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265 Progress

 "As the clan head, I believe you should be pretty busy, Kevin Kalin," Ferdinand said in a low tone. "What are you doing here?"

"I believe I have the right not to answer your question," Kevin retorted back with a flat tone. His eyes were looking towards the man in front of him as he carefully tried to read the other party's expression.

Ferdinand crossed his arm. "Could it be you come for that little girl named Kanae Nali?"

Hearing that, Kevin nearly frowned. He managed to hold on, but he was not sure if Ferdinand caught the slight change in his expression. If the other party knew that he bore special feeling for Kanae, the girl would get into more troubles in the future.

Ferdinand sneered internally. In the end, the one before him was merely a little boy unworthy of his attention. He was too young to understand the vastness and the complicated matter of the world. This boy wouldn't make it safely as the clan leader of the biggest clan in the city.

"So that's true. I wonder why you're so concerned about the girl. Is she perhaps," Ferdinand stopped in his words for a moment. "Your girlfriend?"

When he heard the word 'girlfriend', Kevin suddenly thought about his own feeling. He never tried to inspect things further and only knew that he liked the girl. However, he never has any intention of telling her about this feeling of his as he knew that he would only make things complicated.

A longing feeling appeared from the bottom of his heart. He realized that he wanted to keep her by his side, safe from all the dirt of the outside world. At the same time, he knew that dragging her into his side would result in her getting into more troubles.

Besides, the most important would be her happiness.

He wanted to pursue this relationship very badly as he wished to have her inside his arm. This was the first time he felt this way, so he was still unsure. But when he heard the word 'girlfriend', he knew that he wanted to have Kanae as his girlfriend very badly.

Still, Kevin's expression showed no change. "There's a possibility that she knows more about the letter from the government, right?"

On his side, Neo and Mike nearly falter when they heard Kevin said those words. They have been trying so hard to find out about the letter from the government in the Nali Family covertly because this man didn't want to ask Kanae. Now he said that he searched her because of that letter?

He might fool others but not them.

Ferdinand's eyes sharpened. This topic was always challenging his self-control. "I never know that the Ryukalin Clan is interested in this letter as well."

"Not really, I'm just curious because it makes a big ruckus twice in the span of a year," Kevin answered back calmly.

The two men stared at each other as they tried to probe deeper. However, neither side showed any other reaction whatsoever. They were adamant to not let things that they knew showed in their face.

In the end, Ferdinand sighed. "I already finish interrogating her. You can try to ask her too if you want. I doubt that you're going to get anything."

"Thank you for your consideration," Kevin answered calmly.

"I'll take my leave now, see you later little clan head."

Ferdinand walked towards Kevin and passed by his side with a deadpan face. His subordinates were following him and they were already drenched completely in sweats. For some reasons, they couldn't stay on their grounds when they saw Ferdinand clashed with Kevin.

The moment Ferdinand passed by his side, Kevin stretched out his hand towards Neo. "Laptop."

"Here, Boss," Neo quickly took out his laptop that he always brought to Kevin.

When Ferdinand already got into the lift, Kevin started typing furiously as he moved to the side and evaded the sight of the cameras. It didn't take more than several seconds before he managed to infiltrate the hidden camera that Ferdinand placed on Kanae's room.

From the laptop, the faint sounds from the two people appeared. Kevin was watching intently as Ferdinand started to ask questions to Kanae.

"How well do you know Sakura?"

"Well, I'm not sure myself. I have already known her from my childhood because we meet in school occasionally. Aside from that, I think we rarely meet each other."

"Have you heard about the letter from the government?"

"Yes, I have."


"In the party last night."

Neo and Mike listened from the voices carefully. They were worried that Kanae did know something about the letter. If that was true, this little girl would invite more troubles for herself. After all, the classified information was still hidden deeply from the world.

And might stay like that until the end of the time.

Kevin's eyes softened when he saw that Ferdinand got nothing from asking those questions to Kanae. This showed that the girl didn't know anything about the letter. He was glad. This meant that she would be safer.

Something as dangerous as that should never have any relation with Kanae.

Neo watched as Kevin's expression changed again. Truthfully, he had started to get used with Kevin changing his expression whenever Kanae was mentioned. At first, it was a completely indifferent expression, nothing different than his usual self. However, things started to change slowly lately as he showed a variety of emotions.

Even though they were just talking ordinarily, Kevin's expression was softer when he faced Kanae. It was faint, but he knew it better than anyone. After all, he has been paying more attention to Kevin's expression for years. Seeing his expression become richer, he felt rather complicated.

"Boss, do you want to meet with her?" Mike interrupted when Kevin finished watching.

Kevin erased his trace from his hacking and returned the laptop back to Neo. "Let's meet her."

"Yes, Boss."

At the same time Kevin started hacking, Ferdinand was heading towards his car from the lift. It took them a few seconds to realize that they were being hacked.

"Sir, the camera in the girl's room is being hacked," one of the subordinates reported with a quivering voice. This was surely a mistake in their part. From the bottom of his heart, he hoped that Ferdinand wouldn't lash out to them.

Ferdinand merely took his laptop lazily. "You're dismissed."

"Yes, Sir."

Ferdinand typed on his laptop as he tried to access the camera back. To his surprise, his advance was being blocked from all sides. He was not an excellent hacker, so he was not too worried. After all, there was only one person who would want to hack that camera.

After waiting for a bit, the other party retreated and he checked the camera. There was nothing wrong with it.

"There's not even a trace left. That person is quite something," Ferdinand nodded his head in approval.

When his subordinates heard this, he almost steered the car in the wrong way. Did something happen to their leader today? Why did he seem rather happy that he was being defeated?

Ferdinand smiled craftily. "Thank you for letting me sees your skill in this useless matter. It seems that the boy beside Kevin already grows quite high."

The progress seemed rather too quick, though. However, Ferdinand didn't seem to worry so much. He barely paid any attention to Kanae because he already found her to be innocent. Since Kevin offered this chance for him to analyze his clan's skill, he would gladly let the girl go.

"Retreat back, I don't need that girl anymore."

"Yes Sir."

Ferdinand's finger tapped the side of the car as he thought about Kevin's reaction. If that girl became someone more important for Kevin, he would have more cards to deal with that annoying clan. His lips curled up. Things seemed to be on his side more lately. The Heaven must be loving him so much.