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250 Sakura Nali’s Birthday Party 2

 "You should know better than anyone that those news reports are fake!" Taro rolled his eyes in annoyance.

"Haha, I'm just kidding," Jason laughed. Finally, he had a bit of fun in this boring party. If he had to stay here and put on an amiable smile from time to time, he would be extremely bored.

Taro snorted. "You're a terrible man, Jason."

"And who's the one talking to this horrible man?"

"Just an idiot," Taro shrugged, unwilling to continue the conversation. He fixed his bright red tie as he looked around, trying to find something interesting.

Jason stopped joking around as he recalled something. "Do you know whether Kevin will come here today or not?"

"No, the clans don't have any business in coming here. As for his company, this is not a business party, so he can't come either," Taro answered lightly.

Jason nodded his head. If Kevin was not here, it would mean that they didn't have to be wary of that clan this time. Previously, the two of them moved at almost the same time. If not because they had different targets, they might have bumped into each other.

He pondered about them when he heard gasps coming from the side. From where he stood, he could see Sakura calmly walking and greeting the guests before her. At this time, she looked like an exceptionally beautiful princess.

Sakura wore a thick layer of makeup. The makeup made her cheeks glow in several shades of pink, and her rosy lips were layered in red. The magnificent lighting in the room caused the makeup on her face to glitter just like stars. Her long eyelashes were fluttering and caused the men to be smitten.

Her frilly pink dress swayed as she walked, sweeping the floor gracefully. Her steps were careful as she showed how noble she was. The men exchanged greetings with her as their eyes locked on her face. No one wanted to look away from the beautiful painting in front of them.

"With that kind of appearance, I wonder if she wants to snatch the attention of all the men in the room," Taro shook his head.

"It's rare for you to be calm."

"Well, I like girls, but not a kid," Taro smirked. He pointed at Sakura. "That kind of girl is still a kid.

Jason: "..." Sakura was already 18 years old.

If Taro said those words in front of Sakura, he was pretty sure that Sakura would slap Taro to the point he would be unrecognizable. In terms of age, Sakura was already 18, so Taro could only be implying that the growth of Sakura's body was not up to par. As a woman, how could she stand those words?

He didn't bother with Taro anymore as he took up another glass of drink. In any case, his task today was only to prevent the attack from injuring most of them. If the suspicious men truly appeared here to target Sakura again, he would have to ensure that no one gets hurt.

Honestly, if they took Sakura as a hostage, he would be more than willing to let that girl get taken away. If it were any other person, he might feel the need to help, but not Sakura.

"You seem extremely serious today," Taro waved his hand in confusion. "Is there anything in particular that interests you?"

"I'm just thinking if there's a possibility for people to hijack this party again."

"I don't think so?" Taro shrugged. "During Sakura's engagement party, they didn't attack her. I don't see any reason why they would launch another attack. Besides, it's harder to trap everyone in the same room like before again."

"I guess so."

Jason's eyes glinted with ruthlessness for a moment. Master Rudy said that they were planning to come here, so the possibility of this place getting attacked was more than 50%. He had to be cautious.

His eyes swept across the room. So far, he hadn't seen anyone suspicious. With the security of the Nali Family, he doubted that they would let in anyone who brought a gun or the likes, but he was sure they had their own way to get in. After all, they might insider help.

"Taro, will Ferdinand come again? I mean, as the representative from the government's side?"

"Him? I don't think so. The government shouldn't have that much free time to spare to attend a young generation's birthday party, right?" Taro wore a confused face.

"Don't you think they'll find it necessary to send their representatives?" Jason tried to probe again. Among the nobles in this city, only Taro has the closest relation with the people from the government. As for the reason?

It was simply because this young man created too many troubles, which made them catch him over and over again.

Taro arched his eyebrows. He played with the glass of wine that he just took from the table. "Look here, the government is not that free. They have so many cases to take care of every single day. Do you think they're going to spare some of their personnel just for a birthday party?"

"Well..." Jason couldn't tell Taro that Sakura was a special lady. There would be too much that he would have to explain if he said that. It would be an unending talk with Taro if he did say that. "Are you sure that they won't send anyone here?"

"Yeah, there's also a meeting for the government ministers right now to talk about some new plans. Didn't you read the news?"

"Not really," Jason answered in a low voice. Recently, one of his cousins attacked his company through the market. Because he was too focused on the matter of the streets and his group, he kind of neglected his company.

As a result, they were in deep trouble. He only managed to stabilize the situation but several millions were lost in the process. Because of that, he couldn't be up to date with the news. Of course, he planned to review them again after he became less busy.

Taro patted Jason's back. "You should rest some. You're working too much lately. Just take a break sometimes. You deserve it."

"Thank you."

"Now that we're here, let's just enjoy our time eating. There are a lot of delicacies here."

Jason shook his head lightly. He was not sure when the men would attack, so he had to stay vigilant. However, it was true that he was tired. Relaxing a bit shouldn't be a problem at all.