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252 The Plan Begins

 On the other hand, Kanae already walked quite far from Sheila as she sighed. With this, the cards that placed on the table have just increased. She didn't know whether Sheila's involvement would bring changes to her plan or not. However, she hoped that there wouldn't be more unnecessary deaths anymore.


No matter what happened to Sheila, it was not her problem. She knew very well how hard it was for them to get away after offending Nali Family. If Sheila wanted to have a taste, she would not mind letting that girl. After all, she didn't have any good impression of Sheila, and that woman had repeatedly made trouble for her.

Sheila thought of herself to high to see the entire picture.

The Nali family was quite strict in protecting their name and core member. They didn't want to let their future generation to fall for someone else's ploy.

'I don't understand why they want to drag themselves into the mess.'

Kanae looked towards Sheila who walked towards the latter's husband. She shook her head internally. Sheila basically traded her freedom and body for money and much more. That woman still has a lot of other choices, yet she picked this arduous road filled with thorns and blood.

Closing her eyes for a moment, she recalled her own situation. There was more than one time when she felt that there were no other hope and way for her. Yet, she had never resorted to that way. She knew that it was something she would never be able to do.

Maybe, she just has too much pride for her own good, but that was just how she was. Shaking her head lightly, Kanae erased the thoughts. No matter what, she would never let herself be pushed to the corner anymore.

She walked towards the place where her sister stood and lightly bumped Laura from the back.

It was their signal, meaning that Laura had to start their plan.

Laura was startled, but she still held a smile on her face.

"Hey! Be more careful when walking!" one of the boys shouted angrily. "Don't bump into another woman!"

Laura smiled reassuringly. "There's no need to be angry. I'm fine."

The man frowned. To be honest, he was completely enraptured by Laura's appearance. She was simply too beautiful to behold. "Are you sure you're okay, did that person do anything inappropriate?"

"If that person did, let me deal with him!"


Looking at the hot-headed boys in front of her, Laura truly wanted to roll her eyes. It was her intention to catch their attention and made them her shield to make sure Sakura didn't notice her.

But this was simply too much!

It seemed she had underestimated how shameless the men in this city was. She lightly tilted the glass on her hand, splashing the water to her other hand. "I need to wash my hand first. Do you all mind?"

Laura was putting on an innocent young girl's troubled face, making the boys felt bad. They quickly shook their head.

"No, not at all."

"We'll be waiting for you here."

"Don't worry, we're willing to wait for someone as pretty as you."

Laura chuckled. Internally, she was cursing the men in this city because of how easy they were being used. She had to etch deeply in her mind to find better men for herself in the future and not these kinds of men that could only leer into women's body and flirt.

"Thank you."

She walked elegantly towards the restroom. As part of the Nali Family, she had learned how to walk dignifiedly. Added with her experience overseas, she was basically a top notch in terms of walking and made her body languages looked attractive.

When she reached the restroom, she moved her feet towards the other side. There was a door heading towards the inner part of the mansion and this would officially start their plan to take back the mansion's deed.

Her eyes unconsciously landed on the watch of the nearby servant that walked near her. The reminder her sister gave her repeatedly this evening rang loudly in her head.

'You have 10 minutes.'

The memory made her steps grew quicker. For the whole 10 minutes, the cameras were going to shut down. However, they would turn on again when the time was up.

By the time Laura reached the door, Kanae put her hand inside her pocket. Her phone was there and she already set up to hack into the system of this mansion. With a light tap from her finger, the electricity for the inner part of the mansion was cut off.

"Shin, are you ready?"

There was a slight pause before Shiro answered. "Don't worry, Captain. I'm watching the guards outside and the cameras that you hack. If there's anything wrong, I'll report to you."

Shiro didn't come to the party, but he was tasked to monitor the people inside outside the building. Using the laptop from Jason, he has been watching carefully for quite some time.

"Wait," Jason's voice came out from the device. The noisy background lessened before they heard his words again. "Didn't I tell you that you only have to put on the code that I give to you before?"

"Oro, how many times do I have to tell you that I know nothing about the computer and hacking?" Shiro said with annoyance.

He never learned how to hack with code and programs as his life revolved around guns and medicine. If they asked him to create a new type of gun, he would be gladly told them his planning in detail. From the design to the capabilities of the gun, he would surely prepare them all.

But if it was about hacking, he knew nothing. Rather than inflicting trouble for himself by trying to learn something he found extremely unfamiliar, he better stuck to his expertise.

"Didn't I tell you to learn it?"

"I hate the computer."

"That's not a reason!"

"That's a good enough reason for me to not touch them. I feel dizzy whenever I see these codes. Do you really want me to type them and possibly destroy your program?"

"At least, learn the basic!" Jason was about to reprimand Shiro again when he heard Taro called his name. He sighed in annoyance. "I'll talk to you again later."

"Yeah, yeah."

Kanae listened to their conversation as her eyes were fixated on the door into the mansion, waiting for her sister to appear again. The banters of her teammate passed from one ear to another one, not entering her mind at all.

Internally, she prayed hard. 'Be careful, Laura.'