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214 Reconnaissance

 Kevin was also among the crowd. He came to the party right at the time most people started to arrive. This would prevent the guards from checking on him for too long and allow him to come prepared.

"Neo, are you ready?"

"Don't worry, Boss. I'm ready anytime," Neo smirked. Kevin had tasked him to search for information while Kevin and Mike were busy talking with the guests. Even if their aim was for the information, they still needed to talk with the other and build connections.

Mike swept his gaze across the room. There were not that many people yet, so they still needed to wait for a bit more.

"Boss, Ferdinand is here too," Neo frowned. "The government is also paying attention here."

"I know," Kevin answered calmly.

It was not weird for the government to send one or two people as their representatives. However, the three of them paid more attention when the person they chose was Ferdinand because they knew this man was not an ordinary person from the government.

"Could it be that he's here to protect the Nali Family? The news about them having the special letter has spread," Neo contemplated.

"It's possible, but I don't think that's the only reason. If it's just for that, they can send someone else. The government may eliminate the Aida Family if the Nali Family leaks out news about the letter," Kevin answered.

Mike frowned. "Why are they going through so much trouble for a single letter?"

Kevin's gaze deepened and trace of ruthlessness flashed for a moment. His expression was still the same as usual, but his aura changed for a second. His two friends noticed the changes and they looked towards Kevin solemnly.

"If you know the meaning behind the letter, you will know why they're wasting so much time for it," Kevin answered.

"You never told us, Boss," Mike sighed.

Neo patted Mike's back. "You don't have to know for now. You should focus on your mission of protecting Boss."

"I know."

Mike looked towards his friends with a wry smile. It was not like he didn't believe in them, but he just felt left out. Because of the limits of his intelligence, Kevin and Neo chose not to tell him the details about the letter. He knew that Kevin would tell him in the future, but he was already feeling impatient.

"Should I move now?" Neo asked.

"Not yet."

Kevin was surveying the others in the hall when he noticed Kanae standing quite far from him. She was dressed like a servant again, but this time she looked neater and walked more carefully.

Unbeknownst to him, the corner of his lips raised slightly. Seeing Kanae dressed like that again reminded him of the previous time he took her to a party. At that time, she too was dressed like that.

After that, Kevin saw Kanae clash with Sheila. Upon looking at how Sheila confronted Kanae, Kevin's face turned dark. His complexion turned worse when Kanae also clashed with Sakura. Even if he was located far from them, he could guess that Sakura was bullying Kanae.

"Boss?" Neo tapped Kevin's shoulder.

Kevin stopped suddenly. He glanced at his feet and noticed that he had strayed from where he was standing earlier without realizing it. His clenched hand loosened again. At this time, he was extremely aware that he viewed Kanae as someone extremely important to him.

Closing his eyes, he tried to calm down. Why was it that he couldn't control his emotions when it was about Kanae? He had to control himself better.

"Boss, I think it's time for me to go," Neo said. He actually called Kevin because he saw the latter unconsciously stepping forward. As someone who stayed by Kevin's side for years, he knew very well how this man usually conducted himself. It was difficult for him to lose control, but this time it happened.

He wanted to talk to Kevin about this, but that would have to wait for another time.

Kevin nodded his head. "Be careful. Don't let them find out that you're moving alone."

"Don't worry, Boss."

Neo slipped into the crowd. He purposely moved alone because it was common for young men to walk around in a party. It would be weirder if he attracted attention by walking around in the crowd. However, if he got captured, no one should know that he belonged to the Ryukalin Clan as it would make the situation more complicated.

He moved towards the stairs and climbed up slowly. When he arrived on the second floor, he noticed the guards blocking the way.

'How troublesome.'

Fiddling with his watch, he controlled the camera on the second floor to avoid him before flicking something to the other side. The guards heard the sound and moved slightly.

"There's another sound. This time, you're the one checking it."

"Wait here, I won't take too long."

This time? Neo furrowed his brows. Did that mean someone was thinking the same thing as him and came here? He looked around but noticed no one. Since it was so, he chose to make another sound from the stairs. The sound caused the guard to come towards him.

He hid behind a door and when the guard passed by him, he moved stealthily towards the rooms. From the information he got, Jon Aida's father's room was quite close and the door couldn't be seen from the hall. It was the perfect place for him to start searching.

Neo secretly sighed as he slipped into the room and saw the mess inside the room.

"Why is this place so dirty?"

He looked towards the bed and instantly recognized what activity was done there. His expression changed into that of disgust. From the information he gathered, he knew that Jon already lost his mother years ago. It meant the woman Jon's father had was someone completely unrelated.

He truly couldn't understand what these old fogies were thinking. They didn't even bother cleaning up after they were done. Didn't they worry that the staff would find out about their actions?

Shaking his head to erase those thoughts, Neo walked towards the laptop. It had been left behind on the table. Turning it on, he noticed that it was locked.

"Heh, it's an easy lock. Who do you think you're trying to guard against?" Neo smirked.

He started to move his finger to unlock the pass. He didn't have much time because the longer he disappeared, the greater the chance for them to notice something off. He didn't want to fail his first exciting mission after staying low for a long time.