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275 New Student Council Members

 Nolen School C

Time passed swiftly and soon the midterm already passed. This time, Misae crammed on her room for hours just to study with Alice and Laura. Kanae was still busy with her work, so the others decided not to bother with her. Thankfully, the three of them managed to finish the exams rather well.

"Your position is hanging in a thin thread, Kanae," Misae commented as she looked towards the score list.

"Well, does it matter?" Kanae laughed.

Alice giggled. "I wonder what are you two eating to get that position."

They were looking at the list of the score from the midterm result. At the very top, two familiar names could be seen.

1. Kanae N.

2. Laura N.

Tommy shook his head as he looked towards his own. For him, it was already good enough that he still could reach the passing grade. He barely studied at all because of the missions that he had to do lately.

"Anyway, congratulation for the new member of the Student Council," Kanae smiled.

Misae grinned. "I'm extremely happy that they select me as the secretary with Alice as the treasury."

"I'm just replacing you, Sis," Laura giggled. She was selected as the new vice president of Student Council.

Tommy nodded his head. It was not a surprise for him to get chosen as he already mentioned to the others that he wanted to become the guard. Now that they already made the selection, he got the position that he wanted.

The president was one of the smart students in the second year. Aside from the four of them, there were several other members from the first years. However, none of them held an important position.

"Now that I'm the guard, it's time for me to have a revenge," Tommy smirked evilly.

The others looked towards him and rolled their eyes secretly. Little did they knew Tommy would become the most hated instructor by the first-year members. The way he trained them caused chills whenever they recalled it. It was simply pure torture!

If they knew that Mike was the reason Tommy enforced these training to them, they would surely pester that big man every single day.

"Anyway, today is another joint sports day, but you forgot your uniform?" Misae asked Alice with bewilderment expression.

Alice could only smile wryly. What could she say? She didn't have any intention to join the sports today, so she purposely didn't bring them. Of course, this little tactic of hers would be kept hidden from the others forever.

"You can just cheer for us," Tommy grinned.

"I will," Alice nodded her head excitedly.

Kanae thought about it for a moment. "Now that you mention it, I think President asks me to fight him in the basketball again."

"You should go to the field, he must be waiting for you," Laura grinned.

"Alright, see you all again later."

As Kanae walked away, Laura stretched her body and yawned. Unlike her sister, she preferred to stay under the shade. If there was nothing important, she wouldn't bother moving around to play the ball. Who would want to run under the glaring sun just to play the ball?

Misae took out a few hats. "Let's just become the spectator and not play the game today."

"Good idea!" Laura immediately agreed.

Alice smiled wryly. Why didn't she think about bringing a hat too? It was going to be extremely hot when it was noon.

"I want to play the ball, so I'll leave you girls with your game," Tommy laughed. He had guessed that they wouldn't want to play the game considering that they seemed to be trying their best not to play.

"The promise of training can be for other time," Laura added lazily. She was not in the mood to train her body.

"Yeah, next time."

Tommy laughed when he saw their unwilling expression. He should have known that they only made that promise in the spur of the moment. With their personality, it would be a miracle if they really want to train their body.

As they walked to the field, they heard the resounding cheers from all around them. In the middle, two people were chasing after one ball. To be precise, Kevin was holding the ball and Kanae was trying to steal it by moving around him.

Stomping her feet on the ground, Kanae swiftly made her body moved to the front of Kevin. She stretched out her hand to steal the ball, but Kevin read her movement, so he bent down his hand and passed it to the side.

"You're running away again!"

"Really?" as he moved passed Kanae, the ball returned to his hand.

Seeing this, Kanae twisted her body and chased after him once again. Her hand was trying hard to reach the ball, yet he accelerated and jumped. Considering their difference in height, there was simply no way for her to steal it back, so the ball made its way to the basket safely.

"Again!" Kanae yelled.

"Sure," Kevin smiled slightly.

When the crowd of girls saw that Kevin was smiling, their cheering turned loud. Some girls even squealed as they tried their utmost effort to get the best position. It made things extremely hectic at the sidelines.

"Boss is truly popular," Mike laughed when he saw the chaos.

Neo shook his head. "They're only aiming for his face."

"True enough."

Inside his heart, Neo was actually complaining. It was already hard enough to chase away the girls who chased after Kevin because of his position as the president of a company and the Clan Head. If girls were coming after him because of his face too, he wouldn't know what he should do.

'He should have born as the celebrity and not a clan head.'

On the sidelines, Alice was looking towards the chaos with bewilderment. The girls were very fierce!

"They're rather scary," Laura commented with a wry smile.

"Not just rather, they're completely scary," Alice added. She was thankful that she was standing far away, or she might get swept in that terrifying group of girls. That would be something that she hated very much.

"I guess you're right," Laura nodded her head. She realized that Misae didn't answer, so she turned her head to the direction of the girl. When she saw the empty air, she was rather stunned. "Where's Misae?"

"I think she's there," Alice pointed to the crowd of girls.

"Why is she there?" did she want to die?

"You've not seen enough about Misae," Alice giggled. "Whenever there's a handsome boy, she will surely charge towards them. Don't worry. She's surprisingly resilient."


"Yes, no matter what, she's not hurt even when being squeezed in the crowd like that," Alice shrugged. She had seen how Misae could miraculously survive them, so she was not going to worry for that girl again.

Laura could only nod her head as she continued watching the game of Kanae and Kevin. Seeing their heated play, a smile appeared on her lips. It was rather refreshing to see her sister have fun like that.

Before long, the game was over with Kevin's win. Kanae panted on the ground, yet her expression was that of happiness.

"You're getting far ahead from me, President."

Kevin handed a bottle to Kanae and sat down beside her. "I'm just a bit better than usual today."

"it's fun," Kanae giggled.

Seeing her smile, Kevin truly wanted to caress her head again. He turned his attention back to his drinks. "I'm not the Student Council President anymore. You need to change your way of addressing me."

Now that he mentioned it, Kanae has just realized that she always called him as president. "But you're still the president in the company."

"You can call me that way in the company, but not in school."

Kanae frowned. What should she call him, then? Could it be his name? Heat rushed to her cheek as it turned slightly red. Why did she think that calling him by his name was rather embarrassing? It should be something normal, right?



"Are calling you by your name sufficient?" Kanae asked timidly. Why did it feel like she was asking something forbidden right now?

Kevin's mind blanked for a moment, yet a smile bloomed soon after that. "Yes, you can call me by my name."


At this time, Kanae got the feeling that she wouldn't be able to call him using his name too much. It felt more natural for her to call him using President or maybe, Boss? Well, it would be very inappropriate in school.

Kanae tried her best to forget about it as she saw Misae being dragged by Mike again. Those two would never stop, would they? She doubted that Misae would change her habit so soon.

In addition, there was that fact about the three of them belonged to the Ryukalin Clan.


At this time, she suddenly recalled something as her gaze rested on Misae. From the bottom of her heart, she hoped that Misae was already over of her fear and hate towards the clan. If not, these two relationships would surely crumble so badly without any chance to recover.

"Let's go. They want to use the field."