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216 Close Call

 Tommy dragged the drunk Jon to his room. The guards allowed him to pass once they saw Jon. There was no way they would not allow their own young master to pass.

Upon arriving in the room, Tommy scanned the room. He didn't see anyone there, so he quickly laid the sleeping man to the bed and searched around for the other half of the information. The laptop was nearby, so all he needed to do was rummage around.

"Oro, the laptop is locked."

"Is there anyone else around?" Kanae asked while she was rummaging through the bag. Her eyes swept the items as she searched. It took her several seconds to finish looking through them all.

'I guess my uncle is not that stupid to bring it around.'

She put the things back into their place before walking towards the door. If there was no one else around here, she could sneak into Jon's room and check the laptop herself. After all, Tommy didn't know how to hack other people's laptop and electronics.

Shiro looked towards the monitor before frowning. "Amanda is heading upstairs."

When the two of them heard that, they quickly readied themselves as they knew that Amanda could head towards any room on the second floor.

After following Sakura's instruction to stay quiet, Amanda felt bored. She saw how Sakura was having fun interacting with the others. It was nauseating and she hated how pampered that girl could be.

'She's just someone who knows how to use other people.'

Sweeping her glance across the hall, she noticed that Jon Aida, Sakura's fiancé, got drunk. His friends pushed him to drink too much, which was more than the poor man could handle, which caused him to get drunk very quickly. Seeing how his friends didn't even want to help and ask a servant instead, she sneered.

That clearly showed others how the relationship between the four big families was not as harmonious as they showed on the surface. Even an outsider like her knew about that very well. She shook her head lightly as she knew that this was quite a pitiful man.

However, the Aida Family behind him was still rather powerful. It would be hard for any ordinary family to match up against this man's background.

'Should I...?'

An evil thought appeared in her mind as her lips curled up into a wicked grin. Sakura only told her to stay in the back and not disturb the party, but there was no instruction not allowing her to go upstairs. Even if this man was a poor man in terms of conduct, he was not bad in terms of background.

Besides, she was already tired of being Sakura's lackey these past few months. If not because of her mistake in trusting Sakura's instructions months ago, she would not be stuck in this position. No one wanted to get close to her anymore, and it was a huge disgrace for her pride.

Making up her mind, Amanda made her way upstairs. She met with the two guards and smiled sweetly.

"Miss Sakura asks me to take something from her room."

The guards recognized her as someone who stayed with Sakura, so they nodded their heads. "Don't take too long."


Amanda moved her feet along the hallway. She knew that Jon passed out in his room, and his room was near Sakura's. They were quite far from the stairs. Without thinking much, she moved towards the door and opened it.

Hearing the door being opened, Tommy tensed up immediately. He cursed internally as he thought why Amanda would come here instead of Sakura's room. With a swift movement, he hid behind the curtains.

Seeing the messy room, Amanda frowned. She did not expect this man's room to be like this. Looking towards the sleeping man on the bed, she smirked and walked towards the bed. Her eyes noticed Tommy when she got near, but before she could see clearly, a pillow blocked her view.


Tommy blocked her mouth. Amanda's eyes widened, and then she felt something pricking her on the back of her neck. She screamed but the pillow muffled her shriek. The next second, her feet felt weak and her eyes were heavy. She had fallen asleep.

"You're quick, Kanae."

Kanae nodded her head. She used the ring that Jason gave to her before the mission to make Amanda fall asleep. Upon hearing that the door she opened was Jon's, she dashed out silently and made her way here.

Seeing the sleeping Amanda, Tommy sighed. If he had made a move, the guards outside would have known that there was an intruder here. However, Amanda was only sleeping, so they wouldn't suspect that.

"What should we do with her?" Tommy pointed towards Amanda.

"Let her stay here. Isn't that what she wants?" Kanae answered ruthlessly.

Hearing Kanae's tone, Tommy shuddered. He knew that Amanda wouldn't have a good end by eyeing Sakura's fiancé. Even though Sakura was a pampered lady, she was extremely ruthless in her conduct. It was something that he knew from the stories that Kanae shared occasionally. Now that they left her here, it would just escalate things further.

"You should go back and act as if nothing happened. Go back first, I'll come later."

Tommy nodded his head. "Be careful, Captain."

As Tommy made his way towards the door, Kanae looked towards the two sleeping people on the bed. Her eyes turned cold as she recalled the episode at the school. Even without the camera telling her, she already knew that this was the girl who tried to harm her in the past.

The conversation she had with Sakura the day before the incident made her feel disgusted. If it were Sakura who wanted to have her die, she might understand a bit because Sakura has hated her since a long time ago. However, Amanda changed the task she was given that day and nearly killed her.

'If you want glory and money, you can get all of that very easily with a price.'

Kanae moved her feet away as she scanned the room. From what she knew, this man was only a useless son in the Aida Family. There was no way his father would trust him with the important information regarding the secret weapon. This made her rather uninterested in him.

"Jason, bring them all here."

"Can you get out?" Shiro asked.

"Sure, I'll get out now," Kanae answered and walked out the door. She swiftly moved towards another room and hid behind the door. Inside her heart, she wondered what kind of idiot would leave his room door opened like this.

When he got the order, Jason smiled towards the others. "Shall we make a visit to Jon? It's a bit unwise if we leave him alone."

Taro looked towards Jason as if he were seeing an alien. From the years that he knew Jason, there was not an instance that Jason would volunteer to do something like that. Of course, that was excluding the tasks this man had to do when his family members wanted him to uphold the Wells Family's name.

"I'm sure he's already sleeping by now. Jon loves to drink very much."

"At the same time, he doesn't have good alcohol tolerance. It's quite pitiful for the man."

Jason put his glass down. "He is the main character of the event today after all. It has been some time, so we should just check on him to see if he wants to meet with his fiancée again."

It was at this time they recalled that Sakura was still in the hall. She was busy dealing with the guests while Jon was sleeping peacefully. No matter which angle they viewed it from, it was not too fair.

"Alright, let's go up."