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198 Stupid Girl

 Kanae knew that she had only been sitting for a couple of minutes when she heard the door being opened. Her eyes turned sharp as she wondered who dared to come during this time. Moving her feet swiftly, she hid behind the racks and peered from the slits to see who had come.

"Kanae," Kevin called the moment he opened the door. He had seen from the news where she was headed to and immediately reached this place.

"President..." Kanae got out from her hiding place and walked forward. Her face was filled with disbelief, "What are you doing here?"

"Picking you up," Kevin was relieved to see Kanae there. Even though she looked rather dirty because of the dust, there was no visible wound on her body. He pulled Kanae's hand and turned around, "Let's go."

Kanae was startled that Kevin grabbed her hand, but she quickly followed. In front of the storage room, there was a car with Mike still sitting in the driver's seat. His face looked solemn, but there was a trace of happiness when he saw Kanae.

"Get in. We are getting out of here."

"Okay," Kanae got into the backseat with Kevin and Mike stomped on the gas before driving the car quickly. The car drove past the fighting people before disappearing onto the roads.

At this point, Kevin was glad that he found Kanae very quickly. Although he had seen for himself that she made a smart move, he couldn't calm down until he saw her again. Towards this newfound feeling, he got the inkling that he already placed Kanae as someone important to him. How important to him was still unclear, but he knew it was more than mere friends.

Kevin looked towards Kanae, "Why did you come to school?"

"I didn't know that there is a battle here," Kanae answered. Besides, from what she knew, the clan's battle rarely escalated to the degree of involving this many places and fighting people.

"You don't watch television?"

"I don't have a television." Inside her small hut, the electronics she had were only one lamp, one phone and one laptop to do her school work. She couldn't afford anything else because she still had to save her money for other things.

Kevin frowned, "You should be able to buy one with the money you get from work."

Kanae got a scholarship, so she shouldn't have to spend so much money to go to school. From her work, she should get quite a lot of money, why didn't she use it?

"I already use it for something else," Kanae answered, "So, I only barely have enough for daily necessities."

"Do you need higher pay?"

"No, I don't work that much, so I don't deserve it," Kanae immediately declined.

"You're really stupid," Kevin frowned. Nowadays, no one would reject a higher salary, but she instead declined it.

"I want to earn it and not get it," Kanae insisted. Her lips were pursed at the insult he threw to her face.

"Whatever you say," Kevin replied, "Do you want to go back home or go to the office?"

"Office please." There was nothing she could do at home too because of the fight. She already cleaned up her room and finished her homework, so basically, she was free right now.

As for the matter of her group, she might not be able to contact the others again because she was with Kevin and the others. However, she didn't want to participate in the battle either, so staying with them would be more comfortable.

When her thoughts reached this point, Kanae wondered to herself why she was feeling like that. Her moves were more limited when she was with them, but she enjoyed their company. Somehow, it felt rather weird.

"Sure then," Mike made a U-turn.

Kanae looked towards Mike and wondered. "Is Neo in the office?"

"I told him to finish the work first. You go to my office and help me with the work," Kevin answered.

"I understand."

Mike didn't take a long time to drive the car to the office, and Kevin and Kanae got out. Following Kevin, Kanae ignored the stares from the employees as she got into the elevator and reached the highest floor. They were rather curious why their president purposely picked her up since they had already seen their president this morning.

"Our president is getting weirder," Taka commented as he placed the box in his hands on the counter.

The old man beside him laughed. "It's good to be young. Just let them enjoy each other's company. It's rare to see the president being so good to other people."

"It's because he can't afford to do that," Taka shook his head. "I just hope the same tragedy won't happen."

The Old Man nearly choked on his drink. "Don't worry. My son says that they're dense, so they will just treat each other as friends for now."

"Are you sure your information is correct?"

"Why not?" The Old Man answered calmly before laughing heartily.

Taka shook his head as he continued his work. As an errand boy in this office, he still had a lot of errands to do, so he couldn't slack off.

In the hallway at the highest floor, Lou was busy looking at the paper in his hand when he heard the sound of the elevator opening. He shifted his gaze and froze in place because of what he saw. Their President was walking out with a girl following behind him obediently.

"Go-Good morning, Boss," Lou stuttered.

Kevin glanced, "The paper for today."

"Yes Boss, right away," Lou immediately rummaged through the pile on the table to find the right one.

From the corner of his eyes, he was still looking at Kanae with a frown. Their Boss must be insane; why did he keep on letting this girl stay around him? He even purposely went out to pick her up. Just what was in his head?

Kevin opened the door and found Neo already busy with the mountain of paper on the side. Neo smiled widely at the sight of Kevin, but he was startled when he noticed that Kevin was not alone.

"Good morning, Neo," Kanae greeted politely.

Neo nodded awkwardly. "Why did you come so early? Isn't your work time at noon?"

Kanae looked towards Kevin, her expression asking, 'You didn't tell him?'

Kevin ignored the two of them as he pointed to the batch of paper there, "Work."

"Yes Sir."

With one word, the two of them immediately moved and started to work. Lou came inside to deliver some files quickly while looking at Kanae from the corner of his eyes. He still disapproved of her getting close with Kevin, but he approved of her work because she was indeed capable.

After delivering the files, he got out again at the same time Mike arrived at their floor.

"Lou, can you dig up more information on this news?" Mike handed him a disc.

"Sure," Lou nodded before asking with hesitant voice, "Why did that girl come here again?"

"You mean Kanae?" Mike smiled wryly, "She is stupid for going to school at this time and Kevin insisted on taking her away from the school, so she is here."

"I see, I will get the information first," sitting back on his seat, Lou started working. He looked towards Kevin's office once more. That girl was indeed really stupid, but what was more stupid was Kevin personally going to get her. Didn't he understand how important he was?

However, it was not his place to criticize Kevin's actions, so he could only do his work obediently.