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222 Trading Information 1

 "Boss, are you going to accept this offer?" Mike asked warily. They could send almost anyone from the Ryukalin Clan, but it was going to be dangerous. Tommy was quite strong and sending someone weaker than Tommy might be a problem.

"Accept it," Kevin answered. "Mike, you're going to be the one making the trade. I want to meet with them."

When the other two heard that, they knew that Fiore Group was already a group that Kevin approved of. In fact, it seemed that their leader held quite an interest in that group.

Neo nodded his head. "Alright, I'll set the meeting to be tonight."

"Let's go back and prepare ourselves."

"Yes, Boss."


After separating herself from Kevin and the others, Kanae contacted Jason from her special phone.

"How's it going with trading the information?"

"Oh, Captain. I have traded the information for money with some clans and groups. As for the Ryukalin Clan, I asked for a real-life information trade."

Kanae was stunned when she heard about the real-life information trade. She was not unfamiliar with this term as she knew that it meant they needed to meet in person. However, it was going to be hard for them if they had to fight while trying to hide their identity.

Her brows creased. She did not want Kevin and the others to know about her other identity. If they wanted her to get involved with the matter of the Ryukalin Clan, she would be quite busy in the days to come. Besides, it wouldn't do her any good to let a lot of people know about her other identity as it would endanger her plan.

"Can't you just ask them to trade on the internet?" Kanae asked.

"It's not that I don't trust them, but there are a lot of people watching the trade taking place on the internet. I had to transfer the money to several dummy accounts before sending it to our real accounts.

As for the information trade, I don't want other people to know about the source of the information leak. It's not easy for us to hide our tracks and if they find that the information came from us, the two families are going to headhunt us vehemently."

It was going to be the same with the Ryukalin Clan if the two families knew that this clan tried to interfere. Based on the rules, clans were not allowed to meddle directly with the matters of the families. If someone found out and reported it, the Ryukalin Clan would be in for a round of trouble.

Right now, they were playing with fire. A single misstep would cause them to burn into ashes.

Kanae nodded her head. "We're betting our identities with them?"

"The Ryukalin Clan also has some disputes with the other big families. They're not really on friendly terms. I don't think it's going to be detrimental to us as long as we can hide our traces. As for Tommy, they already know his identity."

It was true that Tommy was rather an idiot to let his identity leak out before. However, this would make their communication easier because there was no need to fear about leaking out previously unknown information anymore. Still, the others had to be careful to not leak their identities.

"Alright, I'll trust you on this matter. You want us to have a closer relationship with the Ryukalin Clan, right?"

Jason smirked. "You're sharp, Captain. The Ryukalin Clan is the biggest clan in this city. Having a good relation with them is not going to cost us too much and the benefits are quite substantial. Besides, if we show them that we're worthy of befriending, they won't pass on this chance."

Many clans tried to recruit groups, so it was quite common for a group to have good relationships with several clans. Besides, several groups had excellent fighters who wouldn't lose out against those elites from the clans. Having additional fighters who would move with mere money was certainly quite advantageous.

"If it's just showing goodwill, I guess that's fine," Kanae finally agreed.

Jason looked at his monitor. "They agree. Where do you want to hold the trade?"

"Pick one of the abandoned buildings in Black Street. One that's located in the Ryukalin Clan's territory but not associated with other small factions. Also, make sure that you prepare an escape route for an emergency situation," Kanae instructed.

"Alright, are you going there too, Kanae?"

"Of course."

Shutting off the communication device, Kanae headed home and changed her clothes. This time, she didn't forget to remove the limiters. Facing those from the Ryukalin Clan, she was not sure she could match them if she wore the limiters. Many of them were excellent fighters, which required her utmost concentration if she wanted to face them.

Finishing her preparation, she headed towards the location that Jason sent to her phone. It was not far from her mansion but in quite a desolate area. There were several places in Black Street without owners and was quite safe for secret transactions because no one stayed there.

The building that Jason chose was a three-story building with a flat roof. The location for their trade was the rooftop. It was an open area, so the other party wouldn't be able to play many tricks.

Kanae didn't head towards the building but rather one of the buildings on the side, which was also an abandoned building. With light steps, she walked inside carefully.

Even if it was called abandoned, occasionally there were people inside. She didn't want to get wounded without reason, so it was best to be careful. Moving stealthily, she quickly reached the fourth floor. From this floor, it was easy for her to jump out from the window and help Tommy should he need it.

'This is quite a perfect place.'

Kanae nodded her head in satisfaction. She looked around to find the best hiding place in the room when her body suddenly stiffened. Her brain was screaming the word 'danger.' Relying on her exceptional senses, she quickly rolled towards the side at the same moment a bullet struck the place where she stood previously.


She traced the path of the bullet, and her eyes shook in surprise. In front of her was a man standing with a gun ready. If she had not been careful, that gun would have shot her. It had followed her evasive maneuver and was still pointed at her.

"Who are you?" the man, Kevin, asked in a chilling tone.

This was the first time Kanae saw the other side of Kevin. Even if he was cold on a daily basis, he never showed this much hostility. In addition, lately, he seemed to be extremely gentle to her. Towards this Kevin, she was unfamiliar, yet she still stayed calm because she knew that this was the face that he only showed in the clan.

Kanae straightened her body and readied her sword. Even if he was her friend, right now they were strangers. For some reason, she felt that her hand was heavier than usual, even heavier than when she wore weights. She was truly unwilling to fight with him, but if she had to fight, she would do it.

On the other hand, Kevin was watching Kanae's movement carefully. He chose to stake out in this building because it was close to the trading location. Unexpectedly, there was already someone here who could move without leaking his presence. From that point alone, he knew that the person before him was dangerous.

When he saw the small and thin sword in Kanae's hand, he realized who this person standing in front of him was.

"Rei from Fiore Group," Kevin said slowly. His body stayed alert as he knew of this famous person's abilities. From the incident with the Souhon Clan, he knew that this person before him was a monster.

They were doing a trade with Fiore Group. He should have expected that the group would also take measures to guarantee Tommy's safety. Now, he had coincidentally stumbled into one of them.

Kanae didn't answer. She didn't dare to speak in case Kevin recognized her voice. After all, she had been staying by his side for months, and it would be weird if he didn't know her voice.

When she thought about how she had been staying by his side all this time, her hand felt heavier. She didn't want to hurt him at all. This feeling kept on bothering her as she observed Kevin with her sword in her hand. Her eyes were watching Kevin carefully and her body was taut, ready to move at any second.

The two of them continued to stare at each other while the trade happened on the other side.