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213 Inside the Party

 Jason came to the party rather early because he was one of the core members of the four big families. They had to give some face to the Nali and the Aida Families. Because his father didn't want to come because of their two families' disagreement, he sent Jason as the representative.

Jason made sure that his tuxedo was flawless. He was already used to this kind of event and his appearance was always top-notch. No one dared to nitpick him in terms of appearance.

When he came inside, Frank welcomed him warmly and introduced Sakura to him.

"Young Master Jason, this is my daughter, Sakura."

"Sakura greets Young Master Jason," Sakura curtsied politely. Her graceful movement suited her position as one of the core members of the Nali Family. Added with her spectacular appearance today, she successfully stole a lot of the guests' hearts.

Unfortunately, Jason never had a good impression of Sakura because of his relation with Kanae. He had seen for himself Sakura's foul side and came to dislike this girl immensely. Still, his face showed none of his real feelings as an amiable smile was plastered on his face.

"Nice to meet you, Miss Sakura," Jason answered politely.

Sakura nodded as she secretly looked towards the young man's countenance. It was not a lie to say that most of the members from the four big families had excellent genes in terms of appearance. Many of them were extremely good looking.

"How is your father's condition, Young Master Jason?"

"Father is not feeling well, so he sends me as his representative," Jason flashed an apologetic smile.

Frank nodded his head. They all knew the others were only acting, but no one was foolish enough to point it out blatantly. Even if they knew the other party was lying, what could they do?

The Wells Family was far bigger and more powerful than the Nali Family. Scrutinizing the Wells Family would be the same as looking for trouble and burning their bridges. No one here was stupid enough to do that.

"Please come inside."

Jason walked with Frank for a few minutes. They exchanged some pleasantries and Jason answered amiably but never divulged any information about his own family. He was already trained since young about how to conduct himself in this kind of event. There was no way he would make a blunder like that.

After a few minutes, another core member from the Doha Family arrived, so Frank bid his farewell.

"It's tiring to answer their questions over and over," Jason motioned for Tommy to come closer and took one of the drinks. "Try to stay close to the Aida Family. They're more cunning."

Tommy nodded his head and made his way towards the group of young men on the side. He didn't like staying here and serving them with a smile plastered on his face like a clown, but this was his mission.

Jason wanted to relax, but his friend already came over with a wide grin on his face.

"My brother Jason, you came so early!"

"Taro, can you please not stick so close to me. Also, what's with the 'brother'? We come from different families."

Taro smiled widely. He was also wearing a tuxedo, but with a bright yellow tie.

"Did you pick your clothes by yourself again?"

"Why? Am I not handsome?" Taro smirked.

Jason rolled his eyes. Taro's fashion sense was the worst and he couldn't bring himself to say that to the other party. When Taro was dressed as a girl, he would be very fashionable. However, when he was dressed as a man, it felt like he forgot his real gender and caused the others to hurt their eyes.

"Come on, don't be like that. You're not going to get a girlfriend if you keep on being so cold."

"Oh? Why do I sense otherwise?"

Taro opened his mouth and closed it again in the next second. He couldn't refute Jason. After all, there were always numerous girls trying to get close with Jason while none paid attention to him.

"You should share some of your popularity with me! I need it the most!"

"..." before that, wear the right clothes first!

Jason shrugged and moved back a few steps. "I want to meet with the others. Do you want to come along?"

The others referred to the boys from the four big families. Many of them came here today to celebrate this engagement party. Some of them were from the core family while the rest came from the more well-off branch families.

Taro frowned. Neither one of them liked to stay with the crowd and face those bootlicking people. He was disgusted by their double-faced personalities and preferred to stay far away from them. Why did his pal want to meet them tonight?

"Are you sick, Jason? I thought you hated them the most."

"I don't really like them, but I have to socialize too," Jason answered calmly.

Taro rolled his eyes. With Jason's skills, it was not hard for him to win over those young men's admiration and make them his loyal fans. Coupled with the man's background, just a flick of his hand was enough to make them all move. There was no need to greet them personally as it was simply too bothersome.

Jason smiled calmly. He was about to move towards the group of men when his eyes caught a certain man standing alone calmly. His eyes narrowed slightly as he recognized that man's appearance. With his excellent memory, there was no way he wouldn't remember that incident on the last day of their training.

Following Jason's gaze, Taro looked toward that man with bewilderment. "Brother, don't tell me you're into men... Ouch!"

At this time, Jason already stepped on Taro's foot in annoyance. "What is Ferdinand doing here?"

Taro glared at Jason, but he still answered, "He's a special member the Nali Family invited here. Why are you paying special attention to him? He's one of the common guests from the government's side. Haven't you met with him a few times in the past?"

Jason nodded his head. He did meet with Ferdinand a few times in the past, but at that time, he hadn't had the coincidental meeting yet. The meeting inside the forest caused him to feel suspicious about this man, and he didn't feel too comfortable talking with the other party.

"If you want to talk to him, just go over there. He's quite amiable," Taro shrugged. He didn't understand why his friend would be that bothered about this minister.

Taking a deep breath, Jason shook his head. He did feel suspicious about that minister, but he didn't want to make the other party pay even more attention to him. There was nothing he needed from Ferdinand either, so for now, he would not do anything yet.

"There's no need. Let's go meet with Jon. He's going to waste himself if this continues."

Taro yawned. "Let him be. He's the main star for today's event. Besides, he has a room upstairs in case he does get wasted."

Jason shook his head lightly. Even if they knew about the room, there was no way they wanted to use it if it was not needed. It would be shameful if Jon passed out while his fiancée was busy greeting the others. He truly didn't understand why the Nali Family picked this kind of man to be the family head's daughter's fiancée.

As they walked away, Ferdinand also noticed the two of them. "Those two seem rather close."

"Young Master Taro and Young Master Jason always love to hang out together when they have time, so they're quite close with each other."

"I see," Ferdinand nodded his head. He saw Tommy on the other side of the room and recalled his conversation with Jason.

'So that boy is truly a servant.'

"Minister Ferdinand, do you want more drinks?"

"Yes, thank you."