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208 Rely on Me More

 The boys halted their movement when they heard Misae's voice. They turned their heads and saw Misae standing behind them with a determined expression.

"Wow, there's a brave chick over here."

"What brave? She's just foolish. Do you think you're someone great?"

"It's just a first-year. What do you want to do with her?"

"Oh, I know! She would be great amusement for us."

"You're into that kind of thing?"

"What thing?"

Seeing them quarreling with each other over her, Misae was confused. What should she do now? She moved forward out of impulse, so she didn't know what she could do after facing them.

When it came to fighting, she was obviously not their match. Even if she had learned a little bit of martial arts, Misae was a complete blockhead in terms of actual fighting. She could not face them at all.

Her face fell as she realized her foolish action. However, she could not stop herself because she had seen how they were ready to put the poor teacher in a predicament.

"You can't do that. It's a crime," Misae repeated her words again.

The men looked at her. "It's not a crime as long as no one knows about it."

The moment he said that, the others surrounded Misae. They wouldn't allow her to go around and report their actions to the teachers. They might get into big trouble if the teachers were here.

"Well, let's just give this brave student a lesson to make sure she doesn't meddle in others' business again."

"She seems to be from a rich family."

"It's fine, we're also from rich families."

"Girl, you shouldn't have interfered. I'm sure you're also the same, hating that teacher for giving you a bad score."

It would be a lie if she said she did not. After all, she was rather depressed when she looked at her low score. Even so, she would not do this kind of thing to ensure a higher score.

"It's still wrong to steal the answer sheet from the teacher and flood his desk!" Misae said again. This time, her voice quivered a bit.

"She's just a dumb girl."

"Let's just finish this quickly."

Misae tried to escape, but the students blocked her way. The only way to stop them was only by calling for help, but she was not sure if she could do that right now. Her sudden action might cause them to move forward and attack her.

It was only now that she realized that she was in big trouble. Her strength could never match up against these guys no matter what she was going to do.

Misae felt like crying. She was so dumb that she didn't think about this before she took action.

'Someone please help me! I don't know what to do.'


"Do you mind stopping your bullying?"

The students were startled. They looked at the dented wall near them with a pale face. Facing this person, they didn't have the slightest hope to win or to get away. If that fist had reached them instead of the wall, it would have been an instant ticket to the hospital.

"Mike, we're just joking. There's no need to be so angry."

Mike swept a cold glance over them. "Violating the school rules will result in detention or worse, expulsion from the school. Do you believe that I have the ability to do that?"

They nodded their heads frantically. With Mike's position and Kevin's achievements, the only ones who dared to face them would be those from the four big families. As for the others, many of their parents didn't even have a company as big as Kevin's, so it would be a hard fight.

Besides, they heard that Kevin had a special connection with the principal. No one wanted to try their luck.

"We're sorry."

The gaze Mike gave them was chilling. Compared with this boy's usual kind smile, he looked far scarier this way.


With one word, the boys immediately bolted away as if they were being chased by a big horde of beasts. None of them tried to look back as they knew that it was the same as courting death.

Misae looked towards Mike with relief and nervousness. The Mike that she saw just now was unfamiliar. She had never seen him with such a scary face before. This made her rather nervous because she knew that it was her fault.

"Thank you and I'm sorry."

Mike walked towards Misae and sighed. "Are you alright?"

"Yes, I'm good."

"Don't you ever do that again. You're just a girl, okay?" Mike asked with concern in his voice.

Misae nodded her head. She knew that it was a mistake for her to suddenly move forward even when she knew that she was not their match. However, she just couldn't stop her impulse. Because of how she was raised, she always hated people who did things like that. She wanted to stop them, but her confrontation just got her into trouble rather than stopped it from occurring.

"I won't do it again," Misae promised. In her heart, she wondered whether she would be able to do that.

Mike frowned a bit when he saw the hesitation in Misae's face. "You shouldn't throw yourself into trouble. Rely on me more. I'm your boyfriend, right?"

Misae nodded her head and a smile blossomed on her face. That was correct. Mike is her boyfriend, so she could rely on him more. But she didn't want to be a nagging girlfriend that couldn't do anything by herself.

Worry flashed on her face as she thought about something else. "But what if they're good at fighting?"

"I'm also good at fighting and at this school, there's almost no one who dares to make a move against me," Mike patted Misae's head.

"You have my phone number, right? Call me when you need me."

"I'll do that," Misae had forgotten about calling for help. Her phone was right in her pocket. It was easy for her to reach it and call for help, but she did not. What a stupid move by her.

She completely forgot about something so important.

"Why did you appear so fast?"

Mike pointed to the room not far from them. "It's the Student Council Room. Do you forget that the location of our room is not far from the teacher's room?"

The Student Council Room was made to be soundproof, but he sensed hostility outside the room. Because of his position as the guard, he knew that he had to stop their fight, so he came forward. Who would have thought that the one in trouble was his girlfriend?

He patted Misae's head as he thought about how small she was. Misae was actually taller than most girls, but compared to him, she was still shorter, which made her look small in his eyes. He wanted to protect her even more.


The sound from behind him caused Mike to pull back his hand as fast as he could. He turned his head and saw Neo standing with his arms crossed.

"I don't want to disturb you flirting, but we're going to the company. Do you want to come or not?"

"Alright," Mike looked towards Misae regretfully and bid farewell to the girl.

Misae watched the two boys leave as she buried her head in her hands. That was embarrassing!