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224 Destroying the Place 1

 Kevin returned back to the car. Neo was busy checking the information they exchanged with Tommy while Mike drove the car. Based on the three vertical and three horizontal lines, there were nine places indicated from the intersections. Neo was checking each of them carefully to figure out which place was most suitable to do the research.

"What have you found, Neo?"

"Four of them are pointing to the streets, which is totally impossible. Two of them point to government offices and the other three point to abandoned buildings."

Kevin frowned. "Where are their locations?"

"Three of the streets are in our territory, one of the government offices is in our territory, and one of the abandoned buildings is in our territory too," Neo answered.

"Send people to investigate them. I want to have a talk with the elders."

"Yes, Boss."

Neo quickly called the others from the clan to sweep through the locations. They could check the places in their territory, but it was impossible to do so for the other places.

"In whose territories are the others?"

"The last street and one of the abandoned buildings are in the Souhon Clan's territory. The other abandoned building is in the Merion Clan's territory while the other government office is in the Tamari Clan's territory."

Kevin frowned. Even if he could tell the other clans about the location of the suspicious places, there was no certainty that they would move. It was not going to be easy to make them understand that this was a dangerous weapon.

"Boss, should we make a call to the other three clans?"

"Two clans are enough."

Neo was stunned. "What about the other one?"

"Fiore Group should have contacted the Souhon Clan. Tommy and Jay are pretty close."

Neo thought about their days back in school and knew that it was rather true. Tommy and Jay spent a long time with one another, to the point that they often beat up one another just for fun. Of course, Tommy held back every single time because Jay would die if he didn't.

"Boss, are you sure that they're going to do the same thing as us?"

Kevin glanced at Neo with an indifferent expression. "For what else would they want the information?"

Thinking about Kevin's question, the gears in Neo's mind spun harder. Normally, groups were created because they needed money. However, if Fiore Group just wanted money, they would not attempt this dangerous trade. They had gotten half of the information, which many small factions wanted.

Selling half the information on the Black Market was already more than enough to earn them millions. When it came to their Ryukalin Clan, though, they wanted to exchange information instead of doing a simple sale. There should be another reason why they wanted the other half of the information. Only one reason was plausible.

They wanted to destroy it too.

Thinking about it this way, Neo felt more certain that it was true. They must have caught wind about the dangerous weapon and the families' intention. If those people succeeded, Black Street would be in constant turmoil.

"You're right, Boss," Neo nodded his head. He was convinced. "How much do you want me to tell the other two clans?"

"Just say we got information that there's a suspicious place in their territory. Whether they check it or not is not our business anymore," Kevin answered.

Even as the leading clan, he was not invincible yet. His position was not that strong outside his territory as he was still too young in their eyes. Besides, based on the rules, he had to be 18 to be proclaimed as the legal leader. As he was still 17, he still needed to wait.

He could not force the other clans to make a move. If the two clans colluded with the two families, telling them about the suspicious locations might alarm them. But it didn't really matter. Even if leaking out the information warned the two clans, it would be the two clans that were the ones in trouble because other parties in Black Street would not let them off.

It didn't take long for them to reach the headquarters of the Ryukalin Clan. Their headquarters was located near the southeast of the city and was in a strategic position. As the biggest clan, their headquarters spanned hundreds of meters. When they heard that their leader had issued a command to assemble, they came out to greet Kevin.

The moment Kevin came out from the car, they greeted him in unison.

"Welcome back, Clan Head Kevin."

Kevin looked towards the people in front of him with an indifferent expression. He waved his hand to dismiss them as he walked towards the building in front of him. It was a large house, which served as the meeting hall. Several people were already waiting for him inside the hall.

"Clan Head," they stood up when Kevin came in.

Kevin nodded his head. He walked towards his seat at the head of the table deep inside the room while Neo and Mike took their respective seats on the side.

"Thank you for coming so late at night. I called you all here because of the matter regarding the secret weapon research that the Aida and Nali Family conducted lately."

The elders were frowning. They had heard about this matter for quite some time. Some people said that this was only a rumor because the two families didn't have the power to do it. On the other hand, a portion of them thought that it was true that the two families were going to make new weapons.

Some of them tried to investigate the matter, but so far, they hadn't gotten definite news about it. Since Kevin had said it out loud, they could guess that this young man must have known about it.

"Boss, is the news true?"

Kevin nodded his head. "I obtained a list of several suspicious places. Several of them are in our territory, so I asked our members to investigate further."

While he was talking, a young member came in and bowed deeply. He was tasked to deliver a message to Kevin. Neo took the paper from the boy and handed the paper to Kevin.

Reading the result of the investigation, Kevin nodded his head. "We're going for a battle. Who's coming?"

Facing that question, nearly all of the elders raised their hand. Since the Boss had spoken, it would be a disgrace if they didn't move forward. After all, they knew that accompanying Kevin was a great honor.

Neo scanned the elders and noticed the few that didn't raise their hands. Some of them were indeed too old, but there was also someone who was still middle-aged. Internally, he shook his head. Even after more than two years, there were still several elders who didn't want to accept Kevin as their leader.

However, he was pretty sure that they would change their opinion soon enough. There was still time before Kevin reached the legal age, so he shouldn't be impatient.

"Lou, you pick some of them except the Old Man," Kevin instructed.

Old Man looked towards Kevin begrudgingly. He was still young! How insolent!

Neo walked towards his father and patted the latter's back. "Father is already too old to move around that much. Just stay here and allow us youngsters to deal with this case."

Old Man looked towards his son and snorted. "If you lose, don't come to me begging for help."

"I won't lose."

Neo smirked before heading towards his own room to prepare for their departure. Old Man smiled as he watched as his son walk away. Ever since Kevin became the clan head, the ones who became more active were those from the younger generation.

By his side, his old pal, Ryan, stood up. "They're not going to allow too many old members to participate. This is not a massive battle. Those youngsters are already enough to handle them."

"I just miss the time when we were still on the field," Old Man laughed.

"The time has changed, and it's to be expected. Our Clan Head is trying to move forward and train the future generation to hold up the dignity of the clan," Ryan took out a cigarette. "Don't feel too down. He's working hard to step out of his father's shadow."

"Yeah, I know." Old Man stood up and walked away too. Ever since the death of Kevin's father, the boy has been trying hard to lead the clan without anyone's help. They could not do anything to help that expressionless boy as they knew that the boy's pride would not allow himself to rest. No matter how hard it was, he had to stand at the forefront of the clan to lead them all.

When the preparation finished, Kevin led them towards the abandoned buildings under the pretense of cracking down on illegal business in his territory. He noticed several people guarding the place carefully.

"This is an abandoned building, what are you doing here?" Mike asked with a mirthless smile on his face.

The men looked towards the group of men with uncertainty. "Who are you?"

"We're the owner of this territory. Now, I want to meet with the one in charge," Neo answered.

The men looked towards each other. Before they could answer, a gun shot towards them and they fell to the ground. Kevin and the others immediately took cover.


"They don't seem to be up for negotiation," Mike smiled wryly.

Kevin readied his gun. "We're going in forcefully, then."

"Yes, Boss!"

The Ryukalin Clan's men moved swiftly and swept through the entire place. Their numbers were so overwhelming that it didn't take a long time for them to clean up the entire place.

When they finished, Kevin found the weird weapon in the underground storage. He asked his men to interrogate the researchers and collect any relevant information.

"The weapon is going to be quite dangerous if we let them be."

"Destroy the database and send the info to the clan," Kevin answered coldly. "How's it going with the other two clans?"

"The Tamari Clan checked the place, but they didn't find anything suspicious. The Merion Clan refused to cooperate," Neo answered.

Kevin arched his eyebrows. The third abandoned building was located in Merion Clan, so it was not going to be easy if they wanted to destroy the place. If he broke the rules by trespassing their territory, a war between clans was going to happen.

"Post a mission on the Black Market."

"Yes, Boss."

Since they didn't want to cooperate, he would just use a different method to achieve his aim.