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262 We Have Some Questions for You

 By the time Sakura finished, Ferdinand stood up. He was cold and indifferent, making the girl terribly afraid of him. "When did they know about that matter?"

"I think it's a few years ago," Sakura bit her lips. Ever since she knew about the significance of this matter, she never tried to tell others about it anymore. This was the reason she truly didn't know about anyone who possibly leaked the news about it during the recent time.

"You better hope that the one who leaks the news is among them," Ferdinand said coldly as he strode outside. "Don't let them out."


Inside the room, Sakura clutched her father's clothes. She knew the meaning of that threat very much. If the one who leaked the news didn't come from them, they would be eliminated. It would be better for them to quickly eliminate the source of the problem.

Frank caressed his daughter's shoulder as he tried to calm himself. As the head of the Nali Family, the government should think twice before eradicating him. This was the reason they still patient towards them and helped out from the shadow. However, if he passed a certain range, he was sure that they wouldn't bother with his family anymore.

When his thought reached this point, he closed his eyes in despondence. He knew, it would be close to impossible for him to survive once they decided to take another person as the family head. When that time came, he would be dead for sure.

Frank walked towards a nearby door and opened the door. Inside the room, a woman at the age of 21 was sitting carefully. She glanced up when she saw Frank walked in.

"Why are you taking me here?" The woman, Sheila Nali, snapped. Her family name changed when she married her husband, so she became part of the Nali Family right now.

Ferdinand flashed a smile. "I think you should know about it better than me, Sheila. I wonder what your father will say if he knows that his daughter kills her own husband."

When Ferdinand said this, Sheila flinched a bit. She didn't expect that Ferdinand would know about the matter. After all, in that chaos there shouldn't be anyone who watched over her. This was the reason why she decided to take advantage of the situation to free herself.

Towards her parents in law, she already prepared a good excuse. How could this man know about that?

Little did she know, ever since she became the new little princess of the Nali Family, she was being watched carefully. This was the reason Ferdinand still knew her action in that chaos.

"What do you want?" she had learned to take things into her own hand. After the previous stupid incident, she no longer wanted to have her father bowed down to other people to apologize again. The feeling of helplessness that she experienced caused her to feel more vexed than ever.

"You have become smarter, Sheila," Ferdinand nodded his head approvingly. "I want you to become my underling."

Sheila frowned when she heard what he said. From the power this man showed to her when they took her away, she doubted that they were going to need other people.

"What do you mean?"

"I believe that you come to the Nali Family because you're searching for power, fame, and money."

Sheila nodded her head unashamedly. She already set that as her goal from a long time ago. Even if she had to sell her body for them, she was ready. People could clearly guess her intention when she approached that good for nothing deceased husband of hers. However, no one would try to stop her as they knew that she was clearly an attractive lady. In a way, it was not lost for either party.

Of course, this caused her to be hated by her in-laws. However, she paid almost no heed to them and only came towards them once. As for this 'accident', she already prepared a perfect plan. Since he was the only son, this would mean all of the inheritance went to her. Not even her in-laws could take them as she had prepared for everything ever since her marriage.

All of the money and inheritance that her husband had would be placed in her hand. They were all hers!

"Do you want more than what you have now?"

"Of course," Sheila answered immediately.

Ferdinand smiled. "I can make you one of the important young generations in the Nali Family. However, you will have to provide all kind of information that you receive from them to me."

Towards this sudden proposal, Sheila was rather stumped. She didn't expect for a pie to fall from the sky at times like this. It would be stupid of her to not accept such an advantageous proposal like this. However, her instinct told her that once she accepted, she wouldn't be able to get out.

Well, who cared? As long as she could live even better than now, she didn't care about anything else.

"What is the requirement?" Sheila asked.

Hearing that, Ferdinand smiled. This little lady was a better partner compared with that annoying lady.


Laura's Apartment

Kanae woke up at the knock at the door. She glanced at the clock. When she noticed that it was still pretty early, she knew that the one who came should be those from the government.

"Yes?" she opened the door and saw several people standing in front of her. From the way they dressed up, she could guess that they were agents, people who worked for the government.

Although she already kind of expecting this, her heart rate still increased slightly. She knew that if she said something wrong to them, it would be the end of her life. They would never allow any disturbance in their plan.

"Miss Kanae, we need you to come with us," one of the men said in a low tone.

Kanae glanced towards the man who spoke. Just by their built, she looked like a little child being surrounded by several grown-up men. Although she didn't have any fear towards the government, she had to be extra careful when she was facing them. Right now, she still didn't possess anything that could possibly threaten them.

The only possibility was running away. She was confident in her agility, but she might be forced to return back if they threatened her using those whom she loved. No mistake could be made.

"Who are you?"

"We're from the government."

Kanae looked at them suspiciously. At this time, she was trying her best to not show her real emotion on the surface. She had to make them thought that she didn't know anything about them.

"Why are you searching for me?"

"We have some questions for you, so we hope that you can come with us," the one who talked motioned for her to follow them.

Kanae took a deep breath as she nodded her head. Everything will depend on the answer she gave them during the interrogation.