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201 The Biggest Gang in the Souhon Clan’s Territory

 Tommy kicked the man in front of him that he had finished beating up previously. He leaned on the wall lightly, ignoring the filthy smell around him as this part of Black Street has always been dirty.

"Oro, should we accept the proposal? It sounds quite interesting."

"You're saying that because you want to help Jay, right?" Jason immediately asked with a cool voice.

Tommy scratched his head. He did want to help Jay because he noticed how desperate his friend sounded on the call just now. Having been friends with the other party for a few months, he felt bad if he were to leave him alone and not help him.

On the other side of the call, Jason was resting in his room because his work doubled due to the clan battle. Instead of being happy, he was feeling rather annoyed because the development of the battle caused him to be very busy. The businesses of the Wells Family in the Souhon Clan's territory were in trouble because of the battle.

"Rei says that the decision for this battle is in your hands, right? She doesn't want to get involved," Tommy added.

Jason nodded his head. "She can't show herself in front of Jay and Roy. You should know that they might guess her identity because she was always near Kevin when they met in the past."

"So, what's your decision?"

"Don't you already know the answer? Of course, we're going to help them," Jason answered lightly.

"If that's your plan, why are you telling them to wait?" Tommy almost yelled.

"Shin should be already in that big man's place."

Tommy's face scrunched when he recalled that big man. He was an annoying person who gave them a weird test before helping them. Thankfully, he managed to pass the test because Kanae already finished most of the guys on the way.

"Can't you three tell me the plan? There shouldn't be any need to act so secretively."

"That's because you're too dumb, Tom. If we tell you, you might go out and tell the others about it."

"[email protected]#$%^&*! I'm not that idiotic!" Tommy snarled angrily.

Jason sighed. "I'm going to cut the call. When Shin calls you, you should make a call to Jay telling him that our group accepts his request."


Tommy noticed that the call was cut. He kicked the trash can near him in annoyance, adding more litter to the ground. The men around him flinched as they inched away in fear of angering this man again. He didn't understand why they should wait for Shin before telling the Souhon Clan that they accept?


At the same time, Shiro was busy talking with the big man inside the Souhon Clan's territory.

"You are very gutsy, little brat," the bulky man laughed. "But I like your attitude very much."

Shiro showed a gentlemanly smile. In his heart, he was secretly cursing Kanae for giving him such a job while that girl was resting. He knew that Kanae didn't want to get involved, but at the same time she can't just leave Jay alone. This resulted in her delegating the work to the others while she kept her words to not get involved with the Souhon Clan.

He was currently sweating heavily because he couldn't fight in close range. If not because Jason had to be present in a different place to avoid involved, he wouldn't dare to be here alone. These two's real life identities truly annoy him to death because they were acquainted with certain important people. It made them unable to 'disappear' at times.

Looking towards those scary guys around him, he wished for nothing more than bolting out of this place. Or if it were not possible, he wished to dig a large hole and hide himself in it. He didn't want to die yet!

"Boss wants me to replace him here, so here I am," Shiro answered in a solemn tone. He was trying his best to not leak out any of his real feelings.

The bulky man nodded his head. "Your little captain is interesting and powerful. I'll be glad to cooperate with him."

Shiro nodded his head. He was thankful that Kanae showed her prowess when she came here previously. He completely forgot the mouthful of complaint he originally planned to give that girl. This made their negotiation easy because the latter was also interested in Kanae.

"If you want, I can tell him that you want to have a spar with him."

The bulky man waved his hand. "There's no need. I don't wish to battle with a kid."

"A kid?" Shiro was startled.

"There's no need to hide it. That brat Rei is just a little kid. There's no way he can have that smooth skin if he's already an adult," the bulky man laughed.

"..." The only part of Kanae that was visible should be her eyes and her hands. They couldn't possibly do anything to mask her hands because it would limit her movement, so it became quite visible that she was young. Of course, only those who paid attention would notice as Kanae usually moved at high speed and didn't allow anyone to know about this point.

Shiro readied his gun. "The Souhon Clan's people are coming here. Will you help Roy to betray the clan?"

"I'm not part of the clan," the bulky man stood up lazily. "My name is Joshua, you can call me Josh. If I oppose Roy, will Fiore Group truly help us?"

"We never lie, and there's no need to lie to you," Shiro stared back into Joshua's eyes.

Joshua nodded his head and looked towards the young man beside him. "Your build is similar to Rei's; dress up in black clothes and hide in the back."

"That's truly a good idea," Shiro smirked.

The young man immediately took the clothes they prepared and wore them as fast as possible. After that, he took a hat and moved to the darkest part of the hideout. With the dim backlight, all they could see was a silhouette standing in that place with a firm posture.

"You're not allowed to move."

"Yes, Boss!"

At this time, Roy's subordinate already arrived. He looked towards the group of people in front of him with a frown. They were showing hostility even though this was supposedly the Souhon Clan's territory.

"I want to see your Boss."

"I'm over here, what do you want?" Joshua shouted from quite a distance. He didn't have any intention to come closer and give face to this newcomer.

"Souhon Clan's legitimate leader, Roy Hon, asks for your help in taking back our rightful place," Roy's subordinate answered.

In the back, Shiro scoffed. What legitimate leader? Even an idiot knew that the previous clan head had picked Master Ren as his successor. Based on the rules, if the current clan head had said something, they had to follow it or they would be called traitors.

Joshua stood up without any intention of moving. "Do you think we, the Lighting Gang, is part of your clan?"

The man noticed that the surrounding people were giving him hostile gazes. He knew that Joshua wouldn't move as they wished.

"Of course I know that the Lighting Gang is the indisputable gang leader in the Souhon Clan. If you help us, we'll help you gain greater reputation outside our areas."

"Too bad, you're the second person who asks me this," Joshua crossed his arms.

The man's face fell. He knew that he would be in serious trouble if he didn't say anything soon. "Whatever that person said to you, there's no way his reputation is bigger than our clan's."


"You should watch your mouth," Shiro said calmly. He was only shooting the space right next to the man, but it was enough to give them a scare. At this time, he was also standing in the dark, avoiding the light that would give away his features.

"You, who are you?" Roy's subordinate was stunned.

"Just a passerby," Shiro looked towards Joshua.

"He's the representative from the other side, and I prefer to believe his words as I have seen by myself how powerful they can be. Based on what he says, I should instead fight you back if I want to be more famous," Joshua smirked.

The man's face turned pale. He didn't know who that man was, but he knew that man was probably a big shot. Who could it be? The other big clans shouldn't have stepped in because they couldn't gain anything.

He gritted his teeth. "You started it, Josh."


"My name is not for the likes of you to say," Joshua readied his blade. "Men, let's fight."

Shiro turned his special phone on and called Tommy. "You can call Jay. We're going to help them."

With him turning the phone off immediately, he didn't hear Tommy cursing him. Tommy was still angry because they didn't tell him anything about the plan and what they wanted to do. The poor boy could only pick up his phone and make the call to his friend.

He also readied his gun as he didn't want to die in this place.