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255 Don’t Say It!

 The man laughed when he heard Sakura's terrified yell.

"What are you so afraid of? Didn't you like to brag around about it?"

Sakura's face paled considerably. That was all in the past when she still didn't know the consequences of her actions. It caused quite a lot of problems in the past as there were several people who went after her because of the news.

It has been years since the last time she bragged about the matter of that letter as she came to understand the significance of the letter. Should word go out from this hall, she might not be able to keep her life anymore.

"This little girl is..."

"DON'T SAY IT!" Sakura yelled again.

Beside her, Jon was terribly confused. What in the world happened here? He couldn't comprehend the situation at all. This was the first time he faced this kind of situation.

Frank walked a few steps forward when a man pointed a gun at him. He knew that he wouldn't be able to help his daughter. Gritting his teeth in anger, he cursed those elders from the Nali Family. They couldn't even do the simple job of arranging the guards to ensure their safety.

"You're not in the place to restrain my mouth little lady," the man laughed eerily.

Sakura looked back as fear filled her entire body. She didn't want to die yet! Don't say those words. No one should know about that. It was a secret that they have to bury until their deaths.

He was about to continue his words when he felt the ground shaking. The sudden movement of the ground caused his face to turn pale in fear.

Kanae was secretly relieved. 'I never thought that the mechanism has turned a bit rusty. Thankfully, it still works.'

If it didn't, she would have to make a move personally to ensure that the man didn't leak out the news. Everyone inside this building would be silenced using one way or another. She didn't want to die yet, so that was the best option for her.

The guests' faces were pale. They worried that there was an earthquake that would cause the entire mansion to collapse. This was quite an old mansion and the previous owner was not rich. As they recalled that, they no longer cared about the black-clothed men as they charged towards the main entrance.

The black-clothed men were trying their best to stabilize themselves when they saw the horde of people coming towards them. It was clear that these people didn't care about them anymore. All they cared about was getting out from this building as fast as possible.

"What happened?" Laura was also stunned.

The men around her glanced at each other before they sprinted towards the door too. Seeing them abandon her, Laura's face flashed with scorn for a split second. Those kinds of men were truly good-for-nothings. They only searched for temporary pleasure by getting close with girls and flirting with them.

Well, this was not the right time to criticize them. She had to get out quickly!

Laura turned around and headed towards the emergency exit on the side. This was the closest door to her and she would not waste this chance.


"Don't block my way!"

"I'm getting out of here!"

Seeing the chaos that ensued in the hall, the man who held the gun was stunned. He didn't expect the guests to turn wild so suddenly just because of the earthquake.


One of the hanging chandeliers fell to the ground, caused some of the unfortunate guests to get trapped.


"Help me!"

"Get it away!"

The building continued to shake as the guests scampered out from the main entrance. Those young masters also didn't care about the people around them as they forced their way out. No one wanted to die by being buried alive in this place.

"Move! I'm the 37th branch young master of the Nali Family, let me out!"

"I'm the prestigious owner of the shop sweet, let me out first!"

The guests were trying to use their status to get out. However, no one truly paid attention as everyone was trying their best to barge their way out. Who would care about your status when you were at death's door? They didn't have the time to think about those matters anymore.

Sheila was among the crowd as she tried her best to create a path to get out. Her body was being pushed around by the others, but she paid no heed. All she wanted was to get out of this place as fast as possible.

By her side, her husband was struggling to get out too.

"Sheila, make a way for me!"

"I can't even move!"

Sheila grunted. She looked above to get fresh air as her eyes caught the sight of the hanging chandelier not far from them. Because the building was still shaking, the chandelier was also shaking very badly. From its swaying movement, it might fall anytime soon.

Her eyes darted towards her annoying husband that she married for the status and money. A wicked and evil plan appeared in her mind.

"Honey, there's a way over there," Sheila pointed to the side.

Her husband looked towards the open area and didn't think too much as he moved there. The others were avoiding the area because of the lamp, yet he walked straight to that place.

The moment he stepped there, the chain that held the lamp broke and it fell right on top of him.


The poor man's eyes widened in disbelief. His eyes caught the sight of his wife who had a smile on the corner of her lips. From that smile, he knew, he fell for the trap his wife laid out for him. A mocking smile appeared on his lips for being so foolish as to fall for a woman's lie. As the blood flowed out of his body, his eyes soon turned lifeless.

Sheila was feeling rather exhilarated. She didn't expect that her plan would go that smoothly. If her in-laws asked about it, she could just blame the incident on this building. Who would know that she was lying?

'I never thought that it'd be this easy.'

As a smile crept up to her face, she slipped out along with the other guests.

Near the emergency exit, Laura was trying her best to reach the door as fast as possible. She was not the only one who wanted to use the door, which caused heavy traffic right in front of the door. However, she would not give up so easily.


Being pushed around by the other guests, Laura felt very weak. In the first place, her physical strength was not much as she could be considered as quite weak. This caused her to look fragile in front of the others.

"Move! Make way for the elders!"

"Owie," Laura was being pushed to the side. She held her arm in indignation. With the threat of death, no one would care about their surroundings.

Suddenly, she heard something snap. Turning her head above, she could see the edge of the hanging chandelier headed down towards her.

'RUN!' her mind was screaming like crazy, yet her feet felt numb. She was near the edge, and a little bit would be enough to make sure that she was out of the way. However, her feet didn't listen, and she couldn't bring herself to budge from the spot.

The hanging chandelier drew nearer...


And it shattered.