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241 School Starts Again

 Time passed swiftly and soon it was already July. Mid-July was the start of classes for most schools including Nolen School C. The students came flocking into the school after the holiday ended. Many of them looked tired as they were used to sleeping late during holidays.

"Sis, you don't have to pick me up," Laura looked towards her sister with a frown. She was still staying in the inn while Kanae stayed at her house. No matter what, Kanae didn't allow Laura to go there, so this little girl obediently stayed here.

"I'm not going to let you walk to school by yourself. Let's go," Kanae answered. She yawned as she barely had any sleep last night. Her training with Master Rudy always lasted from 9 PM to 1 AM. Those four hours of the day was the time she experienced hell. As a result, she barely had any sleep last night.

Fortunately, she was used to sleeping less or she wouldn't have been able to wake up in time. She still had to pick up her sister before going to school, so she forced herself to wake up even earlier.

Laura's lips twitched. "Who's going to walk? I'll use public transportation."

She was not that much of a cheapskate like her sister who preferred to walk rather than wasting money on transportation. Of course, she was able to do so because she received a lot from her sister. She would surely use the cheapest form of transportation, though, as she couldn't afford the expensive one.

Kanae shook her head. "Since you're now with me, we're going to walk to school starting today."

Hearing that, Laura's face darkened. Her sister was clearly being unreasonable today. She didn't want to walk to school.

"The school is too far away."

"It's good to have some exercise in the morning."

"We're going to be late."

"We can wake up earlier tomorrow."

"I'm tired."

"I'll piggyback you if you're tired."

Laura: "..." that would be too embarrassing.

In the end, Laura was unable to argue back. She had to follow after her sister and walk to school unwillingly. She should have known that her sister was truly a cheapskate that didn't want to spend any money to make the trip easier.

Internally, she vowed that she would make sure that they earned enough to change her sister's lifestyle. It would be enough to make sure they didn't have to save money like this.

In truth, it was not Kanae was truly a cheapskate, but she knew better than anyone how dangerous public transportation was. For someone with Laura's appearance, it would be better for her to use private transportation. She didn't want to risk having someone attack her sister.

The two of them arrived at school when it was nearly time for class to start. Laura followed after Kanae to the second year's classroom.

"The first-year is in the other building."

"I'm skipping grades since I already learned most of the lessons overseas. Our country is a bit lacking behind in knowledge, so they agreed after I talked with them a bit," Laura flashed a smile.

The talk that Laura mentioned was surely not an ordinary one. Kanae didn't even need to guess that it must have been her sister trying to argue the whole time. With this little girl's experience in handling a lot of different people, there was no way the principal could match up against her. One way or another, he was probably forced to compromise with this girl's demand.

Kanae shook her head and walked into the classroom. Her eyes lit up when she saw that Misae, Alice, and Tommy were in the same class as her. It seemed, this year they wouldn't be separated from each other.

"You're almost late today, Kanae," Misae waved her hand.

"I had to pick up my sister first," Kanae pointed behind her. "Oh yeah, let me introduce you to my friends, Laura."

Laura smiled brightly. "Hello, I'm Laura Nali."

"I'm Misae, this is Alice and that dunce over there is Tommy."

"Hey! Don't teach her those kinds of words," Tommy was stunned by the way Misae introduced him to this girl.

Alice barely spoke at all as she stared at Laura. Appearance wise, there was no way one would be able to connect her together with Kanae. Laura looked very fashionable and beautiful with her long and straight hair. Compared to Kanae who wore glasses, she looked like a little princess.

Misae scrutinized Laura's appearance too. "Your hairstyle is similar to Alice's. If not because of the difference in facial features, I wouldn't be able to differentiate the two of you."

"Their heights are also different," Tommy cut in. He could see their difference right away as he was used to talking with these two. If he saw them from the back, he could rely on their height difference to differentiate the two of them.

"You're right."

They didn't manage to talk about anything else as the lesson started. When it was the fourth period, the students groaned loudly because the teacher that came was Teacher Charlie. Over the span of a few months, this teacher has become extremely famous in this school.

"Laura, you have to be careful to not fall asleep during his lesson."

The five of them sat close to one another. Misae and Kanae were at the very front, followed by Alice and Laura, and lastly with Tommy behind the other two. Because he was in the same class with them, he chose to stay in the classroom even if he slept through the lesson.

"Finally the class is over," Misae felt that it was huge torture to have Teacher Charlie teach them on very first day.

Alice smiled wryly. "I heard that Teacher Charlie is going to teach more subjects this year."

"What? Noooo!"

Laura giggled as she watched their interaction. She felt that her sister has some interesting friends. With them, she wouldn't be bored.

"I'll introduce you to the President and the others. Are you three going to come too?"

Tommy nodded his head. "I want to greet them. It has been some time since the last time I spent time with those guys."

Kanae led the way towards the Student Council Room. As usual, the three upperclassmen were already there. They were busy with some work when this group of five people came in.

"I hope I didn't disturb your work," Kanae greeted.

Neo shook his head and laughed. "Not at all, we already miss you since you took so many days off from the company."

"I want to introduce my sister, Laura."

"Hello, I'm Laura Nali," Laura hesitantly introduced herself. She was unsure what kind of attitude she should show in front of the seniors in front of her.

"Hello Laura, there's no need to be afraid. We won't bite you," Mike smiled warmly.

Laura looked towards the big man with a bewilderment expression. From Mike's big build, she thought he was going to be quite scary. Who would have thought that his smile was filled with warmth and kindness?

If Tommy knew what was in Laura's mind, he would surely curse out loudly. Which part of that smile was kind? It was a devilish smile with the intention of forcing him to practice extremely hard.

On the side, Neo looked at Laura with a confused gaze. "Are you sure you're her sister? She looks like a fairy while you look like a bookworm."

Kanae rolled her eyes. "Of course, she's my sister!"

"Don't mock my Sis," Laura raised her voice.

The others were stunned when they heard Laura's tone. It was evident that she was enraged. Her appearance was similar to that of a docile lady, but it turned out she was actually quite fierce matters regarding her sister. One sentence was enough to flip the switch.

Neo's lips twitched. This girl definitely has a sister complex. She wouldn't have reacted that much to the words he said to Kanae if that were not the case.

"Laura, I have to work. Do you mind if Misae escorts you back?"

Laura looked towards Misae. Upon seeing the latter nod her head, she also followed suit. "Sure. I'll be alright, Sis."

"Take care of yourself," Kanae smiled and patted her sister's head.