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269 Reparation

 Laura's Apartment

"Sis, don't tell me that you're still sleeping?" Laura complained when she came home. The lamp was off, so the first thought she had would be her sister still sleeping in her room.

Kanae's head appeared from her bedroom. "I'm awake, Laura. I'm just too lazy to turn the lamp on because I don't get out of the bedroom."

Laura rolled her eyes. "You make me think that you're still sleeping, Sis."

"I won't be sleeping that long."

"I can see that," Laura put her bag on the chair as she turned the lamp on. "I talk to Mrs. Clara. There's no problem with the deal, we can proceed with the task."

Kanae nodded her head. "I'm not really good at matter regarding business. Do you think you can do it by yourself?"

"Of course, I'm an expert in this matter."


"Hey, I'm just telling the truth."

Kanae smiled. "Yeah, yeah, I believe you, Laura. Now, do you mind cooking some foods for me? I'm already hungry."

"Do you treat me as your chef?"

"Well, I can just order a takeout, but I'm sure that you want to cook again today."

"Fine, just wait a while. Let me remind you, Sis, you're not allowed to get into the kitchen."

"Don't worry. I won't even get close to them."

"That's good."

Kanae sighed to herself. Why did everyone treat her as the destroyer of the kitchen? It was not her fault that her cooking skill was still bad. She just didn't have enough practice.

If Laura knew what her sister thought, she wouldn't hesitate to throw a bucket to wake her sister up. If it was only a matter of practice, she might be able to accept it. Unfortunately, she already lived with her sister for years. She knew better than anyone how poor Kanae was in the kitchen. Those lame excuses of practice wouldn't work on her.

After cooking for several minutes, Laura brought out a finely cooked fried chicken. She prepared the tableware and rice before she served the food for herself.

"I make more in case you're hungrier, Sis."

"I'm very hungry," Kanae smirked. She scooped a lot of rice for herself as she started eating. In front of her, Laura rolled her eyes in displeasure. Considering Kanae's small stature, she wondered where that nutrition went to. It didn't seem that Kanae would get fat.

Laura finished her foods later than Kanae. "Do you even eat properly? Your eating speed increases so much lately."

"I'm just hungry."

Laura stared at Kanae suspiciously while the latter simply smiled innocently. In the end, she didn't pursue the matter anymore and put the plate on the side as she took out several documents.

"Sis, you're the one who has to sign them. They'll be out of the Nali Family once you get out from the family in a few more months."

"Let me take a pen first," Kanae answered and signed the documents. "The mansion is in rubbles; we will need to repair them before we move in."

"I already contact the private workers who used to work for our father. They'll start the reconstruction tomorrow since it already belongs to us. In addition, I already ask for the equipment from the Kale Company and materials from several different companies."

Kanae was rather stunned when she heard that Laura already asked the Kale Company. She was about to say them to this girl because she had seen how good the items from them were.

Laura smirked. "I already make a check, Sis. They're indeed the best."

"Good work, Laura."

"Of course, I'm the best!"

"Shameless little girl."

Laura stuck out her tongue. "Until the reconstruction finished, I'll need to make more money from the stock market. Aside from that, I doubt the Nali Family will make any move against us anytime soon. They have just been hit massively by the news about the letter from the government."

"I heard the news as well," Kanae nodded her head.

At this point, Laura paused for a moment. She looked towards her sister hesitantly. "Sis, do you know about the letter from the government?"

"I only know that it's a special letter that Sakura receives because of her ability. As for the rest, I'm not sure myself."

"That's too bad. I'm curious."

"Curb your curiosity. Let's go to sleep."


As Laura cleaned up the room voluntary, Kanae leaned back on the chair. She already checked the room and found tree listening devices. There was no camera, but these three already made her heart cold.

Of course, she already made the preparation for them. One of them was placed in her own bedroom, which she covered with her clothes. That way, the sounds they could hear would be limited. Another one was placed in the living room below the table lamp. For that one, she planned on asking her sister asked for a new one soon from the manager with the complaint that it was not working well enough.

She wouldn't make her move that soon, though. She didn't want to make them curious.

The last listening device was in the bathroom. Honestly, she almost thought of them as perverts when she saw that device placed under the soap place. For that place, she didn't hesitate to pour water as much as possible when she took a bath. With the place was basically flooded with water, she doubted they could hear anything from that place.

Her conversation with Laura just now should be heard by the government. However, she was not worried about them knowing that she wanted to take back the mansion from the Nali Family. The hidden dispute of the branch family and the main family was not a secret for them. Even if they knew a bit of the plan the branch family has, they wouldn't do anything.

There was simply no need for them to involve themselves in the complicated internal matter of the families. They were not that idle to spare their thoughts in this kind of dispute.

In addition, if the government wanted, she would just show them an interesting conversation. Her lips curled up deviously as she thought about something. This would be her present to them tomorrow.

"Sis, don't you need to sleep too?"

"I'm coming."

Her hand put a recorder near the lamp and set up something. This way, once they got home, the recorder would play out the conversation that they held in the past.

As for the content? It was merely gossiping between girls. Hopefully, the government would be happy to hear about the affairs that girls usually talked about.