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211 Preparation

 "President, I want to ask for a day off today," Kanae informed Kevin when she met the latter in the Student Council Room.

Kevin stopped what he was doing and looked up at the girl before him. "Is there anything wrong?"

"Tomorrow is the engagement party for my cousin. I have to prepare myself," Kanae answered. In truth, she would only wear simple clothes for that party, but she couldn't say that to Kevin.

"You'll come too?" Neo asked in surprise.

Kanae nodded her head. "Will you three attend the party?"

"Yes, we're invited as one of the businessmen's 'friends'," Kevin replied calmly. In truth, he asked for the invitation from his friend, so he could attend, as his relationship with the two families was not too close.

"I see."

"Do you need a dress?"

"There's no need. I don't have plans to wear an expensive dress for the party," Kanae shrugged. "There's no need for me to dress up so formally."

"Won't your cousin pick on you once they see you dressing so simply?"

"Let it be," Kanae sneered. "She won't be able to hurt me with her words either, so I'll just let her off."

Kevin frowned. He felt like he wouldn't like it if he saw Kanae being picked on. However, his words stuck in his throat as he decided that it would be best if he didn't try to meddle too much. He was only her superior; there was no need for him to break that invisible barrier between the two of them.

"Be careful, Kanae."

"Yes, President," Kanae answered calmly before leaving the room.

Inside the room, Kevin looked in Kanae's direction for a few seconds. He soon resumed his work and didn't bother with his thoughts anymore. On the side, Neo had been paying close attention to his Boss's expression.

"Neo, if you don't work now, I'll make sure you work overtime tonight."

"Yes, Boss."

Neo hurriedly turned his attention back to the monitor and did his work. Did his Boss have a third eye? He felt like Kevin knew his movements even without looking at him.

Mike shook his head at these two's exchange and continued his work.

While these three were busy in the Student Council Room, which has transformed into their workplace lately, Kanae returned to her house. She changed her clothes into a black male outfit, but this time she didn't wear a cloth to cover her face. She merely tucked her hair under a hat that she wore.

Finishing her preparation, Kanae darted into the darkness towards an abandoned building in the Black Street areas.

"You're late, Captain," Shiro waved his hand when he saw Kanae.

Kanae frowned slightly. "Shin, are you skipping your work for today?"

"You can say so. I'm scouting the areas around the place to make sure that I will be hidden well."

"Are there good places?"

Shiro nodded his head. "There are three perfect spots in my opinion. I'll pick one of them tomorrow, so I can be hidden from their view and finish our job."

Kanae nodded her head. She sat down on a dusty box. This place was unattended, and they left it like that to make sure no one was suspicious. Since they also only came occasionally, no one knew that this abandoned place was their secret meeting spot.

"You're not allowed to move unless it's necessary. At most, try to warn us when there's danger. Oro will give you his laptop to let you observe the situation and tell us everything."

Shiro nodded his head. Truthfully, he hated the job of supervising from the monitor because he didn't know much about technology. In terms of the computer, he only knew how to search for something and run some programs. For the other complicated things, he could only raise his hands in defeat.

Two men appeared as they were speaking. Tommy waved his hand lightly.

"You two are very early. I thought that no one came here yet," Tommy remarked with a grin plastered on his face.

"You're the one who's late," Kanae rolled her eyes.

Tommy shrugged. "I had to turn in the form to not participate in training for two days. Those seniors are giving me trouble again."

Jason patted Tommy's shoulder. "Men shouldn't be afraid of being bullied."

"I'm not afraid!"

Jason ignored Tommy's outburst and placed his bag on the table. "I have completed the items you want. Shiro, I made advanced night-vision goggles for you that lets you see far away without trouble. For Kanae, a hidden weapon in the form of a ring, and Tommy a small recorder in the form of a pen."

Taking those items out, he gave them to the other three. Tommy looked at the pen with question marks covering his entire face. He didn't understand what the purpose of this item was.

"You're going to be a servant. This is the best chance to stumble into a secret conversations here and there," Jason explained.

"It feels like being a spy. It's quite interesting."

Kanae looked at the ring that Jason gave her. It looked like an ordinary cheap accessory, but she was pretty sure that it was not that simple.

"There's a needle inside the decoration. You're not from a well-off family, so this kind of ring shouldn't destroy your image," Jason explained.

"You're correct," Kanae flicked her hand to reveal the needle beneath the gemstone accessory. "I bet this will make them fall asleep."

Jason nodded his head. "These are all the pieces of equipment I can prepare for you. As for the rest, you should make preparations yourself. Also, I won't be able to hack into the cameras while being a guest. Try to avoid them as much as you can."

The other two nodded their head. It was more convenient to have Jason disable the cameras before they made their move, but they couldn't do that every single time. Because of that, they have been practicing how to gauge the cameras' range and how to avoid them.

"How much did you spend to make these items?" Tommy asked doubtfully.

Jason smirked. "I only used the money I got from my share in the group. Did you think I used my family's money to make them? I'm not that dumb."

"What about your own company?" Shiro frowned.

"It's being closed down again," Jason answered nonchalantly. Because of his rivalry with the other members from the Wells Family, he was having trouble here and there. Of course, he never let them bother him too much and enjoyed the extra free time he had to plan for taking back what was his.

Kanae frowned. "You have to be more careful, Brother Jason. Those from the families are not simple."

"I know. Some of them are a complete blockhead, but a rare few of them are genuinely geniuses," Jason smiled kindly.

Tommy played with the pen for a while. "What's the plan during the party?"

Towards that question, Kanae smiled. "Let me explain it first."

The three of them listened carefully as Kanae told them the gist of her plan. It was dangerous but at the same time, it was an intriguing plan.

Tomorrow would determine whether their plan would succeed or fail.