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210 Special Weapon Research

 Kanae took out a piece of paper from her pocket. Her name was not written on the invitation, so she knew that it would be fine to show it to Master Rudy.

"I believe this is not as simple as joining hands between the two big families, right?"

Master Rudy saw the invitation. He stretched out his hand and inspected it gleefully. "This invitation shouldn't have been leaked out to people other than the members of the four big families. You're quite something to be able to retrieve it."

"I have my own ways," Kanae lied without blinking. It was given to her because she was part of the four big families.

He read the content and waved his hand towards the young man. The latter took out a similar piece of paper. Master Rudy inspected the two pieces of paper closely.

"Yours is the real one from the four families," Master Rudy nodded his head and returned the invitation. "I believe you have some connections inside."

"What about my question, Master Rudy?"

"You're correct. This is not as simple as joining hands. The two families, Aida and Nali are planning to collaborate on new research, and this engagement is just their way to show that they won't back down," Master Rudy looked towards the two of them. "Do you understand?"

Kanae nodded her head. She didn't understand what her uncle wanted to do with this engagement. She knew how much that annoying man loved his daughter, so it would be impossible for him to just sacrifice his daughter like that.

"What kind of research are they planning?" Jason creased his eyebrows.

"Weapons," the young man answered. "They want to create new weapons illegally to counter the clans."

Hearing that, Kanae frowned. Both the clans and the families were not allowed to bother with each other because of the agreement they came to in the past. This was to ensure that they could coexist in the same city and allow the city to prosper.

Jason raised his head as he thought about the meeting between the four families. This time, the situation was quite tense as there were some disputes. Even as the future successor, he only knew half of what was going on. They didn't disclose anything, but he could guess from his father's expression that the latter was displeased.

This proved that whatever the Nali and Aida Families planned for was not too great for the other big powerhouses.

"Is it a special weapon?"

Master Rudy nodded his head. "No one knows for sure its form and features, but I'm sure the clans are not very pleased with this development."

The two of them nodded their heads. If the weapon was developed successfully, it might pose a threat to the clans until they found a way to counter it. During the process, there might be a lot of casualties.

"They can't do anything about it. Unless the family blatantly poses a threat towards them, they won't be able to stop the development."

"There's one way for them to interfere," the young man spoke up.

Jason nodded his head. "The black market."

This black market could refer to two kinds of market, but each of them was still illegal. One of them was those visible markets in the Black Street areas and the other one was through the internet where anonymous dealers and buyers made secret trades of items and services.

Through the black market, the clans could issue secret missions to sabotage the research before it finished. In other words, this would be a covert battle.

"It's going to be really interesting," Kanae nodded her head slightly. "Thank you for your information, Master Rudy. You're truly helpful."

Master Rudy watched as the two youngsters disappeared before walking back to his seat. He looked towards the displeased young man beside him. "Are you not satisfied with this development?"

"Master, what if they don't do anything?"

"I doubt that," Master Rou answered calmly. "One of their members should be from the four big families. It's a bet whether they're on the Nali and Aida Family's side or the other one."

"What if your bet turns out wrong? Isn't it the same as alarming the other side?"

Master Rudy laughed. "Those two should already know about this, so there's no harm with me telling them. It will instead be a loss if I don't tell them. Don't worry. I believe in my instincts that those two are not from the greedy whales."

Towards his eccentric master, the young man felt rather helpless. He looked in the direction of their car. If they were truly on their side, it would be for the best as he didn't want to become enemies with their little leader.

"Let's return."

"Yes, Master."

Inside the car, Kanae took Jason's I-Pad and started browsing the black market. Seeing her action, Jason was stunned.

"Be careful to not alarm the government. You're going to make them suspicious if you bypass their defenses so fast."

"Don't worry. I will infiltrate as fast as I can and I'll retreat back before they notice anything," Kanae answered with her eyes glued to the screen. After several seconds, she closed the I-Pad and leaned back on her seat.

"What did you find?"

"There are a lot of clans who issued orders to secretly locate the research lab. Some of them even posted large sums for groups or gangs to destroy the place."

"That's interesting," Jason nodded his head. "You'll soon make your move to separate from the Nali Family, right? This is the perfect mission for you to rake in some cash."

Kanae nodded her head. "You're correct. Tell the other two, prepare themselves for a tough mission."

"Yes, Captain."


Kale Company

Kevin was looking at his phone with a dark face. "You know that you should just do it yourself, right Taro?"

From the phone, the sound of a pitiful laugh could be heard. "Come on, be a friend and help me out. The Doha Family can't interfere because of our agreement in the meeting. I can only ask for your help to find the location and destroy it."

Kevin tapped his table. "If it's in my territory, there's no doubt that I can destroy it just fine. If it's outside my area, you'll have to find other people to do it."

"Well, just post a mission. Offer a high price; I'll pay half of it. The Ryukalin Clan also wants to stop them, right?"

It was true as Neo already posted some missions in the black market per his request. The Aida Family had several estates in their area, and Kevin was not going to let them off if they truly planned something like that. As for the Nali Family, the only property they had in his territory was the mansion where Kanae lived.

"Sure, I'll share the news with you as long as you can pay me."

"That's great! Just bill me later."

Kevin set down the phone. He looked towards Neo. "You can ask for payment from Taro once the deal is done."

"No problem, Boss," Neo smirked. He was ready to milk this cash cow. Taro should be ready for a massive dent in his account after this.

"Be prepared to infiltrate the Souhon Clan's area too," Kevin ordered. He would not rely on groups and gangs too much. They were rather untrustworthy compared with his own subordinates. As for the rules? If they did it secretly, there was nothing wrong.