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267 You Won’t Stop Me, Right?


Kanae sat down on her bed as the sound of footsteps grew nearer. Although she already knew that it was Kevin because of their conversation with Ferdinand a few minutes ago, she decided to play the fool. There was no need for them to know that she has good martial arts ability and better senses than ordinary people.


"Come in," Kanae answered.

Kevin walked in with Mike and Neo behind him. He looked towards Kanae as a slight smile appeared on the corner of his lips. Seeing her still looked rather fine made him extremely glad.

"What are you doing here, President?" Kanae asked in a surprised tone.

"I'm visiting my employee."

As Kevin walked to Kanae's side, Mike moved to the other edge of the room and stood there. His big body was used to block the hidden camera behind him as he didn't want the government to see this scene. On the other hand, Neo walked to the nearby lamp table and took out his handkerchief to block the listening device there.

Kanae pretended that she didn't see their action as she straightened her seat. "Is there anything wrong? You don't have to visit me twice in a single day."

"I want to," Kevin answered calmly. He raised his hand slightly, but chose to put it down again. He couldn't do things more than what a friend usually did. It might cause Kanae to shriek back as he was not sure of her feeling.

Kanae looked towards his arm for a moment. Why did she have the feeling that she wanted him to touch her? Even if it was for a brief moment, she wouldn't mind having him caressed her head like what she usually did to her sister. Erasing those weird thoughts, she smiled.

"Can you take me out of this room? It's rather suffocating here."


Kevin extended his hand, and Kanae accepted it without much thought. Although she didn't really need help, she felt rather happy to have him wanted to help her. At this time, she truly felt that her thoughts were going awry. Ever since his visit a few hours before, she has been having weird thoughts going on her head.

This has never happened before, yet she felt more embarrassed to have him getting so close to her.

The two of them walked to the rooftop with Mike and Neo following from behind them. Neo already checked the cameras and turned them off as he didn't want anyone to know that Kevin personally walked with a girl while holding hands. If words went out, he felt sure that he wouldn't be able to sleep peacefully for the next few days.

On the rooftop, Kanae gazed towards the blue sky. The sun was hidden behind the thick cloud, yet there were parts that have thinner cloud, making it possible for her to see the beautiful blue sky.

"It's far more refreshing this way," she smiled happily.

Kevin nodded his head. Her smile was infectious as a faint smile also appeared on his face. This place was certainly better than the room.

"Is your back fine? You're hurt, right?"

Kanae was stunned when Kevin mentioned about her back. She was pretty sure that she didn't tell him anything about her wound. How could he know about that matter?

At this time, her mind drifted to the fact that Kevin belonged to the Ryukalin Clan. Ah, he must have asked someone to find out about what happened that day. As the clan head, he should be able to use their resources. Still, she didn't understand why he wanted to use them for someone like her. It was just a simple matter that didn't concern him.

"It's fine. I'll be able to go to school in two days," Kanae answered. "After that, I'll return back to my job as your secretary."

As Kevin recalled Kanae's work, his lips curled up into a bigger smile. Having her stay by his side would surely something he looked forward to. Aside from her excellent work, he loved the feeling of her staying near her.

When Kanae saw Kevin's beautiful smile, she was stunned in her place. That was cheating! How could he have such a gorgeous smile? Usually, she would only be surprised to see a handsome face of someone near her, but this time, she could feel her heart thumping. Heat rose up to her cheek, and she quickly turned her head towards the sky. She didn't want him to see her like this.

"You have to be fully recovered before you think about work."

"I'm fine," Kanae answered.

Kevin frowned slightly. He raised his hand and flicked her forehead. "You're already being hospitalized. How can you say that it's fine?

Kanae pouted. "it's not that bad. They're just making a big fuss out of it."

The two of them glared towards each other as neither side was willing to back down. He didn't want her to overwork herself while Kanae knew her physical body very well. This kind of wounds wouldn't be able to hinder her from her daily activities.

In the end, Kevin shook his head and raised his hand to caress her head. "I don't want you to hurt yourself."

Kanae was stunned, yet a smile appeared on her tiny face. For whatever reason, she enjoyed his caress. This made her felt like she was a little kid being pampered by a big brother. Wait, did it mean she saw Kevin as her brother?

She quickly erased those thoughts as she retorted, "I know myself better. It's not that bad. I only act like it's bad to make them bring me here and not the government building."

It was much more dangerous for her if they took her to the government building because there was nearly no escape route. She didn't want to be confined in their interrogation room for something like this, so the hospital was her second best option.

When she answered, Kevin was rather stunned. He didn't expect that this girl also knew that the governments have their hidden side. It seemed she was far smarter than he thought. He smiled slightly and messed up her hair.

"Hey, what are you doing?"

"I'm just making you look better."

"You don't! President is being a bully today!"

Kevin laughed at her remark. His laugh seemed rather refreshing because of his usual cold and indifferent face. "You're easy to be bullied."

"That's not right!" Kanae pouted again. She was trying her best to stay angry. His laugh made it rather hard for her to do that, though. His face was truly a deadly weapon.

After a while, they ended their joke and sat down silently, gazing to the sky.

On the back, Mike and Neo could hardly believe what they saw. They already knew that Kevin started to smile and showed more emotion, but that was the first time they saw him laughed so freely. His expression seemed to be vastly different than his usual side that he showed.

When the two of them finally stopped their teasing and stayed silently by each other side, Mike and Neo breathed in relief. The two of them sat while keeping their distance with each other as they did in the office or Student Council Room, but they have the feeling that the distance would get closer very soon.

Neo stared at the two of them for a moment. "Mike, I'll do a complete research about Kanae. You won't stop me, right?"

If Kevin wanted to pursue Kanae, he had to make sure that Kanae has a clean past. He wouldn't be able to bear it if Kanae might be someone from the opposite side. Before Kevin reached the point of no return, he had to make sure of everything.

Even if Kevin got angry at him later, he had to do it. He couldn't bear seeing Kevin breakdown again like what happened in the past when Yuki died because of the negligence of their clan. Even though he hadn't been by Kevin's side for long at that time, he didn't want to see the proud leader of the Ryukalin Clan saw despair because of a woman again.

Mike nodded his head lightly. "I won't."

Even if Kevin got angry at them later, they didn't want this man to get hurt too. At the same time, Mike was also trying to build a relationship of his own. He was still hiding the fact that he came from a clan to Misae. He knew, once he told her, he wouldn't be able to stay by her side.

After all, Misae has a bad experience with the clan in the past. It was something that he couldn't change, yet he wanted to have her by his side.

Right now, he got the feeling that even if Kevin knew about Kanae's past, he wouldn't care about them. He would still pursue the girl because he has feeling for her. It was something that he knew very well right now.

"Thank you, Mike," Neo sighed.

Mike nodded his head. They stayed silent in their place until it was noon and Kevin have to return back to work.