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229 I’m Ready

 "Sis, are we not going to your place?" Laura asked when they reached a nearby inn. The inn was quite good, but it was not extravagant. After having experienced scraping by with barely enough, Laura would not complain about this matter.

Kanae shook her head. There was no way she was going to let Laura see the place where she has been staying all these years. She barely did any cleaning lately and that place looked extremely similar to a garbage dump. Of course, this comparison was only made inside her head.

If Laura saw that place, she might be scolded nonstop through the evening. That was something she wanted to avoid the most.

Laura frowned. "Are you still staying in that unworthy place, Sis?"

"Don't think too much," Kanae flicked Laura's forehead and handed a key to her. "This is going to be your place until we get the mansion back."

Laura was pouting when Kanae flicked her forehead. Yet, her expression changed rapidly when she heard what Kanae said. For a moment, the innocent and lively expression she had was replaced by anger and hatred. What their uncle took away was something precious to them.

Her expression quickly returned back to normal, so other people didn't see the changes in Laura's expression at all. All they could see was a lively young lady who walked with her older sister.

Patting her sister's head, Kanae sighed. "Don't think about it too much. Let's check your room first."

Because this was a good inn, the room was quite spacious. There was only a single bed in the room, but it was more than enough for Laura. Placing her belongings on the side, Laura examined the room delightfully.

Kanae eyed the small suitcase in disbelief. "I believe this is not all of your belongings, right?"

"I still have a lot. They're going to be delivered in a few days."

"How many useless items did you buy during your time staying overseas?"

"... I think a hundred?"

"..." what should she expect from a young girl?

Laura scratched her head in embarrassment. "But I learned what you ask me to. I already studied enough about the stock market, so it's not a problem if you want me to make high-return investments now."

"I guess the money that I wired to you was not wasted," Kanae's smile turned warm.

"Well, I failed a few times when I first tried and lost quite a lot of money," Laura was clearly troubled when she recalled her experience. "As time went on, I learned various tricks and succeeded in making quite a lot of money. The last amount that you sent me in December helped me earn even more money."

"That's good," Kanae smiled. "Are you ready to delve into the stock market in this city? There are more shady dealings here."

"I'm ready," Laura smiled back.

The two sisters looked at one another. Over the past two years, they barely met in person because they were in different countries. In the past, they were too young to contend against their relatives and fight to get back what was theirs. Now, they were prepared to launch a counterattack on the Nali Family.

They would not let the Nali Family off from taking what belonged to them.

"How are you, Sis? Did they create more trouble for you when I was away?"

"Those small matters can't harm me. I'm more concerned with your studies because you don't have me to help you."

Laura stuck out her tongue. "Even without you, I can study very well."

"Oh, it seems my help is unneeded anymore. When you have homework, I believe you can do it alone."

"Wait, that's not what I meant! Sis, sis, you're the best sister in the world!"

"You're just trying to get on my good side, aren't you?"

"No, no, no, you're mistaken. Sis, listen to me first!"

After feeling satisfied from bantering with each other, the two of them sat down on the bed. The comfy bed was very pleasant, and Kanae knew that this was far better than her own bed.

This made her realize that she had waited for a long time in that run-down home for their plan to commence, making this little bed a luxury. But this luxury would become commonplace soon enough as the time was drawing near.

"Sis, are you going to stay here too?"

"Not now, I'll move when the holiday starts. As of now, I still need to deal with school matters," Kanae answered.

They were going on a trip, so she wouldn't be able to stay here for long. Looking towards Laura, she sighed silently. Why did this little brat have to come back at this time? Coming back a few days later would have been enough because then she wouldn't need to go away for a long time.

"The school trip?"

"Yes. I'll be going for three days and two nights. Are you going to be alright with staying here alone?"

Seeing Kanae's worried expression, Laura smiled slightly. Her sister always tried to protect her from everything outside and let her feel safe. However, she was no longer the small kid who didn't know anything. Right now, she was already a teenager and she wanted to help her sister in facing those people.

She might not be able to face them head on, but even slightly helping would be enough. She didn't want to be the one to always be protected.

"I won't leave this room. Besides, trying to make millions is going to keep me busy if you want me to do it in a short time span," Laura smiled reassuringly.

"You have two months to make enough money to buy the mansion," Kanae calculated.

Laura frowned. Even if she was already good at maneuvering the stock market, getting rich overnight was still quite difficult for her. She could amass a lot of money within a short time but buying a mansion was going to be very difficult.

"I'll be working to earn more money too. You're not the only one who has to work," Kanae patted Laura's head. "I already have a lot of savings. I'll show you after I return."

Being treated like a kid was something every teenager hated the most. However, at this time Laura gave in to what Kanae did. After all, she knew that this was her sister's way of showing her affection.

"Be careful, Sis."

"I'm going to be alright. Remember to stay in this room and don't leave without me knowing."

Laura rolled her eyes. "How am I going to tell you if you don't have a cell phone?"

"I'll buy one soon."

Kanae was quite embarrassed about this matter. Even Laura had her own cell phone because she needed to contact her friends. On the other hand, Kanae was still using the phone at home, which was clearly an outdated mode of communication.

"I truly hope you get one soon. I won't call you often, Sis. It's just, I want more ways to contact you."

"I'll buy one later. For now, focus on finishing your work."

"Okay," Laura took out her laptop and placed it on the table. She started to connect to the server and type in this and that. Behind her, Kanae could only recognize half of the things on the screen because she had seen Kevin's work too.

After a while, Kanae shifted her gaze. Although this was a somewhat cheating method to earn money, this was their only way to amass enough wealth at their age. The two of them were still not of legal age. Even if the city didn't forbid them from working, working ordinary jobs would require them decades before they could earn enough to take back their inheritance.

They simply didn't have the luxury to wait that long. Besides, once Kanae left the Nali Family, there was no doubt that Frank would never let them go. They had to be prepared for that time, which was only a few months away.

"Be careful, Laura. Try not to take too much from one party because their background might not be ordinary."

"I understand."

There were a lot of people with hidden power in this city. If they wanted to survive, they couldn't make too many enemies. It would be a disaster if that happened.

Kanae sat down on the bed as she pondered for a moment. "Oh yeah, can you cook for today's dinner? I'll buy the ingredients."

"Sure, as long as you don't come into the kitchen."

Kanae rolled her eyes. Why are you treating me like I'm going to destroy the kitchen?

"Alright, I'll be back in a while."

"Be careful, Sis."

"I will."