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273 Glutton

 "Since you win, you should treat us this time," Kanae teased when Tommy walked back to their group.

Tommy scratched his head. "I don't have money. Can I just treat you to candy?"

Misae rolled her eyes. "We won't be full by just eating candy, right? Treat us to others, Tommy."

"I truly don't have money."

"We'll all eat together," Mike interrupted. "President already prepared a feast for us in the Student Council Room."

"Really? Thank you, President!"


Alice looked hesitant. "Can we, who don't belong to the Student Council, join in?"


"Let's go," Tommy offered his hand and grabbed Alice's hand as they walked to the room. The others were looking towards their clasped hand, but no one tried to say anything. Let the MVP today enjoyed his day.

They quickly arrived in the Student Council Room. There were several food boxes on the side. Mike quickly lifted them and arranged them on the table. There were pork, braised meat, salads, fried chicken, and many others.

Kanae was practically drooling when she saw the numerous delicious foods in front of her.

"Sis, be patient," Laura laughed when she saw her sister being like that. Ever since young, Kanae was already a glutton, so Laura was already used seeing her sister like that. However, it was quite embarrassing to show it to outsiders.

"You can start eating," Kevin said kindly to Kanae.

"I'll just wait until everything is on the table and we can start together."

It only took a few minutes to finish everything. The table was simply too small, so they breached to the other tables too. The room became cramped because of the people, but no one voiced out the complaint.

"Let's start."

The moment Mike said that, they started to pick the foods. Seeing the amount that Kanae placed on her plate, Laura rolled her eyes. This sister of hers truly a big glutton. She secretly thought that she would need to buy more foods in the apartment to be able to prepare food that would satisfy her sister.

"I don't like vegetables," Misae complained when Mike put the broccoli on her plate.

"They're good, so you should eat them occasionally."

"But you put a lot for me!"

"Just eat it. You're eating too much meat. It'll make you fatter."

Misae pouted. The word that girls hated the most was there, so she couldn't refute anymore. "Alright."

As time passed by, the girls stopped eating. Most girls wouldn't eat too many in fear of getting fat. Well, of course with one exception of someone who was refilling her plate for the third time.

"Sis, are you still hungry?" Laura looked towards her sister plate in astonishment.


"Don't speak with the mouth full of foods," Kevin reminded. He was sitting by Kanae's side and calmly eat his own foods. However, those who sat in front of him clearly knew that this man was paying more attention to the foods that Kanae ate.

Kanae nodded her head as she gulped another batch of foods. There were still a lot of foods on the table, so there was nothing wrong with her continued eating. While the others already finished their foods, only several of them were still eating.

"I'm already full," Tommy said after a while.

Alice looked towards Tommy's plate. "You also eat a lot."

"I'm tired after practicing on the field, so I'll eat more than usual people," Tommy answered with a grin.

Alice giggled when she heard that. A single run shouldn't have influenced that much. She knew that he already has a big appetite from long ago. His increase in foods today was only due to the fact that Kevin treated them all.

"President, you're eating too much," Neo frowned when he saw that Kevin was still eating. The amount was already much more compared with the usual.

Kevin pretended that he didn't hear anything as he scooped the food to eat.

"You're the one who should have treated us, Tommy," Laura teased. "How about changing the date to somewhere in the future."

Tommy forced a smile out. "Have mercy on me! I'm too poor to afford to treat all of you for a meal."

"Come on."

"How about if I teach you how to run?"

Misae rolled her eyes. Well, she did need to work in the practice of sport because her score in PE (physical education) has plummeted greatly. Not that the girls have a great score as their average was poor, but she wanted to get better.

"Fine, teach the three of us."

"Three?" Alice pointed to herself. "I'm included?"

"Of course!"

"That's going to be fun," Laura clapped her hand excitedly.

On the other hand, Tommy didn't know whether to laugh or cry. He knew that it must be fun to be around three beautiful girls, but he couldn't afford to offend either one of them. Offending Misae, Mike would come and beat him to pulp. Offending Laura, Kanae would make his training hell. Offending Alice.... His heart couldn't take it.

"We'll return back first. Thank you very much, President," Misae glanced at the clock. It was already the time for her to return back. "Don't forget our promise, Tommy."

Tommy nodded. "I won't. Just pick the time sometime in the future."

"Wait for me," Laura immediately stood up. She was tagging along with Misae because Kanae would go to work. It was safer for her to go home in Misae's car rather than calling a cab.

"I'll return back too," Alice smiled wryly. "I don't think I can bear not laughing seeing this eating competition."

Mike rolled his eyes. This was not really an eating competition. It was just their boss wanted to accompany Kanae during her time eating.

Before long, Kanae felt full. There were still some foods left on the table, but she couldn't eat them anymore. Her belly would scream if she added more than what she already eaten so far.

"Mike, you can wrap them for her," Kevin instructed.

Hearing his order, Mike silently sighed internally. Kevin's advance became clearer as time passed by. There was no way the others wouldn't notice when it was already at this level.

Tommy was looking towards the two of them strangely. From Kanae's expression, it seemed that the girl was still rather clueless about it. Well, he guessed that she must think about Kevin more like a brother since Jason, Shiro, and him always treated her well too because she was already like a sister for them.

Hopefully, this dense little girl would realize about this sooner.

"I'll return back too. I'm quite busy lately," Tommy stood up as he recalled the list of missions that Jason handed to him. There were numerous of them that he had to finish. Although most of them were easy, they were taking the time and patience that he had.

Thanks to them, he had to learn how to slip into a house easier. Sometimes this made him wondered if he was a thief rather than a group member. Their mission was something so bizarre that he couldn't bear to think about them again when he had finished.

"You should be more careful, Tommy," Neo warned. He had heard about the activity that Fiore Group did lately. Their name seemed to resound even louder lately.

Although it was only due to the numerous missions they accepted, no one could say that they didn't care. Whatever mission the Fiore Group accepted, they would surely complete it.

"I know," Tommy answered. "See you all again. Thank you for the treat, President."

Kevin nodded his head as the answer. Tommy paid no heed for his lack of response as it was the usual Kevin. In fact, he was glad to see that Kevin was not any different. If he suddenly changed so much, his heart wouldn't be able to take it. Even seeing his change to Kanae was already a challenge to his poor heart.

"Shall we go to work?" Kevin asked Kanae.

Kanae raised her eyebrows. He didn't usually ask her and mostly would just say that they were going to the workplace.


"Let's go."