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268 She Changed

 During the night, Kanae stayed in the room and enjoyed the food that the hospital brought for her. While most patients were complaining about them, she didn't mind in the slightest. There were times in the past when she couldn't eat at all because she didn't have any money. Compared to them, this was far better.

Her eyes drifted to the nearby camera. Truthfully, she hated the fact that they were monitoring her right now. However, she barely paid any attention anymore.

'I won't let them see anything.'

It was tiring, but she kept on her act. She turned her body around as she lied on the bed sideways. At the very least, if she continued to sleep, they wouldn't be able to see anything.

Early in the morning, she checked out by herself. It was rather easy as she was already gotten used dealing with other people.

"Your wound is not completely healed yet, little girl. Are you sure you want to check out?"


"Alright, I'll take care of it. The payment has been made for two days, are you sure you want to leave now."

Kanae silently cursed in her mind. Although she would be happy to eat the free food, she couldn't bear the fact that her action was always monitored. This was especially true because there was a hidden side that she didn't want the government to know.

"I'm sure."

The nurse was troubled, but she went to handle the matter. As for Kanae, she just silently stood near the counter as she waited for them to finish the administration. It would take some time, but she was not in a hurry. She still has time until 2 PM because it was the time for her sister to go home.

Suddenly, she heard ruckus not far from here.

"Sakura, tell me if there's any part that's hurt."

Kanae turned her head and saw her uncle and Sakura was standing not far away. Sakura's face was rather pale and Frank was not any better. If one didn't know, they would think that these two have just experienced a massive disaster considering how they looked like.

Sakura lifted her head slightly. "I'm fine, Father. You're the one who gets hurt."

Frank showed a pained expression as he patted his daughter's head. She was not hurt physically, but it seemed as if her mentality changed overnight. What was in this girl's thought? He wished he could break open her head as he wanted to know them very badly.

Sakura's eyes were lifeless as she urged her father to get treated. By the time Frank disappeared from there, her gaze turned into icy cold. The previously lifeless eyes were now replaced by a cold and deathly glare.

'I won't let them get away.'

She had enough. The feeling of despair of her uselessness caused her to feel extremely vexed. Thankfully, they found out the right person who leaked out the secret and cleaned up their residence through fully. However, this didn't erase the hatred that was planted deep inside her heart.

She hated the government for their deeds. Their arrogance and invincible power made her felt like she was nothing more than an ant in their eyes. She hated her father. He was so useless to be unable to contend against the government and allowed them to treat him like dirt. Moreover, she hated herself. She hated how useless and how naïve she was. Never once did she realize that she was nothing without her father.

Now that they have woken her up, she would surely give them a good present in the future. They wouldn't be able to look at her disdainfully. She would take charge of the entire business in the Nali and Aida Family. No one would be able to stop her.

Determination was burning inside her eyes as she made a vow to herself. Never again she would let them treated her like she was a mere useless piece. She would show them how powerful she would be.

'She changes a lot.'

Kanae watched her cousin with a calm expression. The hatred and determination to be stronger were apparent on that usually annoying cousin of hers. It was something she knew very well because she had seen them in the past when she looked to the mirror.

The feeling of powerlessness would drive people into two directions. One was complete despair where they resigned to their fate and lived in fear for his entire life. The other was a burning determination to be stronger and reached a height that he never imagined himself before.

'Even a cornered rat is still a rat with claws. The governments should be careful of the enemies they make.'

It was not apparent yet, but she knew that their number continued to increase. The previously ignored government has been making too many big movements. This would make those who knew the inner side to wary and covertly grew stronger in their own means.

Kanae looked towards her cousin again.

Previously, Sakura always tried to use the power Frank had to make herself looked better. She would rely on her father and the power he held over their family. When things took the turn to the worst, she ran away and didn't have the courage to face them upfront.

Now, things changed. She no longer has the mentality of running away. At this time, she was preparing herself to face them by herself no matter what the cost. Towards this new Sakura, Kanae held more respect, albeit only a little bit.

After all, she still couldn't forget how badly Sakura treated her in the past for countless years. Even if Sakura changed, she would never try to get close with her cousin. Those painful years wouldn't just disappear after Sakura changed no matter what the other party said.

A scar couldn't disappear overnight.

"Miss, this is the letter from the doctor about your discharge."

The voice of the nurse caused Kanae to wake up from her trance. She smiled at the nurse. "Thank you."

"This is the medicine to decrease the pain. You can take it after eating."

"Thank you."

After a series of more instructions, Kanae bid her farewell. She walked to the lift as she saw that her cousin was still standing in the same place.

'Good luck Sakura in whatever you want to do. However, you should pray that you won't involve me.'

If Sakura tried to use her again, Kanae wouldn't hesitate to deal a massive blow to this little lady. She already showed mercy in the past because she saw Sakura as a pampered and idiotic lady. It was too much for her to deal with Sakura by herself. She didn't want to bully a completely useless person like that.

However, now that Sakura already changed, she wouldn't show any mercy.

Should they clash with each other, Sakura wouldn't get the same treatment as in the past. This was Kanae's ways of showing her respect to her opponent. She would fight them with all she got. Showing mercy would just show that she didn't care about that person and merely treated him or her as someone unworthy.

With that in thought, Kanae got into the lift. She wanted to go home and took a bath before resting again. She wanted to laze around on this rare occasion.