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274 He’ll Work Here

 Kale Company (Kanae's workplace)

Kanae headed to the company using Kevin's car as usual. She was no longer bothered with the others' gaze to her anymore. After coming here through this way for nearly a year, their gaze has become something she has gotten used to.

"Oh, Kanae, you come with my son again," the one standing near the lift was someone she knew very well, Neo's father and also her previous employee, the Old Man.

"Old Man!" Kanae greeted with a bright smile on her face. "It has been a long time since the last time I meet you. How are you?"

"Hahaha, I'm fine, little lass," The Old Man smiled broadly when he saw Kanae. He missed this little girl very much. The work in the clan was relatively boring, so seeing her again made him felt rather glad. He missed the noodle shop that he had before, but his son didn't allow him to work there anymore since it would be too dangerous with his old age.

Of course, he had a good time beating his son because of their disagreement.

Kanae smiled happily. "It's rare to see you here today, Old Man."

The Old Man nodded his head. "I have some matter that I need to talk with my son and the others."

"Oh, I see," Kanae nodded her head.

Seeing her attitude, the Old Man recalled that he once suspected that she came from the underworld. However, the way she acted didn't have any difference with the one in the past. Did his suspicion was without basis?

Still, he couldn't shake the feeling that there was a sharp look he got from the little girl in front of him.

Kevin looked towards the old man as he frowned. "There's no need for you to come here personally. You can tell him the things you need to when he gets home later."

"The problem is, he rarely goes home lately."

Neo scratched his head in embarrassment. It was not like he didn't want to go home, but he couldn't. Right now, they were in the middle of chasing after some deals. As Kevin's secretary, he was very busy.


The lift had arrived.

"Let's go up and talk in my office."

"Yes, Boss."

The five of them got into the lift and headed up. Kanae pondered about what she wanted to talk with the Old Man again. There were a lot of things that she wanted to talk to him. However, she never got the chance, and it seemed rather inappropriate to ask them so suddenly.

"Oh yeah, will you open the noodle store again, Old Man?" Kanae recalled that the Old Man once mentioned about opening the noodle store again.

Hearing that question, Neo nearly choked on the air and laughed so hard. In the first place, his father only opened the noodle store in order to get the chance to see over the people who wanted to take advantage of their new building. After all, some of their enemies caught wind about the new business and wanted to destroy it.

After nearly two years, the situation was more or less already safe. The Old Man could return back anytime, but he still stayed there because he liked it. Of course, the routine was broken because of the internal dispute of Souhon Clan.

The Old Man shook his head as he laughed dryly. There was no way he would open the noodle store again when it was already nearing the time for Kevin to legally become the clan head. He has more important tasks that he had to do other than making noodles.

"That's too bad. I miss your noodles," Kanae remarked.

"I'll make it to you occasionally," the Old Man promised.

Kevin listened and opened his mouth. "He's going to work here every Friday."


The three men nearly choked on the air when they heard Kevin's demands. Boss, why were you complying to her demands right now? There was something more important for him to do.

The Old Man looked towards Kevin's expression as a foreboding feeling arose in his heart. It couldn't be, right? There was no way Kevin would fall for this little girl. She was indeed a bright, fun, and lovely girl, but she was also someone from a completely different world.

Kanae frowned. She had heard about the fact that Kevin would be the legal Clan Head in a few more months. Wouldn't the Old Man have to do his work? At this point, she could already guess that the Old Man was someone from the Ryukalin Clan.

"Won't Old Man be too busy for that?"

Kevin thought about it for a moment. "He'll just come here to deliver the noodle for you and talk with Neo about other things."

"Oh," Kanae thought about it. It was a tempting offer. "Okay then. Thank you very much, Old Man."

The Old Man was barely able to say anything as he listened to Kevin's arrangement. He knew that he silently thought that the work was boring, but it didn't mean that he wanted to increase his workload. Sighing internally, he could only nod his head. At least, the kind smile on Kanae's face was very soothing.

"You're welcome."

They arrived in the top floor and Kevin sent Kanae directly to his office. The Old Man looked towards the scene with bewilderment. During the time he was away, there were so many things that he had missed.

"What is it that you want to tell us, Old Man?" Neo immediately asked after Kanae already got in.

"There are some troubles in the territory. They want you to be the one deciding what to do about the situation because some of the old members think that you're too idle," the Old Man simplified the situation.

Neo frowned. It would take Kevin a few more months before he could reach the legal age for their clan. However, those old men seemed to feel that it was not enough. They wanted to have Kevin took care of the matter very early.

"Since they want me to decide the matter, I'll do it," Kevin's eyes glinted with ruthlessness. Those men were spies from the government that was sent to create troubles within his clan. So far, he only managed to settle the score for one of them. Since the others were so eager to reach their early grave, it would be a shame if he didn't comply.

Chills went down the back of the three people. They knew that their leader still practicing martial arts when he was not busy, but they never thought that he would be filled with this cold aura. It seemed far scarier than how it used to be in the past.

"What do you want to do, Boss?" Lou asked. He was standing quite far, yet that sudden outburst of killing intent caused him to turn alert.

"Of course speeding up the process," Kevin answered. "Speed up the search, I'll be having a meeting with them in a few days."

"Yes, Boss."

As they discussed the matter, Kanae was sitting in her seat calmly. Suddenly, she sensed thick bloodlust and turned alert. Her eyes scanned the room carefully before her gaze turned outside. Was that Kevin?

This was the first time she felt that there was a scary hidden side of this young man. All along, she only saw his kind side that he showed to her and their friendship. It was scary. From the bottom of her heart, she hoped that there wouldn't come the time when he looked towards her with that kind intent.

The previous one where he was alert around her was already more than enough. She didn't want to see him pointing his sword or gun at her direction with the intention to kill.

As she thought about it, she returned her gaze back on the document. It was time for her to work.