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249 Sakura Nali’s Birthday Party 1

 The Nali Family's East Mansion

The ones who got invited to this birthday party were not limited only to Kanae and other Nali family members. Jason and the other young masters were also invited to this grand party. Although many of them didn't like the Nali Family nor have a strained relationship, the young generations still came to represent their family.

Frank Nali still felt satisfied with the fact that these youngsters came. Even if the older generation didn't come, they still gave some face by sending the younger generations. Besides, this was also only Sakura's birthday party, so the younger generations were indeed more suitable.

Near one of the tables, two young men were standing not far from each other. One of them was wearing a light yellow shirt with a red bowtie. His long trousers were blue in color, which greatly contrasted with his shirt. The man by his side was wearing a black suit.

Their contrasting appearance, one in formal wear and the other with horrendous taste, looked weird. However, no one dared to come closer as everyone knew these two's high status.

"Taro, can you not stay too close to me?" Jason felt like cursing. He swore to the Heavens that if this young man didn't change his taste in clothes, he would barge into the other party's house to see if he had any decent clothing. Being seen together with someone like this made him feel stupid.

"What are you talking about? I'm just standing," the other man, Taro, replied in confusion.

Jason rolled his eyes. He didn't want to come here, but his father's order was absolute. Much to his annoyance, he had to represent the Wells Family at this birthday party. Now he had no choice but to stay here and 'enjoy' the party along with Taro.

"Your clothes annoy me."

"These are my usual clothes. Haven't you seen the ones in the magazine? I was the model for the latest sparkling long shirt, or whatever it's called," Taro smirked proudly.

Hearing how proud Taro was, Jason wanted to smack this friend of his. There was only a handful of men in the entire world who would dare to wear those kinds of clothes. He had seen the magazine and immediately threw it into the trash can. His eyes couldn't handle that kind of view.

"Just... leave me alone."

Taro patted Jason's shoulder. "Relax a bit. You seem like you're attending a funeral, Jason."

Jason's face darkened. "I just don't like staying here."

"Well, I can relate to that."

Taro glanced towards the other side of the room where Jon, Sakura's fiancé, was busy drinking and laughing. From his condition, they knew that he wouldn't be able to hold his liquor for that long anymore.

Those second-generation young masters with rich fathers usually flaunted their money and used their time to drink as much as they could. They were clearly wasting away their fathers' money, but most of them didn't care about that. Jon was among this annoying group, which made the capable young generation dislike him quite a lot.

Most of them still gave him some face, but it was unclear if they truly respected him. For someone who was born in the Aida Family, Jon was quite a disgrace. In the end, they could only put on an act in front of the others.

"That's just one of the reasons why I don't like coming to these kinds of events," Jason added begrudgingly. If he had to say, the second biggest reason would be the fact that Taro always stayed close to him. With how Taro dressed up most of the time, he preferred to have this young man just stay far away.

"Let's just hope this party won't end in a disaster like before again," Taro commented, unaware of the look that Jason gave to him. The engagement party from before was clearly a big disaster because of that incident. He still remembered very clearly how Jon got drunk and ended up on the same bed as a woman.

Jason arched his eyebrows. He had completely forgotten about that incident if not for Taro mentioning it again. "Now that you mention it, what happened to the girl who seduced Jon?"

"You know the Nali Family. They won't even leave the corpse intact if you anger them," Taro shrugged without care. It was very normal for the four big families to eliminate anyone who opposed them. No matter what, they would never let that person off easily.

Since that woman had offended the Nali Family, he could guess her ending. At the very least, she would be forced to work like a slave. However, seeing that she had offended Sakura, it would be a wonder if they could find her corpse intact. He didn't have a close relationship with the Nali Family, so he didn't really care about their matters too much.

Jason nodded. He knew very well how the four families did their work. It was child's play for them to eliminate their enemies. With a bit of money and connections, they could even erase someone's existence from the surface of the earth. If they wanted to stay alive after offending someone from the four big families, they would need massive luck and ability to make use of every possibility.

He turned his head around and tried to divert the topic. "Talking about disaster, I heard that you also experienced a massive dent in your pocket."

Taro's face darkened considerably when he recalled that. He remembered that he allowed Kevin to post a mission and let him give the payout. However, he never thought that the mission's reward was in the millions. In addition, he still had to pay for Kevin's expenditure.

All in all, it was a massive dent in his hard-earned money! If he could, he would like to curse that man so badly. Although he was also one of the young masters, he had to work hard instead and that money was taken away by that annoying man just like that.

His father grounded him because of that incident. The loss of money was simply too much for his father to leave it be. He had to make numerous reports to his father and promise that he would never repeat such a mistake ever again.

"Yeah, I just made a wrong decision in trusting someone with a mission," Taro answered through gritted teeth.

Jason smiled wryly. He already knew about that incident because of the news reports. An abandoned building was raided, and something unexpected was found. This caused quite a sensation for a while, but it was quickly forgotten as people didn't care too much.

Besides, that piece of news was taken down rather quickly as the Nali and Aida Families couldn't withstand having that on the news for long.

After that, the news report about Taro being grounded came on the headlines. This young man managed to squander most of his money, making his father angry. As he always created trouble, the reporters were exceptionally happy to give a report regarding this man.

Many of them speculated that he spent it all on buying useless items, such as women's clothing.

Other people also speculated that he spent it on alcohol and women.

"The media is very negative about you, Taro."

"I have seen them," Taro facepalmed. Those were the most embarrassing reports he had ever received. Where in the world did they get such an idea on his way of spending money?

"I have the feeling that they're true."

"What? NO!"