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253 Sneaking Inside

 Looking towards the familiar layout in front of her, Laura's heart tightened. The last time she stepped inside was more than two years ago. At that time, her sister decided to let go of the mansion for the price of several dozens of millions.

All of the money was used to pay for her overseas study tuition.

Considering the real value of this mansion, the money they received back then was rather small. However, they were not in the place to complain. Their uncle had already pressured them a lot and Kanae had to give in for her.

Recalling that, Laura's eyes glowed with determination. She was not going to let her sister's effort go down the drain. Since they had 'lent' the mansion to their uncle for the past two and a half years, it was time to take it back. After all, the procedure was not complete at that time.

There was one thing that they didn't give to their uncle using the pretense of 'they didn't know.'

It was the mansion's deed.

Back then, the two of them didn't dare to bring it out of the place their father hid in case their uncle tried to search them thoroughly. They gambled on the fact that their uncle would never find it.

True enough, Frank never confronted Kanae about her staying at the back of the mansion. Even though they agreed that she could stay there, it was only until Frank found the mansion's deed and become the rightful owner.

Since he never found it, he couldn't do anything to Kanae under the watchful eyes of the law.

Her feet brought her inside the inner mansion. The mansion spanned several hundred meters, which made it quite a long journey for her. When she saw the guards in the hallway, her feet immediately stopped.

'How should I pass them?'

One minute...

In the hall, Kanae tapped a different button on her new phone. Since her sister gave her a very valuable gift, she would make use of it extremely well. This phone was extremely suited for her to hack the mansion. Because she couldn't possibly look at the screen in the party, she had made it so that she would be able to hack with just a few buttons.

"Rei, are you there?"

Kanae immediately answered. "What is it?"

She noticed that the noisy talk between her teammates had ended. The tone Shiro used indicated that it must be an important matter.

"The program Oro made shows that there's one person from the government's side," Shiro was looking at the screen with a frown.

"Is it Ferdinand?" Kanae asked in a low tone. She moved away from the crowd towards the inner door.

"No, it's some low-rank member. But he seems to be watching the people intently."

"Keep watch on him. If something happens, tell me," Kanae instructed.

"Yes, Captain," Shiro answered. He leaned back on his chair as he stared at the laptop before him. Thankfully, there was no patient today, or he might be in trouble because he had to keep watch.

Right now, he was staying in his little clinic, watching over the situation from Jason's laptop. There was nothing really important to do, so he decided to run the scanner to check on the background of every person in the party. This would make him pretty busy for the time being and not have to watch the so-called nobles' boring interaction with each other.

He really couldn't understand what was fun in talking to other nobles about useless things.

"Ah yes, I have known that..." Jason's voice sounded from the device again. It might be faint, but Shiro could hear it clearly. It was so boring listening to Jason's kind pleasantries.

If those nobles knew how Jason acted in his free time, they might faint out of shock.

While Shiro was busying himself, Kanae walked towards the table that held food and grabbed a few pastries again. Since she already established herself as a little glutton, she would just eat and eat at this party. The strawberry cake looked exceptionally delicious; there shouldn't be anything wrong with her picking out some food to eat.

As she carefully swept her gaze, she could see several people secretly watching her from time to time. They barely paid any attention to her. It seemed that she was not someone that they placed importance on.

Kanae picked up another piece of cake. Since she only ate, they should have erased their suspicions of her.

What she worried about the most was if her sister was among the people the government paid attention to. After all, the two of them were still part of the Nali Family. Hopefully, they didn't realize that her sister had disappeared.

Well, women usually took a long time in the bathroom, right?

Three minutes...

Laura managed to get into the very inner part of the mansion. She didn't understand why, but the guards headed towards the other way suddenly. Using this chance, she sneaked inside.

It didn't take long before she reached her father's previous study. The room was left alone and Sakura didn't even bother asking the servant to clean it up. It was filled with dust all over.

She sneaked towards the bookshelf located in the corner and counted the books in the very middle shelf until she reached number 13. Her hand pulled out the book that was located there. It was a normal looking book on the outside, but when she opened it, it was clear that it was not a book.

The 'book' was actually a case. On the outside, it seemed to be an ordinary research book about medicine. When one opened the book, though, they would realize that there was only a piece of fine paper kept inside.

Laura pulled the paper out and rolled it up before placing it into a small tube that she had prepared beforehand. The tube was attached near her hip, disguised as a part of her gown.

Finishing her task, she slowly made her way out of the room again.

Crossing the hallway once again, Laura noticed that the guards hadn't returned yet, so she quickly headed out. Her feet hurt from moving at high speed in high heels, but she held on.

Seven minutes...

Kanae looked at the clock worriedly. Her sister has been gone long enough. If Laura didn't return soon enough, she was worried that the cameras would turn on again and their uncle would find out about the little plan they had. In her heart, she sighed as she thought that it would have been better if she was the one who sneaked in. At least, she was confident in her ability.

It might raise some suspicions from the people who watched her from time to time. But if she used the bathroom as an excuse, it might work.

Her eyes darted around the room as she noticed her cousin was still busy greeting the guests. Many of them prepared nice presents for the lady and tried to win her over. With their marriage, the Aida and the Nali Families were going to be one family. After all, Sakura was the only child of the direct lineage of the Nali Family.

As for her and Laura, they were considered as branch family members with only a special relationship with the direct lineage. They had never been the main family in the past and would never be in the future as Sakura would never let them. Not that they were interested in the first place, but it was indeed tempting because the Nali Family owned some of the largest corporations in this city.

'The time is almost up.'

Kanae turned around and saw her sister walk into the hall. Although Laura tried her best to stay calm and walk elegantly, it was clear that she was nervous. Her forehead was covered with beads of sweat, showing the fact that she had done some exercise.

"9 minutes and 23 seconds."

A smile made its way to Kanae's lips. She was extremely glad that her sister was fine. She slowly walked towards her sister and surreptitiously reached out her hand with her body shielding her. Swiftly and secretly, she took the flask from Laura. Laura was nervous, but she still acted as if nothing happened.

"You've done well."

'Thank you,' Laura silently thought at the praise her sister gave her. She felt elated that she could help Kanae in their task of taking back the mansion's deed. Of course, this didn't mean that things would be over. They still needed to buy back the mansion, so they could say outright that this mansion truly belonged to them.

Kanae kept the flask inside her pocket and secured it away. No matter what, she would not let this deed fall into anyone else's hands. It belonged to her and her sister.

"Rei, Oro, I think those people aiming for the letter are already inside the party. There are some suspicious people."

Jason and Kanae turned vigilant the moment they heard Shiro speak. Their eyes swept across the room as they tried to find the suspicious people Shiro was talking about. Much to their annoyance, they barely saw anyone suspicious among the crowd.

"What do you see?"

"Guns," Shiro answered. His eyes were locked on the screen with a grim face. He was unclear about their model, but they should be the type that could be easily hidden. He only managed to catch a glance of it because of the fluttering clothes, so he was unsure.

Kanae picked up another piece of cake and popped it into her mouth as she thought about the gun. Since they managed to bring guns inside, it meant that they would surely attack the people from the Nali Family. Those people were truly dangerous and persistent.