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218 End of the Party

 "She's truly ruthless," Jason shook his head. He watched the entire drama from the beginning to the end and saw how Sakura didn't want to listen at all.

"If it were you, I doubt you're going to show leniency to anyone who gets close to your fiancée either, Jason."

Jason tilted his head and saw Kevin with the other two. He shrugged. "I need a fiancée first if I want to experience it."

Mike smiled back in response while Kevin's gaze was on Sakura. He only came here because he heard the commotion and used the chance to have Neo sneak out from Jon's father's room. Although this event was rather unexpected, it kind of helped Neo disguise his whereabouts.

At this time, Kanae had joined the crowd on the second floor. She saw Kevin and the others and wondered what they were doing here. Looking towards Sakura and Amanda, her eyes turned icy.

'You reap what you sow.'

Even without her interfering, Amanda's ending wouldn't turn out to be any different. Because that girl was aiming for something that shouldn't be hers, she had to face the consequences.

Not wanting to waste her time any further, Kanae slipped out of the crowd and walked down the stairs. It didn't take long before she left the mansion and disappeared into the darkness.

Meanwhile, Sakura was still kicking the kneeling Amanda while Jon straightened out his clothes. He looked towards his fierce fiancée and wondered what she would do to him if he really cheated on her. Thankfully, this time Sakura didn't blame him because she knew that girl had wicked thoughts. Knowing that it wouldn't end too well, he knew it would be better if he restrained his urge for the time being. This incident might cause others to give them more unwanted attention.

That was not something he liked.

"Darling, I think it's enough."

Sakura's eyes were still cold and fueled with hatred. She hated how Amanda took the situation lightly. Clamping down on her raging feelings, she forced herself to put on a smiling expression, yet it turned to look like a cringe.

"Let's go back."

Jon nodded his head. His head still throbbed from the alcohol, but he didn't dare to say anything. Stretching his hand forward, he invited Sakura to link her hand with his.

Facing this gesture, Sakura accepted it without much thought. Her mind was still thinking about how she would deal with Amanda after this was over. There was still a crowd in front of the door, and she needed the people there to disperse because the party was still going on.

"There's nothing else to see here. Please return back to the party," Sakura said with a forced smile.

Taro looked towards the girl and shook his head lightly. This was the first time he saw Sakura looking this worn out and disheveled. Usually, this girl was exceptionally glamorous, so this was quite a treat. Even though no one dared to say it blatantly, many of them didn't like Sakura, so this was truly refreshing.

"The show ended quicker than I thought," Taro murmured.

"Even if it wasn't long, it's already more than enough to make everyone see her true nature," Jason answered.

"It's that poor girl's fault, though. I'm sure Frank and the Aida Family will shift the entire blame on the girl to wash off Jon's reputation."

With the ability these two families had, it was close to impossible for this stain to remain. Money was all it needed to make sure this news get twisted to the point that the blame was never on the couple. It was extremely easy.

"We're going to be alright, but what about them?" Taro pointed his chin towards the branch family members who managed to see bits of the event.

"There's no need to worry. They'll naturally shut their mouths without the need to tell them so. This is just amusement in their eyes and not anything more than that," Jason answered calmly.

The branch family members were smart people. For them, any matter regarding the four big families was something that they would never divulge outside. This matter was the same as over.

"That's too bad, I wanted the news to hype about it," Taro sighed.

Jason shook his head. He looked towards Kevin not far from him. "Are you also interested in this kind of drama, Kevin?"

Kevin looked back. "Not really."

Jason arched his eyebrows at Kevin's answer. If the latter was not interested, why did he come up and watch the drama? Well, it was not his business, though. Besides, there was something else he had to do in a few more minutes.

"I'm going back first, Taro. It's too tiring."

"Okay, see you later. I'm still going to snack on some food before going back."

After bidding his farewell, Jason walked out from the mansion towards his own car. He drove himself today, so it was easy for him to go towards Black Street unnoticed.

Kevin glanced towards Neo. "How's the search?"

"I found it," Neo smirked. "However, the information is only half. It seems I have to sneak into the Nali Family's room too if I want the other half of the information."

Mike peered towards the guards and shook his head lightly. After the incident with Amanda, there was no doubt that there would be many more guards than now. It would be hard for Neo to sneak inside the other room. In addition, Sakura had warned the guards to watch over Amanda.

"We will need to find another chance," Kevin answered calmly.

Neo scratched his head. "There was another person when I came up before. I'm sure that person is looking for the information too, but I didn't manage to meet with the other party. I think, there's a possibility that he got the Nali Family's information."

"We're going to need the black market."

Kevin nodded his head lightly. His eyes swept the crowd once more. "We're going back. Search for the information. I want to find it as fast as possible."

"Yes, Boss."

As the people went home one by one, Frank took another drink and chatted with the head of the Aida Family. He looked towards the other party hesitantly.

"Are you sure that it's fine to leave that information in our room?"

The head of the Aida Family laughed. "What are you worrying so much about? I already planted a virus that will destroy the information if the laptop is not opened by us. There's no way those rats from the underworld can decode the information."

"I'm just worried," Frank shrugged.

The man merely sipped his drink. "Even if they manage to find the information, I made sure to encrypt it and they will need to hack into two laptops. Only an expert can break it and there is only a limited number of people who can solve this kind of code."

"I see. Now I can understand why you're so confident."

Frank felt more reassured. At this time, he noticed that the number of the guests had decreased rapidly. The party was not over yet. Why did they start to go back so early?

"There is something wrong."

He approached his daughter and found out the truth of the matter from her. Hearing what had happened, he was enraged. He quickly forgot about the matter of the information as he vowed to make Amanda's life miserable.

With a flick of his hand, he summoned his men and gave them orders.

"Don't worry, Sakura. Father is going to redress your grievance."

"I'm not worried, Father. I know you're the best," Sakura put on a sweet smile for her father. She lowered her head slightly and a cold glint appeared in her eyes. She would see things to the end for Amanda and make sure that the girl would have a miserable end!