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217 You Reap What You Sow

 Sakura greeted the guests with a smile plastered on her face. She was already tired of dealing with numerous people for hours. Unfortunately, there were still a lot more people she had to entertain. It didn't help that her fiancé was not here.

"Where's that Jon?" she glared at the servant by her side.

"Replying to Young Miss, Young Master drank too much. He's now resting in his room."

Sakura's face darkened. Did it mean that man left her to deal with the guests by herself? She truly needed to complain to her father about this. Having such a detestable fiancé was truly annoying.

"Amanda, bring me a drink."

There was no reply and Sakura's mood plummeted even further. She looked towards her empty side and wondered where that girl went.

"Where's that annoying girl?"

"Young Miss, Miss Amanda went upstairs a few minutes ago. She hasn't returned," a servant answered.

Sakura furrowed her brows. She didn't ask Amanda to do anything there. What was that girl doing up there? Feeling rather angry, she stomped her feet and made her way up.

The servant, Tommy, smirked slightly as he glanced downwards. He navigated through the crowd with the tray on his hand and offered drinks to guests before leaving through the back door. It was a door for the servants and also the exit route they had prepared for him.

"Sakura is heading upstairs too. There's going to be a good show."

"I can see that from the camera. Tommy, you have two minutes before the next guard passes the backyard."

"I got it."

Climbing up, Sakura saw the young masters from the other various families also gathering to go up. Seeing that they were heading towards her fiancé's room, she felt rather glad. It meant she could finally get some help from her useless fiancé in dealing with the guests, as her father wanted her to network with them as the representative from the Nali Family.

The young masters knocked on the door but received no reply from Jon. Having drunk too much, it was only natural that the young man fell into a deep sleep.

"He needs to wake up soon. His fiancée is here," Taro pointed his chin towards Sakura.

The other guys nodded their heads. They chose to barge into the room because it would be unsuitable if the one who did it was Sakura. Rather than putting her on the spot, they decided to just volunteer to let this man save some face.

"Jon?" one of the young masters was stunned.

The young men didn't dare to go inside. The position of the room allowed them to see part of the bed, and what they saw was not something good. They had seen two pairs of feet. Since Sakura was outside the room, the one inside should be someone else.

Did it belong to Jon's girlfriend? One pair of feet clearly belonged to a girl. No one had the courage to utter anything because wrong speculation might kill them.

They stopped in front of the door and no one dared to go in. They were afraid that they would stumble into something that they would regret the rest of their lives.

"What is it? Why don't you wake him up?" Sakura noticed that their movement stopped. She moved through the crowd and peered inside.

The moment she saw those feet, her face blackened. Her blood boiled as rage overwhelmed her. Her eyes flashed in fury. She could accept him getting drunk and making her do his share of the work. However, having an affair was clearly out of the question.

Who did he think he was? Even though she didn't care about him, she cared about her image. Who would want to be labeled as a woman who couldn't keep her husband? They hadn't gotten married yet, but people would still look at her that way.

Stomping her feet loudly onto the floor, Sakura made her way towards the man inside. Her eyes were filled with rage. She wanted to know, what kind of girl did this man fancy over her?


Kicking the edge of the bed loudly, she made the two people on the bed wake up. Even the young masters outside were stunned, and they looked towards each other in confusion. No one knew what they should do, so some of them returned back to the party and told the others about what they saw.

"This is not going to end well," Taro shook his head.

Jason crossed his arms. "What do you think? Who is the one at fault between those two people on the bed?"

"Both of them are at fault," Taro creased his eyebrows. "Anyway, let's make things more fun. I'll call the others from the four families up here to enjoy the show."

"Good luck with that."

Inside the room, Sakura recognized the girl beside Jon and her fury reached another peak. She could partially accept it if Jon got closer to a famous model because she knew that models were incredibly pretty and seductive. Or if he had some weird taste with men, she might be able to accept it. However, the one beside Jon was none other than her lackey: Amanda.

From their interaction, not even once did Jon show any interest in Amanda. Why did these two end up on the same bed now?

Jon blinked his eyes and looked towards Sakura with question marks all over his face. "What is it, darling?"


Sakura kicked the edge of the bed once again. "Care to explain to me, what's going on with you two?"

Facing the raging Sakura, Jon was rather confused. He looked towards his side and narrowed his eyes at the sight of an unfamiliar girl. Because he had gotten drunk, his head hurt and he wanted to sleep. However, he still remembered that he didn't stay with a girl during the time he was here.

Looking at Amanda, he felt rather annoyed. This girl was merely the daughter of a small company that wasn't worth much. Even if he wanted to cheat on Sakura, he would not search for such a lousy woman like this.

Without much thought, he kicked the girl off the bed.

"Who are you? Why are you in my bed?"

Amanda was still rather dizzy because of the sleeping medicine from Kanae. It was only after she was kicked off the bed did her head clear up. She recalled where she was and looked towards the two angry and annoyed people in front of her.

Her heart skipped a beat. "Miss Sakura, I... This.... I'm innocent. I-I don't know how I ended up here."

Sakura looked at Amanda coldly. "You're saying that you got into my fiancé's room without realizing it? What a perfect lie."

"No! Wait, I'm telling the truth... I..." Amanda could not remember what happened after she came inside the room. She did aim for Jon but at that time she was sure that there was someone else inside the room. Unfortunately, the raging Sakura would never let her explain her side of the story and just push all the blame on her.

"Telling the truth? Who do you think you're talking to?" Sakura crossed her arms and looked down on Amanda coldly. Her gaze was filled with murderous intent as she hated being backstabbed like this. Who would have thought that this girl dared to scheme against her like this?


"I only allowed you to stay by me because of kindness alone. You overestimated your worth, Amanda."

Hearing Sakura's cold tone, Amanda trembled. This side of Sakura was something she had never encountered during her time serving the latter. Sakura was always so pampered that she didn't know that this girl could be so ruthless too.

Sakura gazed icily. "If this were the ancient times, your scheme would result in you getting married to the man. Unfortunately for you, we are in the modern times. Do you believe I can't make your life miserable?"

Amanda shivered in fear. Behind Sakura was the humongous Nali Family. With the pampering Frank lavished on Sakura, it was child's play to make her life miserable. Mere words were enough to destroy her.

"No, Miss, please have mercy... Please..."

Looking towards the shivering Amanda, Sakura snorted and kicked the poor girl. If this was what she got from showing a bit of kindness, it would be better if she had never shown it in the first place.