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191 Better Secretary

 Neo looked towards Mike with astonishment on his face. "You have advanced that quickly? Wow!"

He never thought that he would see his friend get out of Misae's room like that. It was merely a coincidence that he came up to take some items from their room when he saw Mike coming out.

Hearing Neo's words, Mike frowned. "She twisted her ankle. I just help her a bit."

"I thought it was something else," Neo said in disappointment.

"If you dare to think about that, I think I should ask the clan to provide you with more training in the future. You seem to be lagging behind me very much," Mike smiled, yet his smile was clearly cold.

Neo's face darkened. His greatest weakness was his physical ability, which was the very reason Mike always threatened him with training. Of course, it usually didn't come true as long as he didn't cross the line.

"There's no need for that. I'll watch my mouth."

"Good," Mike walked down to the second-floor balcony. Kanae and Kevin were there, so he would just join them.

Neo sighed in relief as he walked into their room. His mind wandered about Mike's new relationship as he thought about these two. Although their actions were covert, they became more apparent as time passed by.

'It's not going to be easy, though. A police officer's daughter having a relationship with a clan head's right hand will surely face a lot of objections.'

He chuckled as he thought about Misae's father. These two were not going to have a smooth relationship because he knew very well that Misae's father would not approve if he knew that his daughter had a relationship with a clan member. There might be some drama ahead that he would like to see.

But before that, he had to do some thorough research on that girl's background. He couldn't possibly let some stranger get closer, especially in that kind of relationship.

"I guess, it's going to be very interesting."

After grabbing the flash disk, he returned back to the balcony. He saw that Kanae already stopped typing.

"Neo, you're too slow," Kanae giggled. "I have finished typing it up."

"What? Are you truly a human being?" Neo asked in disbelief. He only left for several minutes, and she already finished? What kind of fingers did she have?

"Of course I'm human," Kanae rolled her eyes. "Do you think I'm a robot?"

"That would be more plausible."

A flying chopstick was what he got from teasing this girl. He hurriedly returned to the other seat as he continued his work.

"You're a better secretary than Neo," Mike commented when he saw the neatly organized report. Although Neo could do it too, Kanae's report was far nicer and came out much faster.

"No way, I've already worked for Kevin for a long time. There's no way I can lose to a girl," Neo scoffed.

Mike rolled his eyes. "Just see her work and you will understand what I mean. Besides, her way of phrasing is similar to our Boss. A little rougher on the edges, but they fit well together."

"I remember them talk about that before," Neo shrugged. "I wonder if she uses her skills to do Kevin's homework too."

"... I'm still a first year, Neo," Kanae reminded with a sharp tone.

"I'm just hypothesizing."

"The opposite could happen too. Kevin can be the one doing her work in the school."

Kevin glanced up from his laptop coldly. Seeing his deadly glare, the other two immediately shut up. They knew what that cold glare said to them.

'Get back to work!'

They spent the rest of the day finishing their work. The next day there was another meeting with another company, so they rested earlier in their rooms.

Kanae saw that Misae was busy playing a game on her phone when she returned.

"Kanae, have you finished your work?"

"It's finished," Kanae nodded her head. "What are you playing?"

"Just a simple RPG game," Misae immediately tossed the phone to the small table near the bed. Her eyes were looking at Kanae intently.

Kanae felt uncomfortable with her gaze, but she stayed calm. "I believe there's something you want to tell me."

"Yes!" Misae nodded her head excitedly. "I received a confession just now."

"From Mike?"

"How do you know?"

Kanae chuckled. There was no one else who was interested in Misae from what she knew. Kevin was clearly out of the question as she was the one who always stayed by him to work. Besides, if there was anything else more interesting to Kevin other than work, that would be his clan's matters.

Neo was also out of the question. Although this man seemed to annoy every person he met, he was pretty obvious in his intentions. He did not even show the slightest interest in Misae.

"What's your answer?"

Misae blushed as she smiled widely. "I accepted."

"Congratulations," Kanae smiled back. She was happy for her friend too.

Misae looked at Kanae for a moment. "Do you also have any interest in Mike? You have been working with him for a long time, right?"

"None at all," Kanae yawned and lied down on her bed. "There's no one who will steal him from you. Now, let's go to sleep."

"What about Kevin? You seem close to him."

"He's the President and also my superior," Kanae pulled up the blanket. "I don't have any other thoughts about him."

Misae seemed disappointed. "You're too serious. Can't you think about those matters for a bit?"

Kanae laughed lightly. She truly didn't have much interest in thinking about them. Although she admitted that she enjoyed working with Kevin, she didn't harbor any more thoughts about him. She quickly erased those thoughts from her head and fell into a deep slumber.

In the other room, Neo was laughing so hard. "Mike, I didn't know that you're the one who made the first move."

"Shut up," Mike growled back. As usual, Neo would hack into the three rooms to watch over to see if there was something weird. Although he could only listen, it was enough to allow him to observe them. Who would have thought that he would stumble into an interesting conversation like this?

"Kanae is truly slow," Neo sighed. "She and Boss seem to enjoy each other's company very much, but she says that they're only Boss and subordinate."

"It's better if they just end up as friends, right? The clan will not allow Boss to have a relationship with an ordinary girl. Besides, he's the clan head and there are rules he has to follow."

"That's why Boss is also very slow. He never tries to think about finding a girl for himself and merely follows the clan's rules," Neo complained.

"He has a huge responsibility on him. You can't force him to just abandon that for a girl, right?"

Neo shrugged. "I just think it's going to be very interesting. Having to choose between a woman and his clan, isn't it like in a novel?"

"...What do you read during your free time?" Mike felt rather speechless with what Neo said just now. It was totally unlike Neo to be playful in this kind of matter.

"You wouldn't want to know."

"Let's go to sleep. You're not going to be very helpful with Kevin's work if you continue to be like this."

Neo nodded his head. He put his laptop away and lay down on his bed. His head was still thinking about their leader as he hoped that Kevin would be happy, even if it meant breaking the rules of their clan.