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248 Preparation for Sakura Nali’s Birthday Party


"Laura, I don't think we need these many clothes," Kanae looked towards the stack of clothes with headache. She should know better than to take her sister for shopping. A girl's habit when they shopping: they would surely buy numerous things.

Laura pouted. "They look good and you also need more clothes. Those old clothes no longer suit you, Sis."

"A few pieces are enough for me."

"No way! Except of the uniform, your clothes are too ugly. We no longer need to worry about money so much, so I want to buy a lot of clothes for both of us."

A few days ago, Laura managed to win big in the stock market. The money they got from that business reached hundreds of millions, so it could be said that they were rich overnight. Of course, after they counted the price for the mansion, they only have several thousand left for their daily necessity.

"Even if we turn rich, we shouldn't waste money," Kanae sighed.

"I just need to work for another few months. With the capital that you provide to me, I'm sure I can make millions again," Laura pouted.

"Didn't you say that you're only lucky this time?"

Laura stuck out her tongue. "Even if I'm only lucky this time, I'm confident with my ability that I can make more."

"Let's just pick a few clothes and a gown for you. Don't buy too much."


In the end, they pick several clothes and a beautiful red gown for Laura. The gown was long with a v neck and short sleeves. It made Laura exuded charm when she tried it.

"Sis, don't tell me that you're going to wear butler clothes again."

"I can't wear a gown," Kanae smiled wryly. "Butler clothes allow me to move around better than gown. Besides, I don't want to steal the spotlight from Sakura tonight."

Laura scrunched her face. She didn't like seeing her sister wore those clothes. She is a woman, but she wore those kinds of clothes. Thankfully, her sister didn't look like a boy at all. If she did, Laura would never allow her sister to wear them.

"When will you wear proper gown?"

"I will when it's other time. In front of the Nali Family, I won't wear beautiful clothes."

When she heard that, Laura pulled Kanae towards the changing room while bringing a beautiful white gown. She pushed it towards Kanae with a grin.

"If you can't wear them to the party, at least wear them here. I want to see my former beautiful sister."

Kanae rolled her eyes in annoyance, yet she still took the gown. Laura waited outside as she changed her clothes. The dress that Laura picked fitted her perfectly as Laura seemed to know her size better. Looking at her reflection in the mirror, Kanae's lips curled up slightly. How long has it been since the last time she wore a gown?

"I'm finished."

Laura got in to the changing room and saw her sister looking extremely gorgeous. It was a long dress with short sleeves. The dress fit to Kanae's body, partially showing her curve in an elegant manner. The side was slightly parted, showing her beautiful long legs.

Looking at her refined sister, Laura was smiling from ear to ear. If one should say, there was no one who could wear the white dress as fitting as her sister. This was the appearance that her sister should have in normal days. She looked pure and refreshing in that dress.

"How is it?"

"There's just one more thing."

Laura smirked as she reached out her hand and took off the glasses Kanae wore. After that, she untangled the braids that her sister used. As her hair was being tied in braids for a long time, it turned wavy after being untangled.

In the mirror, a beautiful lady with wavy black hair appeared. Kanae's eyes locked firmly to her reflection. All these times, she always hid her countenance under the glasses and braid, making her looked plain. However, when she didn't wear them, she looked as attractive as Laura.

"If you do this, no one will be able to differentiate the two of us," Laura nodded with satisfaction.

"Our hair still looks different."

"That's because you always put on the braids," Laura rolled her eyes. "Your hair will turn straight again if you don't tie it in braids."

"You're right," Kanae inspected her appearance in the mirror. She really missed this appearance of hers.

Laura smiled teasingly. "How about you dress up like this when you're going to school? I'm sure a lot of boys are going to pay more attention to you."

"If I do this, I'll make the entire class's attention awry," Kanae shook her head.

"That'll be interesting."

"You just want to make trouble."

Laura stuck out her tongue. What can she say? She hoped to see her sister dressed up freely. "That's going to make things more fun."

Kanae smiled wryly. She silently made the braid again before wearing her glasses. "This is far more fitting for me."

Laura rolled her eyes and silently sighed. She knew better than anyone that Kanae only made herself looked plain to avoid Sakura got jealous even more. They already experience a lot just from being in the same family. If Kanae became attractive, no one could imagine what would happen to them.

When she appeared in front of Sakura not long ago, it was clear that Sakura hated her appearance. One was enough, there was no need to make them targeted Kanae because of appearance matter after the money matter.

After they have finished with the clothes, Laura dragged Kanae to a phone store. They have agreed to buy Kanae one phone to make sure that Laura could talk with her sister more freely. After some time, they settled down on a simple and rather cheap phone.

Finishing their shopping, the two girls returned home. Tonight was Sakura's birthday party, and they didn't want to be late. If they were late, they knew that their cousin wouldn't tolerate them and created trouble for them.

Laura took her time to dress up and wore beautiful makeup. She looked towards her reflection in the mirror with a satisfied smile. The beautiful red gown added with her faint makeup made her looked extremely charming. Even if she was only 15 years old, she would not lose against those famous models.

"With this, that annoying Sakura can be jealous."

"I'm sure she'll dress even more extravagantly," Kanae recalled the party they held around two to three months ago. At that time, Sakura dressed so spectacularly that no one would be able to take their eyes off from her.

"I guess so, she can afford to do it," Laura sighed.

"Let's stop thinking about that, we're going to be late."

Laura nodded her head. She stared towards Kanae's getup with a frown. Kanae was wearing a normal white shirt with leather pants. This made her looked like a butler very much. If she wore a suit, she would be a perfect male guest for the party.

Erasing those thoughts, Laura made her way out from the apartment and called for a cab for them. Even if it was wasting money because the mansion was near, they needed to keep up a face. If they came while walking, Sakura would never let them go.

"By the way, are you ready, Laura?" Kanae asked.

Laura knew her sister meant the plan of taking back the mansion's deed that was located deep in the inner part of the mansion. This mansion was quite different from others because it was built in two layers, outside and inside. The outside layer was for them to receive guests while the inner layer was protected by a big and powerful wall.

Having been living in the mansion for years before, they knew the layout better than anyone. In addition, they also knew some other mechanism that their father left in case they got attacked. The outer layer was also a big trap for their enemies.

"I'm ready."

It was going to be dangerous, but Kanae has prepared for everything. All Laura needed to do was slipping inside and headed towards the room. The cameras would be handled by her sister along with the guards.

"Be careful."

"I will," Laura smiled widely.

The two of them didn't talk to each other for the next few minutes. They soon arrived in front of the mansion. Looking towards the festive atmosphere and the crowds of people in front of them, Laura felt rather stifled.

This mansion didn't belong to Sakura!

She wanted to yell so much, yet she had to hold on. After tonight, this mansion was going to be theirs again.