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221 Waiting

 The next day, Kanae felt rather lazy to go to school. She leaned on the glass window beside her desk lazily. In truth, she wanted to sleep, but she still needed to attend the class today.

Alice peered at her friend's face curiously. "Did you work overtime again yesterday?"

"No, I had a day's break because of my cousin's engagement party," Kanae looked towards the bag of cookies that Alice brought. "Is that for us?"

"Yes. I tried a new recipe yesterday. It went pretty well, so I brought them here to share," Alice grinned.

Receiving the cookies, Kanae tasted one of them. She smiled widely because it was extremely delicious. The cookies that Alice made were always top notch.

"Did you bring cookies again, Alice?" Misae looked towards the bag with shining eyes. "I always love your cookies. It increases my concentration when I take tests that I love it so much."

"I guess cookies can be a charm too," Kanae laughed.

Alice chuckled when she heard their joke. She glanced outside the window and noticed that there were three people outside. With a mere glance, it was easy to recognize them as Kevin and the others.

"President is outside. Do you want to meet with them?" Alice pointed out.

Kanae looked towards the three students. "I guess I can make do with skipping class again."

"You have turned into a bad kid, Kanae. I thought you would always attend class," Misae laughed.

"Well, people change."

In truth, she already skipped classes very often in the past. It didn't matter too much for her to skip them because she already learned the lessons during self-study before. Of course, most of the time, the reason she skipped was because of her body condition.

Seeing that Kanae already walked out on lessons again, Misae sighed. If only she were as smart as Kanae, she would surely skip classes very often. It was extremely boring to stay in class. However, the end term was near and it would do her no good if she skipped.

"What is the next lesson?" Misae looked towards the schedule with a frown.

"It's Teacher Charlie's class."

Hearing that, Misae groaned. No one liked the class conducted by Charlie because his lessons were always so boring. In addition, he loved to give out bad scores to the students, which meant they had to attend supplementary classes.

Alice's face also scrunched a bit. If one were asked, the worst class for them would be the class with Charlie as the teacher. A terribly boring class with strict rules, that was the perfect description for history class taught by Teacher Charlie. Unfortunately, there was no way out for them.

Outside the building, Kanae searched for Kevin and the others. She quickly found them on the court where she first met Kevin. Waving her hand at them, she walked towards them.

"Are you skipping classes too, Kanae?" Neo asked when he saw Kanae heading towards them.

Kanae nodded her head. "I'm bored. I have studied enough for the end term exams, so I'm not really worried."

Hearing the words end term, Mike's smile stiffened. He was pretty sure that he barely learned anything this semester because he was busy. At this point, he just hoped he could pass with the minimum score.

Neo snickered. "You'll need to attend the additional classes if you don't pass."

"Don't remind me of that!"

Kevin swept his glance past them and passed the ball to Kanae. "Do you have time for a game?"

"Sure," Kanae smiled widely.

Dribbling the ball, she made her way towards Kevin. She tried to make a feint to the right, but Kevin read her movement and snatched the ball before she could move to the other left. Sensing that the ball got snatched, Kanae shifted her balance to her other foot and moved to Kevin's side to attempt to snatch back the ball.

He knew that she was near him, so he stopped abruptly and bounced the ball between his legs to his back. Stepping back, he used his other hand to catch the ball and continued running with Kanae chasing after him.

Mike and Neo shook their heads when they saw these two starting a game again.

"These two never feel satisfied with their last results."

"At least, Boss isn't working again today. It's good for him to rest occasionally like this," Mike smiled.

Neo nodded his head. The two of them watched from the sidelines as Kevin and Kanae continuously switched possession of the ball. Their game ended only when Kanae couldn't keep up with Kevin's stamina and plopped down on the ground tiredly.

She felt rather thankful that she wore her sports uniform. Catching up with Kevin in a skirt would be hell.

"You're getting faster, President."

Kevin nodded his head. "You lasted much longer than last time."

Kanae grinned. She rested her hand on her lap when she noticed that she still wore the weight limiter. Because it was small and looked like an ordinary bracelet, she often forgot about it. Looking towards the limiters on both her feet and arms, she wondered how much faster she could move faster without them.

"It's rare for you to rest, President. Is there any special reason?" Kanae asked with a smile on her face.

"Not really, there is not much work during this period of time, so I can use the time to rest," Kevin answered calmly.

Mike came over and handed them drinks. The two of them accepted them and drank delightfully. Drinking something cool after exercising was always the best.

The four of them continued to talk about things they needed to prepare for the next event in the school. There was going to be one more event before the semester ended and the Student Council was once again responsible for it.

"Being part of the student council is so tiring," Kanae sighed.

Mike smiled wryly. "It's good for your future work experience and there are a lot of things that you can try by organizing the events. Are you interested in joining the student council again in your second year?"

"No, I don't want to join the Student Council again," Kanae answered promptly.


"I only joined because President asked me to stay just for an hour each day. Having to stay for one year is already more than enough."

Kanae thought about her own family and she knew that by the end of this year, she would separate herself from the Nali Family. It would be best for her if she didn't stay too busy in school during that time. After all, she was going to be very busy in dealing with the Nali Family and their schemes.

Kevin nodded his head. He looked towards Neo on the side. "What is it?"

Neo was holding his laptop and his expression changed instantly. He looked towards Kevin as a wry smile appeared on his face. "Boss, there are some problems."

"I'm going back first," Kanae tactfully moved away. There were still several matters in Kevin's life that she was not allowed to know. It would be better if she didn't stay here in case it was a sensitive matter.

After Kanae walked quite far away, Kevin looked towards Neo again. "What is the problem?"

"The other party who's conducting the deal is asking to trade the information in a real-life meeting. The representative they are sending is Tom."

Hearing that name, Kevin's brows creased. He finally realized that the one whom he clashed with last night was someone from Fiore Group.