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226 Recognition

 "Shall we start the fight?" Jason stood beside his car with his arms crossed. He swept his glance across the men beside Joshua. They were going to be quite a handful for Kanae.

"Sure," the bulky man laughed. The moment he said that, he stomped his feet on the ground and used the force to move forward. His punch stretched out towards Kanae's face.

Facing the sudden attack, Kanae shifted her body slightly to the side and evaded the attack at minimal distance. This kind of sudden attack didn't have too much power as its main feature was speed and the element of surprise. However, for someone who had fought on the street for a long time, this was a useless attempt.

In the next second, Kanae twisted her body and spun around backwards with her left foot as a pivot, performing a spinning back roundhouse kick. Her right heel was directed towards the bulky man's face. He quickly raised his arm and blocked the attack, hurting his arm in the process.

After that, he pushed his arm outwards to strike her but Kanae had leapt away first. Her eyes watched the others carefully.

The bulky man peered at his arm with astonishment. Despite her small body, the power behind that kick caused his arm to swell. It hurt much more than he thought it would.

"You're quite powerful, Rei. This time, I'll attack more seriously," the bulky man readied his stance.

Kanae nodded her head. "Please."

As soon as Kanae finished speaking, the bulky man propelled forward once again. At the same time, the thin man also dashed towards Kanae. There was no rule that they had to attack one by one, so attacking together was not out of the question.

The bulky man attacked from above with his punches while the thin man swept his feet to trip Kanae. Kanae twisted her body and lunged backwards by pushing off the ground with her hand to evade their attack. The bulky man followed with another kick and Kanae got no other choice but to block it.

The kick felt rather heavy, but her arms managed to hold their positions. Kanae saw that the thin man was about to kick from below, so she twisted her body to the other side and avoided the kick instantly.

"They're ruthless," Tommy's mouth was opened wide when he saw them ganging up on Kanae.

Jason glanced at their fight once more before getting into the car. "They have to. If it's one by one, none of them can defeat Kanae."

"Why are you coming in?"

"I don't want to die yet," Jason answered lightly. His chin was pointing towards the fat man near Joshua. At the moment, the man had taken out two guns and aimed towards Kanae.

"Does he want to kill Kanae?"

"Don't worry, even if Kanae is cornered, she is not going to let the bullets reach her," Jason answered calmly.

"You're too calm!" Tommy complained. He looked towards Kanae worriedly. If something happened to Kanae, he would never forgive them.

Jason shook his head lightly. In regards to Kanae's ability, he was very clear. Whenever she was cornered, her fighting senses would raise to another level. She was not going to be defeated so easily.


Kanae managed to evade the first bullet. She didn't pay any attention to the fat guy, but she managed to sense his intent when he shot. This special sense was the only thing she could rely on when she was facing multiple opponents. As they were going seriously at her, she had heightened her senses to the extreme because she didn't want to get wounded.

The thin man finally took out his weapon, a knife. He started to attack Kanae using the knife while Kanae evaded continuously. Facing the two men attacking relentlessly, she continued retreating.

"She doesn't seem to be that strong," the fat man frowned.

Joshua shook his head. "You haven't seen everything from him."

When he first met the young kid, the kid used only a sword to nearly kill all of his subordinates who blocked the way. Right now, Rei hadn't used his* sword yet, so the fight only seemed to be disadvantageous for him.

"I have one question," The fat man still pointed his two guns towards the fighting people.

"What is it?"

"Is Rei a young kid or a veteran soldier?"

Joshua frowned. "I'm not sure myself, but from my guess, he's still very young. Why are you asking?"

The fat guy smirked. "If he's still young and not a soldier, it means he's a monster."


"Aim carefully, you dumbass!" the bulky man roared angrily. He nearly got shot by the fat man.

"My bad, Rei is quite agile," The fat man answered calmly. He aimed towards Kanae once again. "We'll see how you avoid all of this."


The fat man began to shoot rapidly while Kanae continued to evade the bullets. Inside the car, Tommy felt his back sweating profusely. This made him recall his training session from before. The only difference was that this time the bullets were real and not just paint. If they got hit, it wouldn't be just simple pain on the skin but a possibility of dying.

The two other guys stayed back at first, but then they moved forward and attacked Kanae again. The thin man swiped his sword at Kanae's stomach at the same time the fat man shot. Kanae used her hand to catch the thin man's wrist and let the bullet graze her back.

Her feet moved a few steps back.


The sword appeared in her right hand. She immediately swung it from below and cut the two bullets that got near her in half. Her disrupted balance didn't allow her to dodge those bullets.

"Playtime is over."

With that, she appeared at the thin man's side and attacked him. The man was trying to kick Kanae again, but she evaded the attack and used her sword to graze the man's thigh. Her movements were quick and careful.

Feeling the sudden pain, the thin man held his leg and thrust his knife towards Kanae. Evading it by stepping to the side, Kanae launched a kick and kicked the thin man right in the stomach.


Kanae cut through the bullet once again as she evaded the punch from the bulky man. Her hand cut horizontally towards the man's stomach. She grazed the skin lightly before moving back.

The bulky man tried to attack again, but Kanae moved to his back and elbowed him right in his side. After that, she jumped to evade a gunshot and kicked the bulky man right in his face.


The moment she landed on the ground, Kanae dashed towards the fat man. She evaded all the bullets as she arrived and rested her sword on his neck.

"It's over."

The fat man looked towards the sharp and thin sword on his neck and lowered his guns. "I admit defeat."

The other two struggled to get up. The looks they had towards Kanae were now filled with reference. They had guessed that she was strong, but they never thought that she would be this strong.

The two of them bowed towards Kanae. "Captain."

Kanae smiled. Finally, the fight has ended.