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256 My Sister is Dying!

 The hanging lamp drew nearer...


And it fell.

"S...Sis?" Laura stuttered to call her sister.

When the lamp was about to hit her, she felt a strong arm pulled her away from her standing spot. After that, she was being embraced as the lamp fell right beside her. No pain could be felt from her body, so she knew that she was unhurt at all.

In front of her, Kanae was standing firmly. Her sister's back was blocking the way between her and the lamp. In that instant, she knew that she was being protected by her sister.

"Are you an idiot? Don't space out in the time of danger," Kanae berated angrily. Only the Heaven knew how scared she was when she saw Laura almost getting hit. She had to exert every ounce of energy in her body to move towards this place to ensure her sister's safety. If she was late by just another second, she doubted that Laura would be safe like now.

Laura was startled. "I'm sorry."

Kanae calmed herself down. No matter how worried she was, she couldn't just berate Laura like that. It was an ordinary response that people would be scared when facing something unexpected. Since Laura was someone who was used with living in peace, there was no way she could react as well as Kanae.

Pulling herself away slightly from Laura, she held her sister's arm. "Let's head to the exit. The building won't last much longer."

They couldn't possibly go to the inner part because it was guarded again. Maybe the guards were also evacuating, but she didn't want to take a risk. Thankfully, her father built this mansion in two layers, allowing the inner part to stay safe when using the defense mechanism.

"Yes," Laura nodded her head obediently.

Her eyes locked at her sister beside her. She felt safe knowing that her sister was near her. Although she couldn't say that she would be entirely safe, this was what she felt when she was near Kanae.

The two of them soon joined among the crowds as they made their way out from the mansion.

At this time, Frank was dragging Sakura towards the front door too. He ignored the man who held the gun because he knew the building wouldn't last any longer. In truth, he didn't understand why the building suddenly collapsed like that, but he would just use this chance to get out from here.

The man who threatened the Nali Family felt rather vexed. Previously, the plan to take the letter was foiled because the ship suddenly shook. Now, they were going to fail because the building was destroyed. No words could describe how annoyed he felt right now.


"You're not allowed to leave until you give me the letter, Frank!" the man roared in anger.

Frank was stunned by the fact that this man still dared to raise his gun at him. He gritted his teeth and moved from the sight as fast as possible. Even if he had to use other people as the shield, he didn't care. As long as he could survive, it was all that matters to him.

Being dragged by her father, Sakura still looked like a ragged doll. Her eyes were looking down lifelessly. It was clear that she was still shocked by the fact that they already knew about that incident. It was a dreadful thing that she didn't bear to say or she would die.

Her feet were staggering as her father held her close to him. She couldn't hear her father's voice calling her worriedly. All she could think was the effect of having the news leaked out. She knew, it was a terrible disaster for her and her family.

"Get back here!"


The man shot towards Frank, but the latter used other people as the shield. He escaped from the mansion as cracks started to appear from the wall. Within seconds, the wall was going to crumble and fell.


Another shot hit other people again. The man stared at the sight of Frank escaping in frustration. He had worked hard to make sure that he would place that man in a situation where the latter didn't have any other option but giving him the information. In the end, all was for naught.

His eyes caught on the sight of the other man from the government inside the room. His mouth curled up into a sneer. At the very least, the Nali Family wouldn't end well. They have to answer the question from the government.

At least, this would spell doom to them.


Most of the guests already got out of the room, yet the man showed no intention of getting out. He knew that even if he got out of the room, he wouldn't be able to live for long. The government would set their eyes on him and his family because of his action.

In the first place, this mission was a bet. And he lost. There was no other chance for him, but other people would replace him and pursue after them again. This was a fact.


The outer part of the mansion crumbled completely and fell flat to the ground. Dusts spread out to every direction, sending numerous people into a coughing fit. However, no one cared about that. All they cared about was the fact that they were safe.

"Jason, do you get shot too?" Taro looked towards his friend on his side worriedly.

"I'm fine," Jason waved his hand lightly. When Frank evaded the gunshot before, he was standing behind, right on the course for the bullet. Luckily, he managed to evade to the side right on time. However, his action caused other people to get hurt in his stead.

"He's so disgusting," Taro's face scrunched up in disgust. He couldn't believe that Frank almost made the young masters from the other big families into dead meat. If not for seeing the truth by himself, he would never believe that the head of a powerful family was this dumb.

Jason didn't answer. He knew that it was precisely because they were in the state of panic that Frank didn't notice their identity anymore. All that man cared was nothing but his own safety. Still, his evaluation of Frank went downhill even more.

He was pretty sure that many of the young masters had the same thoughts as him. Rather than facing the matter head-on, he was using other people as a shield, regardless of their identity. The repercussion of this matter would not be light.

When he was deep in thought, the special phone he had vibrated.

In the crowd, Kanae made her way out safely while dragging Laura along the way. Her sister was pretty cooperative as it became extremely easy for her to bring the other party away. Although she still felt worried for Laura, she didn't say anything when they were still in the vicinity of the mansion.

When they managed to get out from the mansion, they walked along the street towards the apartment. Thankfully, the location of the apartment was not that far, so they only needed to walk for several minutes.

"Sis, we're here."

Kanae nodded her head. Her face was filled with sweats as she tried her best to hold on. "Good. Laura, can you help me fetch the first aid box."


Laura sprinted to the cupboard while Kanae walked to her room. She didn't say anything all these times because she didn't want to make Laura worried. However, she had to treat her wounds before they turned worse.

"Here's the first aid box, Sis," Laura placed the box on the bed near Kanae. Her eyes were focused on Kanae as she looked towards the other party worriedly. Could it be that something happened to Kanae?

"I'll be fine," Kanae smiled wryly. Her back was pierced by some parts of the lamp because she protected Laura. It was painful, but she had a hard time reaching them.

Asking Laura was simply impossible. She knew very well that Laura couldn't stand the sight of blood too well. If Laura didn't pass out with the sight of her messy back, it would be a miracle.

"Is there anything I can do?"

"There's a children phone on the table. Turn it on, and it'll directly connect to my friend. Ask help from them. The one who will answer are all my good friends," Kanae pointed to the table. The special phone they had looked no better than a children phone, so she used this word to describe it.

Laura picked the phone and turned it on. She could hear a rustling sound and guessed that they must have picked it up.

"Hello? Can you hear me?"

The other three were stunned to hear an unfamiliar voice sounded out from the phone. It was Tommy who recognized Laura's voice the very first.



"Where's Re- I mean Kanae?"

"My sister is dying! Help her!"

Immediately, Laura could hear numerous ruckus sound coming from the phone she held.