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264 Unexpected Meeting

 A Few Hours Before

After Kevin had visited Kanae's sister's apartment, he returned back to the class. Although his body was present inside the class, he barely paid any attention to the lesson. As the clan head, he had already mastered all of the lessons, so he didn't need to listen anymore.

"Neo, what do you find?"

The displeased tone from Kevin caused sweats to fall down from Neo's back. Come on, he had just started searching for the information. Couldn't you wait for a bit more? He was not a godly hacker that could finish everything in a matter of seconds.

"Please wait a minute Boss."

"One minute."

"..." don't take it literally.

In the end, Neo had to struggle for a long time before he made the complete analysis for the event that happened at the party. Most of the cameras were destroyed in the process, but he managed to find a bit of them who still has some memories.

All in all, Kanae barely existed in those videos. The only one they could find was she walked outside with her sister by her side. From what he saw, there was nothing wrong with how Kanae looked like.

"Boss, I only find this one."

Kevin glanced towards the video. It was shooting near the emergency exit, and he could see Kanae from the front above. The expression was unclear because of the lighting, but it seemed as if she was fine. No strange movement came from her while she walked out.

However, Kevin's eyes narrowed as he watched the video. "Her back is hurt."

"Boss?" Neo was stunned. He couldn't see anything from the video, yet Kevin managed to see something? Was there that big of a difference between him and his Boss?

Kevin was not in the mood to explain. In one of the pictures, Kanae tilted her body slightly, allowing him to see the slightly torn part of her clothes on the back. It was faint, but the red color showed that it must be bleeding. As for why she still walked per normal. The answer should be right beside the person herself: Laura.

There was no way Kanae would want to show her weakened self in front of her sister in fear of making the other party worry.

"Boss, there are people coming to Laura's Apartment," Neo's eyes caught the movement in front of the building.

"Who are they?"

"I think they're from the government," Neo answered hesitantly.

When he heard that, Kevin immediately stood up and walked out of the class. Neo and Mike were stunned, yet they followed after Kevin soon after that. Before that, Neo quickly shouted to the teacher.

"We have an emergency meeting, please excuse us."

"Um... I understand," The teacher answered after an initial period of shock. Even after teaching in this school for several weeks, he still couldn't get used to the fact that there were students going out of the class however they liked. Internally, he hoped that he could get transferred to a decent school very soon.

Outside the room, Kevin walked in high pace. From his expression, the other two knew that their Boss thought about this as something severe.

"Neo, follow them from the camera."

"Yes, Boss."

"Mike, prepare the car."

"Yes, Boss."

The two of them immediately did as Kevin said. At first, they followed the car towards a building belonged to the government. However, the car suddenly sped away towards another place.

"Boss, do you think she's there?" Mike asked hesitantly.

Kevin's gaze landed on the building in front of them. From the deal between the clans and the government, they were not allowed to get close to their place at all. Even though the deal was made long ago, it was something that they still honored and followed.

If they truly took her inside, there was no way he could find her. Even before he could get close to the building, they would try their best to stop him at all cost. His identity as part of Ryukalin Clan restricted him to move freely in the areas belonged to the government.

"Where's the care headed to?"

"Wait, it's not stopping yet," Neo typed on the laptop as he followed after that car. After a painful wait under Kevin's deathly glare, the car finally stopped. "It's going to the hospital."

"We're going there."

"Yes, Boss."

The car sped up once again as Mike made the way towards the designated place. Since they took Kanae to the hospital, it must be because the wounds were quite severe. Now, he wondered how the little girl could bear with them all.

At the same time, Neo's mind was churned out as he worked hard to monitor their movement. His heart was thinking about the expression he saw on Kevin's face just now. It was pure worry and care. As he had stayed on Kevin's side for long, he knew how rare those emotions were. At this time, he worried that Kevin wouldn't be able to let Kanae go.

"We've arrived."

Mike quickly walked to the counter. "Excuse me, is there any new patient under the name Kanae Nali?"

"And you're?"

"We're her friends that her sister asks to see her condition because she's still busy," Neo quickly made up the story.

The receptionist was quite suspicious, but she proceeded to check. The glare that Kevin passed to her caused her to be extremely terrified. What did she do wrong to have him glared at her like she was his archenemy?

"Yes, there's one that checks in a few minutes ago. She's in the third-floor room number 304."

"Thank you," Mike said as he quickly ran to the stairs. Kevin already went there the moment he heard the room number. It was clear that this young man was quite impatient.

The three of them arrived on the third floor. They looked around when Kevin's body suddenly emitted cold aura. This caused the temperature in his surrounding to drop by several degrees and at the same time, Mike and Neo turned wary.

Kevin was staring at the man in front of him. The man was walking leisurely, yet it was clear that he was not in a good mood. Upon seeing Kevin, the man also stopped and emitted cold aura.

The two of them were locked in a staring contest.

"It has been a long time, Ryukalin Clan Head Kevin Kalin," Ferdinand broke the silence with a greeting.

"Indeed it has, Minister Ferdinand," Kevin answered back in a calm tone.

The two of them didn't say anything else as they glared towards each other. They were trying to guess each other's intention from the slightest movement the other party showed. However, it was proved to be hard.

Ferdinand was trained to always stay cold while Kevin was trained to not show his emotion. The two of them was locked in a stalemate.