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230 School Trip

 Laura looked with bewilderment towards the bag that her sister prepared. Most girls would bring heaps of things on trips, yet her sister only brought one simple backpack. Did she pack up everything she needed inside this small bag?

"Why are you staring at me like that?" Kanae messed up her sister's hair.

Laura glared and moved back slightly. "Stop messing my hair. I'm just wondering what you can bring inside this small bag."

"I don't need too many personal things. This is enough," Kanae shrugged.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes. I'm not like you who loves to bring so many things on a trip," Kanae laughed cheekily.

Laura's face flushed red in embarrassment. "It's normal for girls!"

"Alright, alright, I know."

Seeing her sister's reaction was the best. Laura was always so funny that Kanae couldn't help but to tease the other party occasionally. Of course, Laura would also get angry very easily, and Kanae had to bear the brunt and ease her sister's anger. Well, the price was worth it as she enjoyed the time with her sister.

Taking her bag, Kanae slung it to her back. "Don't leave the inn during the time I'm away. For food, just order delivery, but you still have to be careful."

"Don't worry so much, Sis. The Nali Family is not going to touch us before we're legally out from their clutches."

"I'm not worrying only about them, there are a lot of people with impure motives around us. It's better to be careful than regret things."

Laura nodded her head. She was so used to a safe environment overseas that she forgot that this place was different. If one didn't have any means of self-defense, that person would surely be in trouble. There were too many wicked people on the street.

After ensuring that Laura was safe, Kanae headed to the school. Today was the start of their school trip, and she didn't want to be late. As the Student Council Vice President, it would look bad if she arrived late.

It didn't take long before she reached the school. Outside the gate, several buses parked neatly with several students around them. They were patiently waiting for their turn to get on the the bus.

"Kanae, you're quite early," Neo waved his hand when he saw Kanae.

"Yup. Which one is our bus?"

"The biggest one is for us. It's a mix between the first-years and the second-years," Neo pointed to the one in the middle.

"All of the Student Council members are going to stay in the same bus."

Neo nodded his head. "There's no need for us to stay in separate buses. Besides, there are some former Student Council members among the third-years. They'll be alright."

"What about the first-years?"

"I mixed some of the third-year students with them."

"I see."

After talking for a few more minutes, Kanae headed towards the bus. She saw that several students were already inside. Most of them were sleeping, but some of them were playing games. They were rather excited to go on this trip.

She quickly spotted Kevin in the second row. He was leaning back on his seat with an I-Pad in his hand. His finger lightly tapped the screen. It was obvious that he was busy. Kanae guessed that it was work-related, especially if she took his workaholic hobby into her guess.

Kevin stopped typing and glanced at Kanae. "You're sitting here."

He pointed to the seat next to him. Kanae's eyes widened slightly when she realized that he wanted her to sit beside him. She wanted to sit with Misae and Alice, but this man's demand made it impossible.

"Okay. Are you still working, President?"

"There's a new batch of goods that was delivered to us. I need to ensure that they meet the requirements," Kevin answered.

Even though he was the president, he was the one who worked the most in the company. There were a lot of employees, but many of them weren't capable enough to be trusted with the most important matters in the company. As a result, Kevin was the one who worked the most.

Kanae peered at the screen. She was already quite familiar with the layout of Kale Company's forms, so she quickly recognized the one on Kevin's screen.

"Do you need help?"

"There are some documents I need to write. Do you mind typing them?"

"Not at all," Kanae smiled kindly. "Do you want me to type up what you say, or I can just type it myself?"

Seeing her sweet smile, Kevin was stunned momentarily. For a moment there, he thought that she was extremely beautiful. However, the thought only passed through his head for a moment and he regained his senses as fast as he could.

"You can just type it yourself. You're already familiar with the layout, and your wording is similar to mine," Kevin shifted his gaze back to the I-Pad. It would do him no good if he continued looking at Kanae.

"I understand."

Kanae took out Kevin's laptop and turned it on. Before long, she started typing furiously on the keyboard and pages of documents surfaced. During this time, she completely buried herself into the work as she tried her best to mimic Kevin's writing.

When Mike came in, he shook his head lightly. These two were truly workaholics. They were on vacation for a trip, yet these two were busy with work. Couldn't they cast that troublesome stuff away for a few days?

"They seem very serious," Misae peered from her chair.

Mike nodded. "It's about the work in the office. There are some important reports they have to finish."

"I see," Misae slid back to her seat. Her hand picked up the bag of cookies that Alice brought and took out a finely shaped cookie. Without thinking, she started munching the cookie.

Alice returned only to see Misae 'stealing' her cookie. She glared at Misae. "I'm saving them for the three of us! Don't make a head start."

"I'm hungry."

"You're going to be fat if you continue eating," Alice rolled her eyes.

Hearing that remark, Misae was stunned. One of the things that women were concerned with the most was gaining weight. She has been trying to keep her body weight under control. If she suddenly gained weight because of the cookie, she wouldn't know where to cry.

Reluctantly, Misae put the bag away and looked outside. Internally, she yearned to eat more of the cookies. They were so good that she felt rather antsy from not eating them.

"I'll share them with you. There's no need to sulk," Alice laughed.

Misae shook her head lightly. "I'm not sulking."

Alice smiled slightly. Misae was clearly playing the fool. Who wouldn't know that she was sulking. It was too obvious.

"The bus is going to depart soon. Please return to your seats," Mike yelled towards the students outside the bus.

"Sometimes, I think Mike is the president rather than Kevin," Misae giggled.


"Because Mike is the one who gives the instructions while Kevin barely does anything."

"..." those instructions came from Kevin, right?

Seeing that Misae already immersed herself with staring at her boyfriend, Alice chose to sleep. It was going to be a long journey, so she better rest.