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209 Engagement Party Invitation

 As the end term was approaching, Kanae got news that Sakura was engaged with a young master from the Aida Family, one of the four big families in this city.

Towards the news, she paid no heed. Unfortunately, it was written in the invitation that she had to attend.

"Will you go to the party, Rei?" Jason called from the special phone.

Kanae leaned back on her chair as she tossed the invitation up and down in her hand. It was left right in front of her house and there was even a special note included that she had to go. Even if she didn't like it, right now she was still part of the Nali Family.

"I have to go. You also know that," Kanae answered calmly. "Let's try to ask Master Rudy again."

"You're going there again?" Jason was stunned. "I'll drive you. Wait at our usual spot."

"Got it."

Kanae quickly changed her clothes and slipped away from her home. Her movements were quick and no one detected her as she arrived at their usual meeting spot.

"You're quick, Rei," Tommy greeted Kanae with astonishment.

Kanae frowned. "What are you doing here?"

"I want to try challenging Master Rudy too."

"You're not at his level yet. Just go back, Tom."

Tommy nodded his head. He was roaming around this area when he heard those two's conversation. Instinctively, his feet brought him to this place. It didn't take long for Kanae to appear here.

"Fine, but you have to be careful, Rei. I heard you almost died when you visited him alone last time."

Kanae frowned as she recalled those sudden arrows. It was not Master Rudy's intention, but it was indeed extremely dangerous. If she didn't stay alert for even a second, her life would have been game over. However, she was already used to those kinds of battles.

"I'll be alright."

The car arrived and Kanae got in. Tommy sighed as he watched the two of them depart. He wanted to get even stronger, so he shuffled his feet back to the street. This was the reason for his sleepiness in school. Even when there was no mission, he would train on Black Street.

Jason looked at Kanae with hesitation. "The Lighting Gang will call us when it's safer. Do you think you can handle those experts?"

"If I can't, will you step forward?" Kanae asked back.

Hearing that, Jason stayed quiet. The two of them knew that in order to secure complete control over the northern area, they would need to convince the people through power. Unfortunately, it was a dangerous bet as they might lose their lives if they lost.

Among the four of them, Kanae was indisputably the strongest. It would be a very dangerous battle, and her existence would be representative of their group's strength when things settled down.

"Be careful, Master Rudy is strong."

Jason parked the car, and the two of them got out of the car. They saw a crowd of people around them, but they immediately made way. No one tried to block them as they walked inside.

When they walked past the crowd, Jason stopped his steps and watched from behind as Kanae approached the master. The bulky old man's eyes lit up when he saw Kanae. He smiled widely.

"I have heard of your achievement in the battle. You're not bad, little girl."

"Thank you for your kind words, Master Rudy," Kanae cupped her hands and bowed slightly.

Master Rudy took a blade and walked over leisurely to stand in front of Kanae. There was still several meters' distance between the two of them. It was not too far, but not too close either.

"Are you ready for another thrashing, little brat?"

"I'm afraid you're the one who will lose."

Master Rudy smiled as he watched Kanae's movement carefully. In the next second, the two of them moved forward and clashed their blades. The loud screech from the two blades caused the others to instinctively cover their ears in surprise.

However, the two of them were not finished. They stepped back a bit before charging towards each other again, trading several moves within seconds. Their fast movement caused the onlookers to gape.

"She's faster than before," the young man who always accompanied Master Rudy ambled over to Jason.

Jason nodded his head. During the training, she was not this fast even without the weights limiting her movement. Within the span of a few weeks, she has left them all in the dust once more.

"You seem to be stronger than before too, Oro," the young man scrutinized the other party.

"I've been training a lot lately. I'm afraid you won't be able to beat me again this time," Jason looked back with a sharp gaze at the young man beside him.

The very first time they met; he was beaten up terribly by this man when he was trying to save Kanae. He still remembered how painful that experience was, and he didn't want to experience that again. The second time they met, he barely hung on under the beating, but he still stood up straight with dignity.

Now, nearly one year has passed and he was ready to face this man once again. There was no way he would let the past go just like that.

"Unfortunately, you're not my match yet," the young man answered idly.

Jason narrowed his eyes. "How do you know if we don't try?"

"You better rein in yourself. There's an important venue you have to attend, right?" the young man asked back.

Hearing that, Jason frowned. Did this young man know that they had to attend the engagement party of the Nali Family? He was pretty sure that they had never revealed their real identities. Well, if they recognized his face, they would surely know him as the young master of the Wells Family.

The two of them stared at each other. With the slightest hint, they would undoubtedly start fighting with each other.


The sound caused them to turn their heads simultaneously. They saw Kanae slump to the ground with her back against a big barrel. Her crash with the barrel must have been what caused the sound.

"You're quite cunning, Old Master," Kanae said in a muffled voice. Because of the cloth that covered her mouth, her voice sounded even lower than usual, even when she spoke in a low voice as Rei.

Master Rudy smirked. "It's a common method in Black Street. The best skill you need to have is to be shameless and use every method you can think of to win."

"I believe you're the best when it comes to underhanded methods," Kanae nodded her head and stood up again.

The young man facepalmed. 'Master, please stop teaching outsiders to fight dirty.'

"Now, let's talk business," Master Rudy placed the blade in his hand to the side. "I'm sure you two didn't come here just to entertain me, right?"