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236 Temporary Darkness

 "Misae, can you not clutch me so tightly?" Kanae asked with a helpless tone. She knew that her friend was afraid of thunder and darkness, but was there any need to hold her this tight?

Misae shook her head as her hand held Kanae's arm tighter. "No way! I will not let you go."

On the side, Alice scrambled to find the flashlight. Her ears hurt because of the constant cries of the girls outside the room. She couldn't believe how fearful those girls were. This was only darkness! It wasn't like they didn't sleep when the room was dark either. Even if they used a nightlight, it was still mostly dark in the room. If this continued, she doubted that she would be able to sleep.

Her hand finally found the flashlight. She quickly turned it on and pointed it towards Misae.

"It's blinding me! You don't have to point it straight at my face," Misae complained. She moved away from Kanae's side since there was light. At this time, the sound of the screaming already decreased. Apparently, their friends also found the flashlights and turned them on.

Kanae sighed in relief when Misae released her arm. She glanced towards the two of them while taking out her own flashlight. "I'll check the breaker to see if there's anything wrong. You're not afraid of darkness, right Alice?"

"Don't worry," Alice giggled. "I'm not Misae."

"Why are you comparing yourself with me?" Misae sulked.

Kanae smiled slightly when she heard her complaining. "I won't take too long. If you're too afraid, you can just call Mike here. I'm sure he's willing to accompany the two of you."

"That's a good idea," Misae immediately searched for her phone.

On the side, Alice rolled her eyes. Why did she feel that she was going to be the third wheel again? She truly hoped these two could just have a room for themselves rather than staying in the same room with them. For the next trip, she would make sure that she suggests this to the Student Council.

Misae hadn't yet made the call when the door was knocked on. The sound was faint because of the rain, but they still could hear it. Alice walked up and opened the door, revealing the worried Mike.

His clothes were disheveled because he ran all the way here. The boys' and girls' room arrangements were pretty far from each other. He had to run pretty fast to arrive here quickly. His hair was slightly wet because it was raining pretty hard. The wind sprayed the rain on him when he came here.

"Are you two alright?" he asked as his eyes darted around.

Alice pointed towards Misae. "She's afraid of darkness."


"I'm okay," Misae recognized Mike's voice and sprawled out from the room. She headed towards the door and looked at Mike with a smile on her face. Seeing him made her feel rather safe.

Mike smiled back. "Are you alright?"

"I'm okay."

"I'll stay outside until the electricity returns. If you need me or anything, just call me," Mike nodded his head and moved to the side. He wouldn't dare to go inside a girl's room unless he wanted to get beaten up by the others.

Alice rolled her eyes when she saw these two, so she moved back to her bed and pulled the blanket over her head. Rather than watching these two flirting with each other, she would be better off sleeping.

Unfortunately, the screaming girls hadn't finished yelling. They were still extremely noisy. It was as if screaming was the only way to alleviate their situation.

While Mike headed towards Misae's room, Neo and Kevin headed towards the electrical room. On the way, they bumped into Kanae who also walked there with a flashlight in her hand.

"Kanae, what are you doing here?" Neo was stunned.

"I'm searching for the breaker to turn on the electricity again. The girls are screaming loudly because of the darkness," Kanae smiled wryly.

Actually, the two of them also knew that. Because there was a large number of girls who were screaming in fear, they could hear the voices from far away. It was quite inconceivable that there were so many girls that were afraid of thunder and darkness.

Kevin looked towards Kanae for a moment. "Are you not afraid?"

"No, I'm not."

If she were afraid of darkness, she wouldn't have been able to cope in the darkness for days during the time she had to continuously fight and all. The darkness was already like her friend because it concealed her real identity from leaking out.

Neo nodded his head. "Let's head to the breaker and put an end to this hell."

"You should return back," Kevin opened his mouth. "It's already late, you better have some rest."

"I'm fine, President," Kanae answered.

"This is not a girl's job."

"I'm the Student Council Vice President," Kanae countered.

This was the position that Kevin bestowed to her in the first place. Hearing her mention it now, Kevin closed his mouth. He raised his hand and flicked her forehead lightly.

"It's still not your job."

Kanae covered her forehead while glaring at this man. "It's not dangerous work."

"It's dangerous to walk around alone at night."

"I'm already used to walking alone at night."

"There are a lot of people on the streets in the city, so it's not too dangerous, but that doesn't mean it's not dangerous here."

Neo rolled his eyes as these two started to argue. Could we just head to the breaker and turn the lights on again? He didn't want to stay here and listen to these two arguing pointlessly with each other.

After several seconds, Kevin let Kanae come along. They quickly reached the breaker and turned the lights on again. With the lights on again, the sound of the girls' screaming decreased significantly. Towards this change, Neo felt extremely grateful.

"They behave like children," Neo sighed.

Kanae shrugged. "Everyone has something they're afraid off."

At that moment, the sky flashed with lightning. The girls screamed again for a moment. Many of them were screaming longer than necessary, which caused the night to be extremely noisy.

On the other hand, Kanae stood calmly. The lightning couldn't do any harm to her too as it was far away. There was no need for her to feel fear.

"I'll return back to my room. Have a good rest, President and Neo."

"You're truly not funny. I thought you would be scared and latch onto President," Neo remarked. He recalled that most of the girls he knew were scared of lightning and tried to clutch onto anything that was close to them.

Kevin silently imagined that scene inside his mind. The thought of having Kanae inside his embrace with her tugging on him tightly made him feel rather pleased. He quickly erased those thoughts as he felt that it was inappropriate.

Kanae rolled her eyes. "I'm not going to do something like that."

Kevin nodded his head with an indifferent expression, yet his gaze seemed rather complicated. He couldn't say to her that he wished for her to behave like that. "Have a good rest, Kanae."

"You too, President."

Kevin watched for a few seconds as Kanae walked away. He turned his head away and saw Neo looking at him.

"What is it, Neo?"

"Boss, do you harbor more feelings for her than as normal friends?"

Hearing that question, Kevin glared at Neo. His eyes were telling the other party not to pry deeper. Neo sighed and raised his hands. He would not try to pry deeper for now as he knew that Kevin didn't want him to know.

Still, he felt rather worried. His eyes landed on Kevin's back. Because Kevin's position didn't allow him to get close to normal girls, he didn't want Kevin to experience heartbreak.