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215 Half Information

 After separating herself from Sakura, Kanae moved to the back. As a minor character of this party, her existence was quickly being forgotten. The guests rarely knew about her, and most of them ignored someone who didn't wear expensive clothes like her.

After moving behind the crowd, Kanae reached the back stairs. There were only several servants around her, but they too were busy delivering the drinks to the party. She turned around and climbed the steps towards the second floor.

The second floor was supposedly off-limit for anyone other than the Aida and Nali Families. Kanae saw the two guards guarding the entrance to the hallway and smiled slightly. It was easy if she wanted to just trespass them, but she had to beat the camera too.

She moved towards the side and knocked on the door. The sound caused the guards to tense up.

"Who's there?"

No one answered.

The two of them looked towards each other. "Try to look at what's there. I'll stay here to guard the entrance."

When one of them moved, Kanae moved to the roof. The height between the floor and the roof was quite high. Because it was a narrow hallway, her height suited the most to have her hand and feet propped her to stay above. Moving them slowly, she made her way towards the rooms.

"What do you find?"

"There's nothing there," the guards shrugged. "Maybe we mishear because the people downstairs are loud."

"You're right."

Kanae continued her way when she noticed the camera suddenly moved towards the other side. Her eyes narrowed. Jason shouldn't be able to interfere because he was busy dealing as the young master. It meant there must be someone else around here.

She sped up her movement and reached the end of the hallway. She heard the sound of something fell from the other side of the room, so she knew that the person who came here also tried the same thing with her. Well, he did it with more ease.

Relaxing her hand and feet, she dropped to the floor with swift movement that didn't cause any sound. She moved towards her uncle's door right beside her and opened the key using a clip she had prepared beforehand. Within seconds, the door was opened and she came inside.

'Whoa, Uncle Frank is still as messy as ever.'

Compared to her room, this place was worse. She guessed that her uncle must be busy because of the marriage arrangement between the Aida and Nali Family. Still, she didn't understand why her uncle wanted this marriage to happen so badly. After all, that Young Master Jon was not that spectacular too.

She looked towards the laptop on the table. Her uncle even forgot to turn it off when he used it before. Shaking her head lightly, she made her way towards the laptop while being careful to not step into anything else.

Tap, tap, tap, tap.

Browsing through the laptop, Kanae found out that her uncle was truly careless. The businesses of Nali Family were written here. There were even some secret deals and so on. If this leaked out, the Nali Family would be finished.

'Do you trust the guards that much?'

Kanae copied the secret deals proof from the laptop. If in the future came the time when she needed to face off her uncle, she could just use this. Of course, if it was not needed, she wouldn't want to because she didn't hope for the downfall of the entire Nali Family. There were a lot of innocence people in the family.

She continued to browse the laptop when she found a specific file being locked.

'Here I thought you was not careful, Uncle.'

It took her less than 5 seconds to unlock it and looked into the file. There were two files. The first file caused her facial expression to frown. Disgust appeared on her face as she quickly moved back from the file. She wouldn't want to open them again.

She quickly looked into the second file and her eyes shone as she found out what she had been searching for.

"Oro, the information they have is about the secret weapon, right?" Kanae suddenly asked.

Jason was talking with the others when he heard Kanae's voice. He let the others talk while he answered.


"I get the information," Kanae said calmly. Tommy almost leaped in joy when he heard that, but Kanae's next word caused him to frown. "But only half."

"What do you mean by half?" Shiro was startled.

"There's some detail about the weapon and so on, but the one Frank has is only half of them. In addition, there's a map with three horizontal lines. I believe that this is just half of the information, and the rests are with the Aida Family."

Shiro frowned. "Can't you take them?"

"I'm not alone on the second floor. When I came inside, someone else came here. Since this room is the farthest, I guess he's in the Aida Family's room. Even if I come there, I don't think I want to confront him."

By this time, Jason stopped talking. He was frowning as he didn't think that there was someone who has the same thought with them. It was not that weird, but their timing was too precise.

If he asked Kanae to press on, she would get found out by that person. It was possible for her to make that person faint, but she would make the other party fail to get the information. Unless they knew who the other person was, it was better to not move so rashly.

"Woah, you're drinking too much!"

The young masters were looking towards the wasted Jon with a pitiful look. They never intended to make this young man drunk, but he dug his own grave by accepting all the other drinks.

"Jon, can you walk?" Taro asked while waving his hand in front of the drunken man.

Jon slapped Taro's hand. "What are you talking about? I'm fine."

The other young masters knew that this man was not fine. With this kind of condition, there was no way he would be alright.

Jason looked towards Jon for a moment as an idea popped out in his mind. He smirked.

"Let me ask the servant to take him upstairs."

"That's a good idea."

The other young masters clearly didn't want to accompany Jon because they were not too close to him. Asking a servant to take him back was surely the best option.

Besides Jason, Tommy quickly appeared. From the moment he heard about Jason's idea, he put the tray on his hand to the nearest table and came here as fast as he could. He knew that Jason wanted him to be the one to check the room for the young master.

"Waiter, can you please help him return to his room?"

"Certainly, Young Master," Tommy answered politely.

Jason moved to the side and whispered to their communication device. "Make sure the other man that comes is not in Jon's room."

Tommy nodded before helping Jon up. Upon sensing the stink aroma from alcohol, his face creased a bit, but he held on. His mother was usually worse than this, so he has some tolerance when coming near them. Still, it was not that comfortable to have them stayed very close to him.

Inside the room, Kanae shook her head lightly with a smile on her face. It seemed that she didn't have to do the task by herself anymore. Her eyes darted in the room.

"Shin, is there anyone nearby?"

"No, it's clear."

Kanae looked towards her uncle's bag. "I want to check something else. Remind me if there's someone coming."

"Okay, Captain."