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202 Chaos

 Tommy was still angry at Shiro, but he immediately called Jay. On the other hand, Jay was surprised to see Tommy called him so soon.

"Tom, we're still going to pay the usual amount if you decide to help us."

Oh, there was also payment? Tommy felt slightly better, but this was not the reason for his call. "Jay, Fiore Group will help you."

"Really?" Jay almost yelled. His loud voice caused the other clan members to turn their head towards the boy. Seeing his excited voice, they could guess that he had just gotten a piece of good news.

"Yes, we're going to help you, but you can't question our way of doing things," Tommy said his term. In truth, he only said this because he truly didn't know what Kanae had in her mind for their plan.

"Okay," Jay nodded his head. "Can you get us out of this situation?"

"We may ask something of you, but you shouldn't mind because we'll be the third in command, right?"

Jay didn't know what to answer anymore when he noticed that the people in front of their gate started to make a ruckus. Tommy had ended the phone call, so Jay quickly ran towards the other elders.

"What is happening?"

"Young Master, the Lighting Gang suddenly made a move against the group of people outside."

"Lighting Gang?" Jay was surprised.

Master Ren stroked his beard with an astonished expression. "Young Master, do you remember the weird gang that only accept requests from the people who can pass through their group of men within 30 seconds?"

Jay recalled the memories of his past. His father once took him and Roy to visit a certain big man who asked them to wait. When they heard the sound of a gunshot, they rushed to their father. However, the bulky man merely said 42 seconds to his brother and 57 seconds to him.

It was only later did he learned that the man would only acknowledge people who were strong, and the two of them failed his test. In their clan, only four people who were still alive have passed the test.

"Do you think your friend Tom can pass?" Master Ren asked. The Lighting Gang had one principle; they only negotiate with the strongest! Because the four people who passed in this clan didn't have anything that gang wanted, only Fiore Group could have done it.

Jay shook his head. He knew that Tommy once said to him that the latter's capability was only around the same as Roy's, so it was impossible for him to pass.

"Who is the strongest in Fiore Group?"

Jay remembered the admiration in Tommy's face previously. "Rei."

"I reckon Rei has passed the test Josh conducts," Master Ren smiled. "You have admirable friends, Jay. Now, we already have enough people. We should start our fight."

Jay looked around him. They had been waiting for helpers in terms of numbers. No matter how strong they were, facing hundreds of people with only a small number of people was suicide. The only way they could do was wait.

If some small gangs stood up for them, they would gain the help they needed. The help from the Lighting Gang was rather unexpected and it was more than enough for them face this bunch of troublemakers.

The gate opened, and they moved forward to attack the people in front of them. The clash between the two groups of people was inevitable.

Roy gnashed his teeth. He swore that he would eliminate that gang the very moment he finished his work here. Did they think he was also not suitable to be the clan head?

"Brother!" Jay ran towards his brother with a sword in his hand.

"Do you also want to stop me, Jay? Don't be ridiculous, do you think that you can face me with those measly skills of yours?"

Jay gripped his sword tightly. He knew that his brother was correct as he was still very weak and far from reaching his brother's level. However, nothing would ever be resolved if he kept on running away. He had to face his brother.

"I might not compare with you, but I can fight back."

Roy's face turned cold. "This is why I hate ants. You should know your place better than this, Jay!"

He unsheathed his sword and lunged towards Jay. Facing his sudden attack, Jay immediately used his sword to block the advance. The power behind Roy's attack was greater than what he thought as he stepped back a few steps to dampen the force of the blow.

Tap! Tap! (The sound of footsteps)

Jay swung his sword forward in a slashing movement and Roy immediately pulled back to a distance where the blade couldn't hit him.

"Such lousy movement," Roy snorted.

He stomped on the ground and moved forward. The two of them clashed their swords, making loud sounds that reverberated in the air. Most of the time, Jay was at a disadvantage as he kept on moving backward. His brother's attack started to overwhelm him as Roy increased his tempo.

Roy swept his sword from his lower left and clashed with Jay's sword. This movement caused Jay's body to be unguarded. Without much thinking, Roy kicked his brother's stomach and sent the boy back.


Jay crashed into the wall and he felt deep pain from his stomach. He looked before him, but what he saw was his brother's foot. The other party started to kick him mercilessly.

Roy only stopped when a sword came between him and Jay. "You came, Master Ren?"

"You should stop," Master Ren glanced towards Jay on the ground. Based on what he saw, he knew that Jay wouldn't be able to move around to retaliate anymore.

"I'm just teaching my brother a lesson," Roy snorted.

"Unfortunately, you're not qualified to teach him anything."

The two of them moved, and their swords clashed. Unlike Jay, Master Ren's movements were excellent and proved to be much more powerful than Roy's. Within minutes, Roy was pushed back and his sword was thrown aside.

"You shouldn't be too happy about defeating a youngster, Master Ren," Roy snarled.

"I don't feel happy," Master Ren said in a flat tone. No one knew that he was feeling rather conflicted right now. He couldn't hurt Roy as he was the one who taught this boy how to hold the sword in the very first place.

Jay stood up with difficulty. "It's your loss, Brother."

"I haven't lost yet!"

"Look around you, your subordinates have lost. Brother, can't you just accept the fact that we're indeed not suitable to be the next clan head?"

Roy laughed dreadfully. "This is why you're so weak, Jay. Do you think that everyone is like you? That place is rightfully mine, and I'm not going to give it to anyone!"

Seeing his brother so angry like that, Jay shut his mouth. He looked towards his brother as he thought about why his brother became this fixated on the position of the clan head.

Master Ren put his sword down. "You're under arrest due to treason against the clan, Roy."

Roy glared menacingly. "You will regret letting me live!"

The two of them couldn't bring themselves to kill this young man. Jay couldn't kill his brother while Master Ren couldn't kill his disciple.

"The police will take you away. In the heavily guarded prison, there's no chance for you to escape, Roy."

The other members held their swords cautiously around Roy to prevent him from moving. Because of his wounds from clashing with Master Ren, Roy knew that he truly couldn't move too much. His eyes burned with deep hatred. He would take back the position in the future! Just see, he would never let them get away with it.