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259 The Mansions Purchase Agreemen

 "Who do you think I am?" Kanae smiled. "Of course, I'm stubborn just like you."

"I'm not stubborn," Laura pouted.

Kanae sighed internally as she put an amiable smile on her face. When she saw Laura underneath the falling lamp, her heart dropped into the pit of her stomach. She had to exert every muscle in her body to reach her sister in time and protect the girl from the chandelier.

Even if she got wounded badly, it didn't matter as long as Laura was safe. She couldn't bear the thought of seeing Laura get hurt right in front of her eyes. Their lives in this city were already hard enough. She didn't want to make things even harder for Laura. All she hoped for was this girl's happiness.

"You should rest. Tomorrow, you'll have to deal with getting back the mansion too."

"Ah," Laura raised her head. She had almost forgotten that they already took back the mansion's deed. With it, as long as they could gain acknowledgment from Frank and sign the relevant paperwork, he would never be able to take the mansion back from them afterwards.

"Did you forget?" Kanae teased when she saw Laura's expression.

Laura pursed her lips. "How can I remember that when you got wounded so badly like this?"

"Should I be happy?"


Kanae laughed. "I'm just kidding. Anyway, I already asked my friend to provide an account under a different name for us. You only need to transfer the money there and use it to purchase the mansion. After this incident, I believe our uncle won't hesitate to sell the run-down mansion."

With the current condition of the mansion, it would take hundreds of millions to do the repair. Frank wouldn't want to waste so much money to repair the building if he could just sell it.

In the first place, Frank only bought the mansion for fun. He didn't really have much interest in that mansion when he already owned quite a few in this city. The wealth that the Nali Family possessed truly matched its status as one of the four biggest families in this city.

However, it didn't mean they would treat hundreds of millions like dirt. The mansion was still very valuable.

Laura nodded her head. Her sister already did so much; this time she would do her part too. "I understand, Sis. Leave this matter to me."

"Good girl, I know that I can trust you," Kanae patted Laura's head tenderly.

Laura enjoyed the gesture before urging Kanae to sleep. Wounded people needed to sleep more if they wanted to heal quickly.

"Don't treat me like a kid. I'll sleep," Kanae laughed.

"You're a kid, Sis. You're always acting like a kid, asking me for food."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Hey, you know I get hungry quickly!"

Laura smirked. "Are you sure it's not because you just like to eat?"

"Uh..." Kanae's face reddened slightly. She looked like a young girl that was caught red-handed doing something wrong. "You should go to sleep too. Don't give the excuse that you were late to school because you didn't sleep well."

"Don't worry. I'm already used to not sleep..." Laura trailed off as she realized her slip of the tongue. Seeing the dangerous expression on Kanae's face, she nearly cursed internally.

"Laura... Did you take care of yourself when you were overseas?"

Seeing the angry Kanae, Laura tried all kinds of means to cease Kanae's anger. When Kanae's scary aura finally calmed down, only then was Laura able to get out of her sister's room safely. She strode back to her own room and took a bath before heading to her laptop.

'Time to work.'

Tap! Tap! Tap!

The sound of fingers typing on the keyboard filled the room. Laura made a complete profile of a non-existent person, using her connections to add the man to the files of several organizations as if he were real. After making sure that her imagined man had some history of himself that could be and verified by other people, she made contact with Frank's secretary.

Of course, she addressed that man as Frank as it was normal for Frank to let his secretary deal with business matters. Laura knew this, but other people didn't. They would think that they were chatting with Frank directly.

Laura expressed her intention of purchasing the mansion that appeared on the news. She used a fake identity because she knew that Frank wouldn't sell it to his niece even if the world fell apart. In the end, the two of them chatted only using written messages as Laura refused to call, saying that she had a terrible cough.

"Even though the mansion is in a horrible state because of the attack, it's still in good condition overall. It has a long history, which I believe that it'll interest you Mr. ..."

Laura rolled her eyes as she read the content of the message that Frank's secretary sent. Even at this time, this man didn't forget to negotiate, trying his best to hike up the price.

If he tried to dupe someone by romanticizing the mansion's history, she was sure that he would succeed. Unfortunately, he met her.

"Mr. Frank, I'm sure that the mansion hasn't been around for that long. It was built a few decades ago by the Nali branch family's members. There's even the record that..."

Laura listed out the pieces of evidence that she had collected. Her uncle's secretary wanted to be cunning? Fine. He was truly worthy of being her annoying uncle's secretary, as his way of handling things was very similar to her uncle's. But if he wanted to do it this way, she would be even more cunning. There was no way she would let the mansion out of her grasp again.

"Sir, while it hasn't been built for long, it has an interesting story...."

"The story will at most be able to raise the selling price by 10 percent, Mr. Frank. Do you really have the intention to sell the building?"

"Oh yes, of course. However, your price..."

"Mr. Frank, I...."


They went back and forth for a while since the both of them didn't want to lose. Laura didn't want to buy it back at an insane price while Frank's secretary of course would try to reap the greatest benefit that he could for his employer.

In the end, they confirmed the price of the mansion and signed the transfer agreement. This time, Frank's secretary used the excuse that the building's deed was lost in a fire. He used a letter to confirm that and sent over the documents to change ownership of the property.

After Laura sealed the deal, she smiled smugly at the documents on the screen in front of her. All she needed to do was consult a lawyer about this situation and make sure that no one could take away the mansion from them anymore.

Unbeknownst to her, Kanae was standing behind her. She had been there for quite some time, watching her little sister negotiate the deal with Frank's secretary. Looking at Laura's satisfied smile, she knew that it went well.

She moved a few steps back and made the motion of closing the door after coming inside. The sound startled the excited Laura.

"Sis! What are you doing here?"

"Laura, it's morning. Don't you need to sleep?"

Kanae moved naturally as if she were not hurt at all. This was already a habit as she always had to keep her wounds a secret from other people, but especially Laura. She didn't want to make the people she cared about worry about her condition, so she always put on a front in front of them.

Laura smiled widely, not caring at all about the fact that she didn't sleep a wink last night. "I managed to purchase the mansion for a cheaper price than I expected. Now we have more money for the renovation."

"That's good," Kanae nodded her head in satisfaction.

"I still need to talk to a lawyer, though. There are some parts that I don't understand," Laura scratched her head embarrassedly. No matter what, she was still a 15-year-old girl. It was already good enough for her to be able to settle the deal with Frank's secretary.

"Misae's mother is a lawyer. You can visit her house to talk with Mrs. Clara," Kanae smiled.

Laura felt that something was off from the way Kanae smiled, but she still nodded her head. "That means no one will be here to take care of you, Sis."

"I can walk around just fine. My injury is not as bad as you think."

Seeing her sister walk around nonchalantly, Laura nodded her head. She still felt suspicious, but she too wanted to confirm this deal as soon as possible. If she took a longer time, she worried that Frank's secretary would change his decision suddenly if he felt suspicious about the buyer. When that happened, there would be no way they could remedy the situation.