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206 Aftermath

 Many of the stores and public facilities didn't open for the next couple of days. The police were working hard to ensure the cleanup finished quickly, but they still had to take several days. There was too much to do, but the workers didn't receive additional payment, which led them to protest a lot and thus take up even more time.

On the other hand, the students enjoyed the vacation. They were glad that they didn't have to go to school and study. Staying at home and playing games was the best thing that could happen to them. Only a small minority said otherwise as they wanted to learn in school again.

All in all, they still enjoyed the 'vacation' that they got. After all, they could spend their time with their family or friends rather than fulfilling their duties as students.

Kanae still came to work as the company couldn't be closed or they would lose a lot of money. This made her rather busy as many of the employees sent in excuses to not come in, and their work was distributed among the others, including her.

"You sure work hard, Kanae," Mike commented when he saw her piling up the reviewed reports on the side again.

Kanae smiled wryly. "I have to make sure that I work as much as possible. I need the salary too and if the company goes bankrupt, there goes my money."

Seeing Kanae's playful banter, Neo laughed. Having cleared his suspicions about her, he grinned widely and freely.

"Is your mind only filled with money? You don't even use that much money every day."

"I have my own use for it," Kanae shrugged..

"Today is the day school starts again, but you spend your time in the Student Council Room to help us?" Neo asked in amusement. It seemed as if Kanae has become a part of their group because she was almost always there to help them out.

Kanae shrugged. "There is too much work and too little time, and I already learned most of the lessons, so there's no need to bother with them."

"You're right."

"Is that interesting teacher creating trouble for you again?" Neo recalled that eccentric teacher and asked.

"No, President's warning from before caused him to not bother with us too much. With my background, I doubt he's going to ask a lot of questions of me," Kanae answered calmly.

"I see."

The door opened, and Kevin walked in. He looked towards the three of them with an expressionless face. "We're going to send Jay off from the school. Do you want to come along?"


Kanae followed after the others as they gathered near the gate. At this time, Jay's friends have returned to class and only a few of them stayed there. Jay smiled when he saw a group of people coming towards him.

"I thought you were not coming to see me go," Jay smiled.

Neo grinned. "We don't have much to do right now, so I don't think there's anything wrong with seeing our annoying member off."

"I'll miss training you," Mike smiled.

Jay shuddered when he saw Mike's smile. What he recalled from this man was always only the intense training. Now that he knew the other party's identity, he realized how Mike could conjure up the hellish training. He was truly a training maniac!

Tommy shrugged. "You're going to miss the school trip at the end of the even semester. There will be a lot of girls there and you can peek...."


"Should I forbid you from coming along, Tommy?" Kanae asked with an evil smile.

"Wait no, I'm just kidding! Believe me, I won't do that," Tommy was surely seeking death if he dared to do it, especially if the person whom he peeked at was Kanae. That would be instant death.

Not only one instant death, but it might also turn out to be triple because the other two would never let him go.

Kevin crossed his arms. "If you truly dare to do it, I'll make sure you train under Mike for the rest of your time in the Student Council."

"What?" Now Tommy wanted to cry. He knew Kanae was angry because she was a girl, but why Kevin should join in too? He was only joking and never had any intention to truly do it.

Neo glanced at Kevin for a moment before turning his head back to Jay. "Take care of yourself. Managing the clan as the sole young master is not easy."

"I know," Jay smiled. "Thank you for the time in the Student Council."

After the attack on his own clan, Roy was sent to jail. They had specifically asked to put him in the special high-security prison because Roy was an excellent fighter. It would be hard for the police to contain him if they put him in an ordinary prison.

Jay wanted to visit his brother, but no one allowed him to. They knew that Roy would still try to attack them based on that man's pride. They couldn't risk Jay getting into danger again, so this boy was not allowed to go there.

In addition, Jay was going to stop going to school because they needed all the help they could to reform the territory. After that event, there were a lot of people who still sided with Roy. They had to make sure that those people no longer made any trouble in their territory.

It would be dangerous for Jay to stay in the school because there was almost no protection. In truth, Jay knew that he was surrounded by excellent fighters, but he would never reveal that to others.

"Let's meet again in the future," Kanae smiled brightly.

Jay nodded his head. "When we meet again, I'll make sure you all no longer recognize me. I'll make sure the Souhon Clan becomes the second strongest clan again."

After that event, their ranking dropped to be third and nearly reached fourth. At this point, these two were at the very bottom as there was no other clan strong enough to become the fifth. The next one in line was too small to get into the big five, so now they were only the big four.

"I'll be waiting for that," Kevin answered nonchalantly.

They talked for a bit more until it was time for Jay to leave. Vero had been waiting, and the two of them returned to their clan.

"Young Master, Master Ren wants you to learn everything about managing the clan."

"I know," Jay answered impassively. In the past, he was never put under any intense training because they believed it was his brother who would take the position. Now that he was the next in line, he had to study more.

Jay looked back towards the school behind him as memories flooded his brain. He wanted to stay there and experience normal high school life with the others, but it was impossible. He knew that, yet he couldn't help but feel rather sad.

In his heart, he vowed that he would get stronger, so he would not embarrass his clan's name in the future anymore.

In the school courtyard, Kanae pointed to the classroom. "I better return back to the class. I believe Misae and Alice are worried about me."

"See you later, Vice President."

Neo nudged Mike. "Do you think Jay can become better in the future?"

"If it's about fighting, he has already almost reached his highest potential and it's hard to improve," Mike answered. "If it's about leadership, I'm not sure."

"He's far lacking to be a leader, unlike our own Boss," Neo grinned.

Mike shook his head. "You shouldn't compare him with our Boss. If ordinary people can be compared with him, I'll think that the world is coming to an end."

Kevin looked towards the two of them. "We'll attend class today. If you two still talk nonsense, you have to work overtime today."

"Yes, Boss."

They quickly followed after Kevin and forgot about their chat.