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220 Clash between Hackers

 Kanae sparred with Tommy while they were waiting for Jason to finish the task. She was limiting her movement to allow Tommy attack in more ways. However, the discrepancy was quite clear as Tommy couldn't find loopholes in Kanae's movement at all.

"Captain, can't you wear your limiter or weights or something like that?" Tommy asked with tears in the corners of his eyes. He would lose if this continued.

Kanae looked towards Tommy weirdly. "I'm always wearing them."

"What? Are you telling me that you wore them in the mission?"


Towards the startled Tommy, Kanae felt rather confused. She rolled up her sleeves which showed the bracelet limiter that she wore. Although she didn't wear the vest because it would hinder her movement, her feet and arms still had them.

Tommy looked towards the bracelet with mouth opened wide. His captain finished her task while wearing those limiters. Did it mean she could move even faster if she didn't wear them? Just how fast could she move?

"Why did you wear them during the mission?" Shiro asked curiously.

"I forgot to take them off," Kanae scratched her head in embarrassment. She did forget because she was already used to their weight.

"...Jason, do you have heavier limiters for her?"

"I'll give it to you later," Jason smiled wryly. This captain of his grew too quickly. It was not going to be easy for him to catch up to her.

Kanae shrugged. "How's it going?"

"There are already more than 10 offers. Each of them are giving quite a lot. Do you have any interest in them, Captain?" Jason smiled. He didn't expect that there would be so many people who wanted the information. It seemed that the matter of the two family's collaboration had incited some hidden dealings.

"I need to know who I'm dealing with. Let me borrow your other laptop."

Taking the laptop, Kanae started typing at high speed. The other two were looking towards her with curious gazes. They wanted to know what Kanae was planning to do with those who made the offers.

"How many minutes do I have before the government notices my movement?" Kanae asked.

Jason tapped the edge of his laptop as he thought about it. "The government usually needs around 10 minutes to notice high-speed hacking. If you want to be safe, you better do it under 9 minutes."

"9 minutes?" Kanae nodded her head and started to type even faster. Behind her, Tommy felt dizzy when he saw the rows of code and other things scrolling down the screen. What his captain was doing was sure amazing.

Shiro looked towards Kanae with a solemn expression. Based on Kanae's speed, she would surely attract the government in a few more minutes. When that happened, they would not have any way to get out. There were more talented hackers on the government's side.

"I don't understand anything," Tommy cringed.

Jason shrugged. "There's no need for you to understand. This is just the way a hacker does her work. She's a natural talent at this and learns very quickly."

When he first taught Kanae about hacking, she was completely clueless. Yet, it hadn't taken a long time for the little girl to learn and even surpass him. However, her speed and way of hacking would surely attract the government if she did it for a long period of time.

Jason eyed the monitor before frowning. "Five more minutes, Kanae."

"I know," Kanae answered without looking back. Her entire concentration was on the monitor before her. "There's someone who's attacking back and his movement is similar to mine."

The other three looked towards each other in dismay. Facing someone with similar skills in hacking was not going to be easy. They only wanted to know the other party's identity before making the deal. Who would have thought that they needed to face an expert hacker head on?

On the other side, Neo was stupefied when he saw that someone was trying to hack his laptop. Without thinking much, he tried to block the attack. In mere seconds, he understood that he was not a match for this invader.

"Boss, someone is trying to hack us."

Kevin frowned and took the laptop immediately. He typed furiously and blocked the attack from the other side. Looking towards the speed the other party possessed, he knew that this clash was going to attract the government if it continued for a long time.

'Is this from the government?'

The movement was crude for someone from the government. He could conclude that this was also someone acting independently. However, he was not going to let the other party succeed.

Mike looked towards the rows of code in front of him with bewilderment. Those repeating 0's and 1's made his head rather dizzy. He truly hated math. Even the usual lesson was already too much for him. What was more, the code in front of him?

Tap, tap, tap.

After several more seconds, Kevin stopped his action. He stretched his fingers before returning the laptop back to Neo.

"Boss, did you win?"

"No, he escaped before I can uncover his identity," Kevin answered. Besides, he came quite late, which made him sure that the other party already knew about his identity. This person was quite interesting.

Neo nodded his head as his expression turned solemn. "Is it from the government?"

"I don't think so. If it were them, they're not going to run away after several minutes of clashing. Only someone hiding from the government is going to do that," Kevin explained.

"Who are they?"

"They might be the one who offered the information," Neo pointed at the screen with his index finger. "I just made an offer a few minutes before the attack."

Kevin nodded his head. He peered towards the monitor once more before resuming his work. Whoever that person was, he would wait for their movement. If they intend to harm, he wouldn't show any mercy.

In the abandoned building, Kanae stopped attacking and retreated. She looked towards the others with a grin on her face.

"I managed to uncover the 10 of them. Brother Jason, you have to search more about them and decide who we should make a deal with."

Jason nodded. "Sure, it's not a problem."

"Also, be careful of the Ryukalin Clan. Someone in their clan is a genius at hacking," Kanae smiled wryly. She nearly gave away the location of this place and Jason's identity. If not because of her timely retreat, she was not sure what would happen.

"The Ryukalin Clan?" Shiro arched his eyebrows. "They're quite amazing to push you back, Kanae."

"I'm not the best hacker, so it's quite obvious that there are more talented people out there. Anyway, the other person who got the information back then is the Ryukalin Clan," Kanae remarked.

Jason recalled that Kevin suddenly appeared on the second floor with his two friends. It seemed that this man made use of the ruckus to call back one of his friends, just like what they did.

His lips curled up. This was going to be very interesting.

"Do you want to trade the information?"

Kanae nodded her head. "Not so fast, though. Try to make a deal with the others first and decide what to do with the Ryukalin Clan last."

"Alright, it's time to work overtime," Jason stretched his body.

The other three went home to rest while Jason continued his work in his own car.