kevin was displeased when he saw Taka got close with Kanae. He was already gotten used with those in the Student Council as Tommy was basically Kanae's classmates. Besides, Tommy didn't seem to have any other intention aside from being the troublemaker that he already has.

However, it was completely different for Taka. Kanae barely met that man, but the latter was already trying to get closer so much. This caused him to feel rather annoyed. When Taka tapped Kanae's shoulder, he was practically sent death glared towards that young man.

This feeling was new for him and he didn't know how to react better. His mind felt rather cloudy as he hated the sight of Kanae got close with another man. Why did he feel this way?

Kanae was not sure about Kevin's current mood. He was always very unpredictable, especially with his icy and indifferent face. This time, things seemed different as he seemed to be showing slight anger on his face.

"Since there's not much work left, can I return back?"

Hearing her request, Kevin frowned a bit. He was currently sorting his own feeling and tried his best to maintain his usual cold expression. It took him a few seconds to calm down and answered in a flat tone.

"Yes. Be careful in your way back.


As Kanae left the room, Kevin was thinking about the sudden dark thoughts he had towards Taka. Did he just become rather possessive? He already knew that he liked her, but this was the first time he got the feeling that he wanted to be the one for her. Did something change inside him?

Kevin silently dragged those feelings down. He knew better than anyone how his life would only make her life more difficult. There was no need for him to make her experience it.

His feeling has started to become more complicated.