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266 The Lawyer Clara

 Misae's House

"Pardon my intrusion," Laura said as she walked into the house.

Misae giggled when he saw Laura still acting polite. "Don't be so tight up. You're my friend and also Kanae's sister. Just treat this place as your home."

"Thank you, Sis Misae?"

Misae nearly choked. "Just call me Misae. You're not that polite at school."

"Well, that's because we're classmates at school," Laura scratched her head. It would feel rather awkward if she had to call every classmate using 'sister' or 'brother.' This was the reason she didn't use honorific when calling them.

It was indeed more polite to use them, and the culture in several countries told them to do that.* However, there were also other places that didn't even bother about them at all. All in all, it would depend on the place they lived in.

Misae shook her head. "Don't bother using the honorific. I'm not that strict and our age didn't differ by that many too."

"It's nearly two years."

"...You're talking as if I'm old."

"No, I will never do that," Laura immediately defended herself. The most forbidden talk to a woman was their age. No one would want to look old. If she dared to say that, there was no doubt that she might get kicked out. If the one who said it was a boy, then she would just pray that the boy could get home safely.

Misae laughed. "Don't be so uptight. By the way, do you want to drink something? My parents usually get home late."

"Well, maybe a glass of water is fine."

"Alright, I'll take out the glass."

Laura followed Misae to the living room, and she looked around in curiosity. This was the first time she came here, and she had to admit that Misae has good tastes. The room felt rather comfy and warm. This made her felt rather comfortable to stay here.

"Here's the water," Misae walked into the living room with two glasses of water. "You can sit down. There's no need to stand up continuously."

"Thank you," Laura took the glass and sipped the water.

Misae leaned back on the chair. "I think this shall be the first time we can talk to each other for a long time. You don't usually come to meet with your sister in the past."

Laura nodded her head. She only came home occasionally because she couldn't stand the Nali Family. Every time she met them, all she wanted to do was punching them in the face and buried them in the ground. Knowing that she didn't have a good temper, she chose to stay away from them by enrolling in the oversea school.

It was not a bad experience, but she missed her sister very much. At first, she called Kanae for almost every week and poured out all of her grievance and difficulties. As time passed by, she learned how to adapt to live alone in the dorm and didn't call for a long time because it was expensive. She didn't want to make her sister worked too hard for her sake.

"I heard that you wanted to join this year Student Council, Misae. Are you sure your lesson will be up to par?" Laura changed the conversation.

Misae's face scrunched up so badly. In truth, she already crammed for hours during the holiday to make sure that she got a better score. If she didn't, she wouldn't be able to get into the Student Council this year.

"I'll just study again."

Laura smiled bitterly. "Let me help you out. I've already learned about most of them."

"...Why do I have the feeling that the two of you is a pair of fearsome sisters?" Misae looked towards Laura enviously. She wanted to be able to learn that quickly.

Laura just smiled. She would never tell the other party that she crammed so hard in the past just to be able to study more than one thing. It even resulted in her having to wear the glasses, which she already changed to contact lenses. However, she would never regret it. If it could help the two of them fare against the Nali Family, she would be more than willing.

"Let's review the lesson first."

"I got it."

The two of them studied for hours before they rested. They prepared additional bedding for Laura since the girl was not used to sleep on the couch like Kanae. However, even when Misae already fell asleep, Laura didn't bother closing her eyes. She had a different intention in coming to this place today.

After making sure that Misae had slept, she sneaked out from the room and sat on the living room. It didn't take long for the front door to open and a middle-age woman walked in.

"Oh hello, are you another friend of Misae?" Clara asked with a smile on her face.

Laura quickly stood up. "Yes Ma'am. My name is Laura Nali, I'm Misae's friend and also Kanae's sister."

Hearing the surname of this girl caused Clara to frown. She put her bag on the side before sitting in front of Laura. "I believe that you didn't come here just because you want to play with Misae, right?"

"Yes. I come here because I need your help."

Clara nodded her head. "I already talk about the matter of your inheritance with Kanae before. Because of the lack of evidences in the past, there's no way you can take it back. However, I believe that you come here because you have the evidence."

Laura nodded her head. "I already retrieve the mansion's deed and the formal writing claim from Frank. Will this enough to defend the mansion to be ours when the time comes for them to knock on our door?"

Clara took the paper and browsed through the content. She was rather amazed when she saw them because it meant that this sibling managed to take back something from the Nali Family. Considering the massive family and its influence, she would never imagine that this could happen nearly three years after they lost it.

"Yes, this will be more than enough. With this, you'll be able to secure the mansion to be yours," Clara nodded her head with a smile.

Laura beamed. "Mrs. Clara, will you help us when the time comes?"

"Of course, if you need any help, don't hesitate to come here. I will surely help you out."

"Thank you very much," Laura was thankful that they managed to do this.

Clara nodded her head as she browsed the content of the contract. She had to make sure that the siblings didn't get cheated on.

Seeing the happy smile on Laura, she did feel a bit guilty. In the past, she only agreed to help Kanae in exchange for the girl to watch over Misae. However, when Kanae truly became Misae's best friend, she felt that she barely did something to them. Since the chance for her to help them arrived, she would do her best to make sure that they won.

Although she was already a professional, she took an extra mile in reading the content of the document. She took this far more seriously compared with her usual work as she made sure that there was no flaw. It took her several minutes to finish.

"The contract is good. You can rest assured to sign this. If the Nali Family file a charge towards you and bring the case to the court, you can ask me to be your lawyer. I won't ask for any payment."

Laura was stunned. "You're really kind, Mrs. Clara."

Clara merely smiled. She was not that kind, but Kanae had practically saved Misae's life. Without Kanae, Misae wouldn't be able to make friends. After all, it was her fault in the past that Misae had to experience something so dreadful. It was only right for her to repay this sibling with her entire power.

"Go to sleep. It's already late."


As she watched Laura walked away, Clara sighed on her chair. She would not let anything happened to this sibling. Even if her opponent was the big Nali Family, she would not hesitate to help them.