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257 It’s Not Your Fault 1

 Kanae sat down on her bed while bearing the pain from her back. The thrust from the edge of the lamp was not that deep, but it caused her back to hurt so much. Using one of her hand, she was trying her best to stop the bleeding. The position of the wound made it rather hard for her to reach the wounded areas.

It didn't even take more than three minutes before the door was knocked rapidly from outside. Laura was startled. She quickly wiped her tears and approached the door.

"Who is it?"

"This is Doctor Shiro, let me check Kanae's wound."

Laura looked at her sister. Seeing Kanae nodded her head, she opened the door. In front of her, Shiro was standing with sweats filled his entire body while carrying a medical bag. He was sprinting towards this place when he heard the call from Laura. Flashing a forced polite smile, he strode into the room.

"I'm over here, Brother Shiro."

Shiro quickly came into Kanae's room. Seeing the blood-soaked cloth that Kanae held, his face turned grim. He quickly moved to Kanae and checked the wound on her back.

"It's not too deep, but this is going to be hurt more," luckily, the wound didn't reach any of her internal organs, or it would be hard for him to treat her wounds in this place.

"I'll be fine," Kanae smiled wryly.

"Alright, hang on."

Feeling the searing pain from her back, Kanae gritted her teeth harder. Her hand clenched on the blanket tighter as the pain permeated deep into her flesh. It was painful, yet she didn't utter any words as Shiro treated her wounds.

On the other hand, Shiro felt rather grateful that Kanae's wounds were not as deep as he thought. From the way Laura said it, it was as if Kanae was at the death's door, ready to disappear at any moment. Thankfully, the wounds were only at her left shoulder and slightly below.

Laura didn't dare to watch when Shiro treated her sister's back. Just one glance and she could see how horrible the view of her sister's back was. There were numerous scars, making the white back showed a terrifying view. If one didn't know better, no one would guess that this was the back of a young girl of 16 years old.

Her face turned pale as she shifted her gaze. Many of them were old wounds, so she knew that it was not caused by the incident today.


"Yes?" Laura forced her feet to move towards the door once again. Her knees felt weak, and she felt rather helpless because of her situation.

"Is Kanae alright?" Standing before her was Jason. He was also drenched in sweats because he ran towards this room after he parked his car. At this point of time, he didn't care about anything else as he wanted to make sure that Kanae was alright.

Laura was startled to see this handsome young man. She believed that she has already seen his face somewhere before, but this was not the time for that.

"Someone called Shiro is treating her inside the room."

"Let me in."

"Who are you?" Laura's eyes narrowed. Even though her sister was in danger, she could not allow any stranger to come in.

"I'm one of your sister friends that you call just now," Jason explained.

Laura scrutinized the man's appearance carefully. She backed off a bit, allowing the man to come inside.

Jason strode inside until he was near the door of the room. He paused right before he came in. It was fine for Shiro because he was a doctor, but if he came in while Kanae being treated, he would be purchasing a ticket to the hell.

At the very least, three people will pursue him to death.

"Kanae, are you alright?"

"Don't worry. I'm fine, Brother Jason," Kanae said with difficulties. She didn't have any interest in letting another man saw her back.

"It's not life threatening," Shiro added.

"Thank goodness," Jason sighed in relief. He moved back from the door and saw Laura was still standing motionless. From the little girl's expression, it was clear that she was crying just now.

Laura looked towards the man before her. "Who are you really?"

"We're your sister's friends, that's all you need to know," Jason answered. Well, they were more like her close friends, but it would be better to just leave it at that. It wouldn't do them any good if Laura knew too much about their life in the underworld. This pure girl should just be left out and kept at the safe distance away.


Jason smiled reassuringly. "Don't worry. We don't mean any harm to your sister."

Laura still looked rather unconvinced. She had never seen the two of them before, yet their attitude showed that they cared for her sister very much. Who in the world were they?

Pushing the thoughts to the back of her head, Laura shifted her gaze back to the room. "Will my sister be alright?"

"You don't have to worry. Kanae is tougher than that."

Laura nodded her head listlessly. Tears fell down from her eyes again. "It's my fault... I shouldn't have been so useless."

Facing a crying girl, Jason felt rather awkward. He admitted that he was not experienced with women, so he didn't know what he should do in this situation. Just letting her cry didn't seem to be the right option, yet he feared if he touched her, Kanae wouldn't forgive him.

However, he knew one thing for sure. Kanae would never put the blame on Laura. She cared for the little girl so much that it was almost impossible for Kanae to be angry towards Laura. Of course, it had to exclude the situation where Laura was truly the one at fault.

"She will never blame you. It's not your fault," Jason tried to soothe the girl.

Laura bit her lower lips. How could it not be her fault? If not because Kanae tried to protect her from that falling lamp, Kanae wouldn't be in this condition. She felt extremely useless. Why did she not move at that time? If only she moved just a bit, her sister wouldn't be hurt so badly.

Jason could clearly see that he didn't manage to convince the girl in front of him. He scratched his head in confusion. Could someone help him trying to console this girl? He didn't have any experience trying to help a girl.

Most of the women who came to him were business partners or experienced women. They just wanted to make good use of him, so he treated them politely and kept his distance. If they tried to cause any trouble, he would just kick them out.

It was as simple as that.

"I'm not sure what happened, but I believe it's not your fault. No matter what happened back then, I'm sure no one can prevent it from happening," Jason tried to soften his voice.

Hearing this, Laura raised her head slightly. She knew. Even if she did move from that place, Kanae would try to shield her from the pieces that fell down and shattered. Ever since they were young, her sister always tried to protect her from everything that happened in their surroundings.

Never even once, Kanae told her that or blaming her for anything that happened.

"I... I guess so."

Jason sighed when he heard her nearly inaudible voice. His impression of Laura was the complete opposite of Kanae. This girl was far hot-headed, yet at the same time, very fragile. He wondered why these two could be so different with from each other.

When he contemplated, his phone rang. He quickly answered it.

"Jason! Where in the world are you? It's time for the meeting."

He quickly looked at the clock and nearly cursed out loud. He forgot that he had another meeting right after the party ended. Because of the call from Laura informing him about Kanae, he drove right here without care of the world.

"I'll be right there in a moment," Jason answered and hung up. He turned towards Laura. "I need to go. Are you alright, now?"

"I think so," Laura wiped her tears.

"That's good."

Jason walked out of the room and saw Tommy stood not far from the door. His brow creased. "Why don't you get in?"

"I better not. She already knows me from the school, so I don't want to scare her into thinking that I'm her sister's best friend," Tommy smiled wryly. It was already more than enough that they knew each other at school. "I just want to know Kanae's condition."

"Shiro says that he still can handle it, so I believe it's not that bad."

"I see. That's good," Tommy nodded his head. His eyes locked to the door before he walked away. Even if he came in, he couldn't be of help for them, so it would for be the best if he didn't try to barge inside.

The two men silently walked out of the building. Inside his car, Jason quickly took care of the camera that managed to get the picture of the three of them. It would be for the best if no one knew about their appearance here.

Finishing his task, he sighed silently. 'Kanae, you better be alright.'