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263 I Only Know What She Bragged

 Seeing the building in front of her, Kanae's heart tightened a bit. Still, her steps didn't falter even one bit as she approached the entrance. They tried to push her, but when their hand reached her back, she intentionally fell down.


"I'm fine," Kanae felt the pain on her back increased slightly due to her sudden movement. Her brow creased slightly, as if she was feeling pain.

"Can you walk?"

"I'm okay."

From the expression she showed, the men could guess that there must be something wrong. They could faintly sense the smell of blood coming from her, so it was not hard to guess that she was hurt. Still, they were unable to move on their own account.

The man behind her called his superior. He talked for a few seconds before looking towards the others. "Take her to hospital. We're going to ask the question at the hospital."

"Miss, come with us."

Kanae nodded her head. She silently followed after them to the nearby hospital. As she walked inside, she wondered how much money should she spend if she ever has to be hospitalized? In the next second, she quickly erased those thoughts. It would be better for her if she didn't try to think about it as she might faint at the large number.

They brought her to a nearby room. Seeing how fast they got a room, she wondered what they said to the hospital. Probably, they were using the power they have from the government. After all, in public places, the government was highly respected.

After the doctor redressed her wounds, she sat on the bed patiently. The person from the government would come anytime now.

"Miss Kanae?"

"Yes?" She answered as she saw a man walked in with light steps. Her brain worked at unimaginable speed as she processed everything that happened around her. From the way he walked, she could easily guess that this man should have practiced martial arts too and quite strong at that.

Well, she should be able to guess that much as she already met with him in the forest months ago. However, at that time, this man didn't know that she was there.

Ferdinand looked towards the girl before him. In truth, he didn't want to waste time interrogating numerous people. However, her surname made him rather curious as she has some relationship with Sakura. Especially since her relationship with Sakura was bad. She has more than enough reason to sell Sakura out.

Of course, if it was not Kanae, he wouldn't make things difficult for her. The complicated matter of the four big families was something they always stayed away from. He didn't want to drag himself into unnecessary troubles.

"I need to ask you some questions," Ferdinand said calmly.

Kanae eyed him suspiciously. She tried her best to look as natural as possible. "Who are you?"

"I'm an employee of the government. That's all you need to know."

"Can you prove it?"

Ferdinand nodded his head. He took out a badge and placed it on the table in front of Kanae. Seeing the familiar emblem on top of the badge, Kanae nodded her head. Almost everyone knew about the emblem for the government, so she believed that she could just admit that she recognized it.

"What is it that you want to ask?"

"First of all, how do you get the wound on your back?" Ferdinand pointed to Kanae.

"Well, I'm not careful enough and stay near a falling lamp during the party," Kanae answered calmly. She controlled her facial expression as she knew that people could be found lying from their facial expression alone. This was the reason she tried her best to not show anything suspicious.

Ferdinand was looking towards Kanae's face as he asked the next question, "Why do you come to the party? I heard that your relationship with Sakura wasn't good."

"I have to come. It's the rule in the family."

Unless she was away from the city or stayed in the hospital, she had to come. This was one of the most famous rules of the four big families. After all, the one who hosted the party came from the core member of Nali Family.

Ferdinand nodded his head. "How well do you know Sakura?"

"Well, I'm not sure myself. I already know her from my childhood because we meet in school occasionally. Aside from that, I think we rarely meet each other."

"Have you heard about the letter from the government?"

"Yes, I have."


"In the party last night," Kanae answered back.

Ferdinand nodded his head. "Before the party, have you heard about the letter from Sakura?"


"What do you know?"

"That she gets a special letter from the government because she's awesome," Kanae answered the last part in a lower voice as if she couldn't bear to say the words. It was apparent from her tone that she didn't believe any word that Sakura said.

That kind of annoying girl got a recommendation letter from the government? If the world didn't end, she would never believe it.

"Aside from that, what do you know?"

Kanae tilted her head. "I only know what she bragged to me in the past."

Ferdinand was looking towards Kanae's face carefully. He was confident with his skill and this girl seemed rather normal. However, his instinct told him that there was something wrong with this girl. Unfortunately for him, he couldn't see anything strange from what she had said to him so far.

Facing this man, Kanae kept a cool face and expression. She didn't even dare to breach the thoughts of what she actually knew. From his way of observing her, she knew that Ferdinand was trying his best to catch her lying. He should be very skillful, so Kanae didn't dare to try breaching anything she knew.

"Anything else?"

"I think that's all."

Ferdinand nodded his head. "You can stay here no matter how long you want. The incident last night is our fault, so we'll pay for your stay here."

"Thank you," Kanae said in a low tone.

"You're welcome. Have a good rest, Miss Kanae."

Walking out from the room, Ferdinand shook his head as he looked towards the list on his hand. From this list alone, there were already three names that caught his interest. Of course, his search was still far from over since he had to make sure that he got the right one.

"Sir Ferdinand, the car is ready."

"Let's go."

"Yes, Sir."

Inside the room, Kanae heaved a sigh of relief, yet she didn't make any other noise. Because this was a room that the government set up, she could already guess that they must have placed some hidden cameras or listening device here. There was no way they would let this place unguarded.

Sighing once again, she lied back on the bed. Since she could stay here, she would just rest for now. There was no need for her to worry about her sister since Laura already said that she would stay at Misae's place. Tomorrow morning, she would return back to her place.

Right when she was about to close her eyes, she heard a conversation from outside. Her eyes narrowed when she heard them. Why did he come here?