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194 Night Intruder

 When Misae and Mike finished their date on the beach, the five of them ate dinner together. After that, they quickly packed up their belongings because they were going to return back in the morning.

"Time passes really quickly here," Misae smiled happily. This was a trip she would always remember. It was incredibly fun for her.

"You have to brace yourself for the tasks from the teacher," Kanae reminded.

Misae's face turned darker when she recalled her detention. Because she failed the exams, getting scores below the passing grade, she had to attend the detention class. This trip was also a way for her to skip them.

"I'm sure I won't be left behind by too much. It's just one week," Misae shrugged.

Kanae smiled wryly. "Let's go to sleep. You can try to ask Mike to teach you too if you want."

"Mike is not that good in his lessons. I still remember his ranking."

"...Forget I said anything."

In the other room, Neo almost couldn't contain his laughter when he heard what Misae said about Mike's scores. She was incredibly correct as Mike was also not someone who paid much attention in class. Most of the time, he would just practice his martial arts and neglect his lessons.

"Stop laughing," Mike said with a menacing tone.

"Sorry, sorry, I just find them to be so cute. I never know that the conversation between girls is this interesting."

Neo put the laptop to the side. He lay down on his bed and closed his eyes with the intention to sleep. The night was quiet, but that didn't last long.


A man, who sneaked on the window was pulled inside. Before he could think of his next movement, he fell down on Mike's room and a gun was pointed to his head.

"Who sends you?" Mike asked calmly.

The two of them heard another sound from Kevin's room and they knew that there was more than one intruder. They looked towards each other and Mike looked at Neo vigilantly.

"Don't forget to use the silencer on your gun. You wouldn't want to wake the others, right?"

"Don't worry, I won't forget about it."

The two of them darted outside the room after knocking that man out. They encountered a few more men heading towards them with their guns pointed straight at them. Because of the silencer, both parties didn't make much sound when their guns were fired.

Inside her room, Kanae already woke up and her hand was gripping her sword. None of them came here because the duo were working hard to prevent the intruders from reaching this place. Even so, she still paid close attention to make sure that there were no dangers.

The window creaked and Kanae bolted from her bed towards the window as fast as she could. She made sure that she stepped on the side of the bed and didn't wake Misae as she reached the window. In front of her, a man had climbed a tree and was holding onto a branch with his gun in the other hand.

He was startled when he saw someone get closer to the window. But before he could point his gun, something got to his hand and cut the gun in half, along with the finger in the trigger. Seeing his bloody finger, his other hand felt weak and he fell down from the tree.

"What are you doing?" his friend roared. This man had fallen down on his friend.

"There's a ghost..."

"It's just the girls' room and you can't handle them? Useless!"


A chair was suddenly kicked in their direction as Mike looked towards them coldly. "You say just the girls? Let me give you a lesson."

He was busy beating them up while Kanae leaped back from her position at the end of Misae's bed to the floor. She moved as quietly as possible to not wake Misae up.

She retracted her sword and returned to her bed. In her heart, she silently thought that she should have just picked the bed near the window. It was hard to fight without waking Misae.

"Boss, we have swept through them all," Mike reported to Kevin's room after they finished. Looking at the mess in Kevin's room, they knew that their Boss has been fighting too.

"Interrogate them. I want to know who planned this," Kevin ordered.



When it was morning, Misae woke up without noticing anything wrong. She only knew that they would return back home today, so she cleaned up quickly.

"Kanae, why didn't you wake me up?" Misae looked towards the neat-looking Kanae with sleepy eyes.

"There's no need to hurry. The others are still sleeping," Kanae answered calmly.

"Really? I thought they always wake up early."

'Usually they do, but not today.' Kanae thought in her mind about the previous day's incident. The other two have been interrogating the intruders, so she knew that they didn't have enough sleep.

"Let's go down."

When they walked out, they saw Mike was also ready, but Neo's appearance was a mess. It seemed as if the boy didn't sleep at all.

"I'll be the one driving today."


They ate some breakfast before starting the car drive back. Kanae was curious about the men who came last night, but she knew that the Ryukalin Clan had its enemies. Even if they were the strongest clan, there was no doubt that there were a lot of fights too.

When they returned back to the city, Kanae got out near her house and walked to the Black Street. She quickly found Tommy who was busy fighting with some people. The fight ended quickly as Tommy won easily.

"You should search for tougher opponents," Kanae commented.

"Oh, you have returned back, Kanae," Tommy looked towards Kanae with a smile on his face. "You're late. I have been fighting for a long time here."

"I didn't come for that. I want to know what you're doing at school lately."

"School?" Tommy was surprised. "There's nothing much. I just practice for the competition and Alice occasionally meets me."

Kanae nodded her head. She thought that the news Kevin got was related to the school, but it seemed to be wrong. Probably, it was related to the clans.

"Don't fight too much and have some rest too."

"Aye, Captain."