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254 True Targe

 While Laura returned back to the boys and greeted them with her sweet smile, which instantly made them smitten for good, Kanae headed back to the table and snatched some more food. In the eyes of outsiders, she was clearly someone who only knew how to eat.

"You're truly a big eater, little lady."

Kanae turned her head and nodded lightly towards the man beside her. She instantly recognized him as Taro, Kevin's friend. At this time, she hoped that he wouldn't recognize her for no other reason than the fact that Taro's fashion sense was clearly the worst.

Taro was wearing a light yellow shirt with a red tie. His long trousers were blue in color, contrasting with his shirt. What struck her eyes the most was his red bowtie since it was striped with green. Why in the world would he pick that kind of tie?

At this point in time, Kanae didn't wish to be acquainted with Taro. She couldn't bear the sight of his awful taste in clothes.

"I like to eat," Kanae forced herself to answer.

Taro eyed Kanae's face for a moment before a bright smile appeared on his face. "You're Kevin's secretary, right? It has been some time since the last time I saw you, little lady. You haven't changed too much."

'While you changed very much,' Kanae thought internally. Previously, Taro was wearing women's clothes, which caused him to outshine those lovely ladies. He had a rather tall yet slim body, which made it rather suitable for him to wear mature and sexy dresses. Even she was stunned by his appearance especially because she knew very well that he was a man.

When he was dressed in his real gender, though, his sense of fashion dropped more than just several degrees. She had the feeling that she wouldn't be able to bear staying with this man any longer if she had to see him dressed like that.

"It's nice to meet you again, Sir Taro," Kanae decided to answer politely.

"Why are you treating me like a stranger? I..."

"Taro, why are you bothering other people?" Jason approached the two of them with a frown on his face. He was busy observing the guests in the party when he noticed that Taro had disappeared. When he saw him near Kanae, he immediately moved forward. Looking at Kanae's face, he knew that she was having trouble because of Taro's fashion sense.

Who would not? He also wished to dig a hole and shove Taro inside to make this man change his clothes.

"I'm not bothering her. She's my friend," Taro complained.

Kanae's lips twitched. They were barely considered acquaintances because she only recalled meeting with him once. Of course, at that time they talked with each other a lot due to the business deal, so they knew some basic information about each other. Still, that didn't make them as close as friends.

Jason frowned. "How do you even know a member of the Nali Family?"

"The Nali Family?" Taro's eyes widened. "She's Kevin's secretary, but I didn't know she's part of the Nali Family. How do you know that?"

"She's my junior in High School," Jason realized that he was overestimating Taro's information about Kanae. It seemed that Taro barely knew anything about Kanae. At this time, his eyes shook a bit. Why did he feel worried about Taro knowing more about Kanae? There shouldn't be anything wrong, right?

"I see. Then, can you tell me her phone number? Kevin wouldn't give it to me no matter what."

"She doesn't have a phone."

Kanae scratched her head. She did have one, but she had just bought it, so her contacts were still empty. Even so, she didn't have any intention of giving her phone number to anyone she met. This Taro was clearly not among the list of people she wished to have her number.

The three of them were about to talk again when they heard the sound of a gunshot.



The female guests screamed loudly when they heard the sound of the gunshot. Some of them crouched down on the ground while the others reached out to grab their partners. The women were terribly afraid of the sudden sound of the gunshot. At the same time, the men grew cautious and tensed up. Some of them took cover while the rest took a defensive stance.

In the middle of the room, a man was holding a gun. He didn't even bother covering up his face as his right hand was raised upwards. His lips were curled up to show a mocking smile.

"I think it's time for me to ask for the letter again, Frank," the man said with a forceful tone.

Frank's face fell as he recognized him. He was part of the same group who attacked them months ago on the cruise. He thought that the government had taken care of them, but it seemed there were still some of them left.

The guests were screaming as they tried to reach the front door. However, several black-clothed men already appeared to block them. It seemed that they didn't want to let anyone get away.

"This time, no one is outside the hall," one of the black-clothed men said leisurely.

Kanae rolled her eyes. Of course, everyone was inside. She was only outside the hall previously because she slipped out right when they tried to lock the door. However, she didn't have the same intention this time since there was barely any point of doing that in this mansion.

Using the chaos as a way to hide herself, she made her way to one of the pillars near the inner part of the mansion. This was a normal pillar on the outside, so no one would have guessed that this was actually the key to the self-destruction mechanism of the outer part of the mansion.

Of course, she didn't plan to activate it right away.

Her eyes watched her uncle as a ruthless glint flashed through her eyes. She wanted to let her uncle tasted the ruthlessness of these people first before helping him out.

"What the hell are you doing?" Frank yelled when he saw them approach his daughter. Right now, Sakura was surrounded on all sides by the men in black clothing.

The man sneered. "Do you think that by hiding in the Ryukalin Clan's territory you'll be safe? We're not part of the clans, so we don't have to worry about the division of the territory."

"What are you talking about?"

"We waited to hear more news and unexpectedly stumbled into an interesting piece of news. The recipient of the precious letter from the government is a stunning young lady, Miss Sakura Nali."

When Sakura heard them reveal that, her face drained of all color. No! How could they know something like that? Even though she loved to brag about in the past, she no longer did it anymore for the past few years because of the government's threat. There shouldn't be anyone who took her seriously in the past about the letter in her possession.

When Kanae heard that, her eyes grew cold. If those men tried to spout out the truth right away, even her safety would be questionable. Shiro had told her that there was a government lackey here. When the news reached the government, she doubted the entire Nali Family was going to be safe.

At the same time, Jon was standing beside Sakura with a bewildered expression. He didn't understand what they were talking about. What letter?

The man laughed hard when he saw how Sakura trembled. "Little lady, we even heard an even more outrageous piece of news about you and the letter. Apparently, there's something extremely interesting in your case."

"Noooo!" Sakura yelled in fear. If word got out about that, they would surely kill her. No one should know about that!

'This is enough.'

At the same time Sakura yelled, Kanae moved her hand and pressed the button for the self-destruction sequence of this outer part of the mansion. If any more information leaked out, all of them would die as the government would never let anyone who knew that secret to stay alive.